Corona made in Wuhan’s lab, Chinese virologist claims to be evidence

The US has said since the outbreak that China has played a role in the spread of coronavirus. This time, Li Meng Yan, a virologist at Wuhan Lab in China, reinforced the Trump administration’s demand. He claimed that the corona virus was produced in a Chinese lab. It has 100% proof that it is man-made. He will disclose this according to a report in the British media Daily Mirror.

Hong Kong-born virologist Li Meng Yan has fled to the US. He fled to America earlier this year over fears that China would assassinate him. He made this claim after appearing on a British talk show. He said the virus had spread from Chinese laboratories and the lab was controlled by the Chinese government.

China claims that the virus is spread from a local market in Wuhan. But he denied that he had spoken to local doctors and found evidence that the virus was made in a Chinese lab.

Clarifying his claim, Ian stated that the genome sequence of the virus is like a human fingerprint. Based on this, you can be sure of this. I will use this evidence to explain to people why the virus was created in the Chinese lab and why they made it. Anyone who does not have knowledge of biology can read it and verify it for themselves.

Earlier, he claimed that China lied about the Corona infection. Accurate information about the disease is kept secret, although it is known long before the infection has spread.

He said he was one of the first researchers to diagnose pneumonia-like illness in eastern China late last year. But when the number of patients continues to increase, they are asked to remain silent and alert. His supervisor told him that we would get into trouble and go missing.

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