According to a new study, Bacillus calumet guerine or BCG vaccine to prevent tuberculosis can prevent the spread of coronovirus and reduce the number of deaths after infection. The research report was published at a time when desperate efforts are being made to invent a potential vaccine to prevent the spread of the corona epidemic worldwide. This vaccine was most effective within the first 30 days of vaccination.

The study was published in the journal of the non-profit organization American Association for the Advancement of Science. The study was led by Martha Berg of the University of Michigan.

The report said that if the BCG vaccine was not mandated by the United States, the most affected by corona in the world, the deaths and infections would be so high.
Studies have shown that the BCG vaccine policy may be effective against coronaviruses.

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The BCG vaccine is given as soon as the child is born as an antidote to TB. Researchers say the novel contributes to the human body’s ability to fight many infectious diseases, including coronoviruses.
In the study, experts analyzed the rate of daily diagnosis in 135 countries and the number of deaths in the first month after the onset of infection in 130 countries. Their analysis suggests that the compulsory BCG vaccination program is correlated with the symmetry of the corona proliferation curve.
However, the researchers did not present the BCG vaccine as 100% effective against the corona, or as a magic pill. He warned that further review was needed. Their analysis revealed that corona infection also increased in BCG-compliant countries. This means that there is an additional socially variable effect on the effectiveness of the BCG vaccine to prevent corona.

Although corona infections and deaths are increasing every day worldwide, no effective vaccine has yet been developed to eradicate the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that despite more than 150 studies worldwide, the University of Oxford topped the vaccine race. In addition, the final phase of clinical trials of modern-invented vaccines has begun in the United States.
Researchers at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) have previously looked at the relationship between coronaviruses and the BCG vaccine and found that countries such as Bangladesh have adopted the BCG vaccine through universal policies; The incidence of corona is low in those countries. Indian researchers hope that the vaccine may also play an important role in making corona resistant.
The Tamil Nadu state government last month approved a pilot program to test whether BCG vaccines reduce mortality rates of elderly corona patients. On Saturday, India’s Health Minister said that the BCG vaccine was in the third phase of a clinical trial.

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