Corona Vaccine Protection is a joint commitment of 3 US companies

Three US pharmaceutical companies are urging governments not to approve coronovirus vaccines until they have completed all stages of clinical trials and have been assured of safety and efficacy. According to The Wall Street Journal, Kovid vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson & Modern are set to issue a joint statement to that effect.

The report said that the two officials involved in the case confirmed that the statement could be released next week. According to him, it is only after passing the final examination of a three-point clinical trial that it can be fully confirmed whether these Kovid vaccines are 100% safe and effective. If not, there is a high risk of being the opposite.

He said that Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Modern had planned to issue a joint statement as soon as possible so that the country could begin testing and producing Kovid vaccines in the country as soon as possible so that an arbitrary decision could not be made.

According to the companies, scientific integrity, dedication and dedication to maintaining the quality of the vaccine should be paramount in efforts to invent the vaccine in various countries.

The drug and vaccine manufacturers may have called for a statement in the statement, stating that the Kovid vaccine has already been developed, but it has not yet applied for approval in advance. The reason for this is that the companies that are at the forefront of coming up with the invention Kovid vaccine are not yet fully testing in the final stages of clinical trials.

US President Donald Trump and his administration are busy bringing the Corona vaccine to market before the November 3 election. Trump has also made an announcement to this effect. However, some experts say that Kovid wants to bring the vaccine to market as soon as Trump votes.

According to officials of companies developing Kovid vaccines such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson & Modern, this could be regressive. Those Kovid vaccines may not be completely safe. People who will be vaccinated may suffer from a variety of side effects.

The White House has denied the allegations. Press Secretary Kelly McCann said there was no political pressure on drug and vaccine manufacturers to market the Kovid vaccine.

So far, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Modern Corona have been at the forefront of vaccine development. Vaccines from these companies are in the final stages of clinical trials.

Pfizer, Modern and Johnson & Johnson were not immediately available for comment.

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