US President Donald Trump has called his coronovirus infection a blessing from God. He expressed his views in a video message from the White House on Wednesday night, 6 October.Donald Trump

In a video message, Trump said, “I am shocked. It is a blessing from God. This blessing has come in disguise. ‘

They hope that after being infected all Americans will receive the same treatment that they received.

Trump again blamed China for the Corona infection. “It’s not your fault what happened,” he told American citizens. This is China’s fault and they are going to pay a heavy price for it. “

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump said in a tweet that “many people die from the flu each year, sometimes with more than a million vaccines.” And we will close our country? No, we have learned to live with it, as we have learned to live with Kovid, for most people it is less than fatal. ‘

After three days in the hospital, Trump rushed up the White House stairs on Monday (October 5), took off his mask and posed for a photo. When he finished taking pictures, he entered leaving the mask open. The US president later posted a video of himself standing on the balcony on Twitter. In another video captured at the time, Trump appeared to be taking a deep breath in the balcony. Then a hashtag related to it surfaced in Twitter trending.

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