US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were found to be infected with the corona virus. At least 34 workers in the White House are said to be infected, according to a report by an American TV channel.

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According to a media report, the corona outbreak in the White House is bigger than previously known. The broadcaster ABC News reported Wednesday evening (local time), citing an internal document from the civil protection agency (Fema), that 34 “White House employees and other contacts” had been infected with the virus in recent days. The report did not reveal whether the said cases also included US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania.

American commander also infected with the corona virus

After Trump’s contamination became known on Friday, the president’s list of infected confidants has grown. In addition to the White House spokeswoman, Trump’s close advisers Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller have also tested positive. The White House is extremely cautious about the scale of the outbreak regarding personal rights.

Meanwhile, the US Marines announced that the deputy commander, General Gary Thomas, tested positive for the coronavirus. Thomas was quarantined at home on Tuesday as a precautionary measure after close contact tested positive.

Other high-ranking generals, including Chief of Staff Mark Milley, are currently working from home as they may have been exposed to the coronavirus during a meeting. Previously, the Deputy Chief of the Coast Guard, Admiral Charles Ray, tested positive.

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