Corona: Trump is annoyed by the reporter’s question: “Too bad”

US President Trump has admitted that he deliberately downplayed the corona pandemic. With that he caused a lot of indignation. When the press asked about it, he responded with an attack.

US President Donald Trump has denied lying to Americans about the danger of the coronavirus. “I wasn’t lying,” Trump said at the White House on Thursday in response to a question from a reporter. “I said we should stay calm, we shouldn’t panic.”

Then Trump attacked the journalist: “The way you phrased your question is such a shame. It’s a shame for ABC broadcaster. It’s a shame for your employer,” Trump said visibly irritated. The journalist had previously asked him why people in the country should continue to believe him, when they now knew he had lied about the virus before.

The Woodward book is troubling Trump

In interviews with investigative reporter Bob Woodward in March, Trump said he downplayed the risk of the virus. The accompanying passages were published in the American media on Wednesday. The statements got Trump into trouble shortly before the presidential election in November.

Trump argued Thursday that if Woodward thought his statements were problematic, he should have come out with it immediately rather than waiting months. Trump avoided critical questions about the downplaying of the danger by referring to what he believed was his administration’s successful crisis management. “We have done a fantastic job,” he said. Soon there will be a vaccine.

The US president continues to play down the issue

Trump presented the situation in the US as better than in Europe. “If you look at the European Union now, they have outbreaks like you’ve never seen them before and, frankly, their numbers are at a much lower level than here,” he said. He cited Italy, France and Spain as examples. There, the number of infections has risen again, but still at a high level in the US.

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Trump was nonetheless confident that the US would soon overcome the crisis. He ruled out a new closure. He accused his opponent in the November 3 election, Joe Biden, of using the pandemic for political purposes.

According to statistics from the University of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, since the beginning of the corona pandemic, more than 191,000 people in the United States have died after being infected with the coronavirus. The number of new infections per day was more than 34,000 on Wednesday. In absolute numbers, the US has the most corona deaths worldwide, but not in relation to the population. The US ranks seventh in this category. In the EU alone, Spain has more deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

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