US President Donald Trump apparently pushed for a tic-tac ban. A Washington court ruled on Sunday that the opportunity to download tickets for US citizens could not be closed yet.

In the last week of September, the Trump administration decided that the tick could no longer be downloaded to American citizens’ phones. At the same time, however, Trump said that if TickTalk was bought by an American company, the decision would be reconsidered. Oracle bought American shares of TickTock in the same month. But the US administration is still unhappy with the way they bought it.

In this situation, Trump’s previous decision has not changed. As a result, tick downloads were scheduled to close on Sunday in the United States. But the tick-maker resorted to American courts. The company claims that if the download is stopped, they will suffer heavy losses. They cannot handle such a big loss. In the light of that application, the court is directed to retain the opportunity to download Ticketrack for the time being. However, the Trump administration’s decision to ban ticks in the United States from November 12 is still in force if there is no agreement with the government. The court did not give any other instructions in this regard.

“We have 100 million customers in the United States,” Ticktock said in a statement. He loves this platform. Because, it is a place of entertainment, expression and relationship. Tikitak is committed to bringing money to the manufacturers and continuing to work to bring happiness to their families and to ensure their privacy and security.

Global business of Tiktak started in 2016. Its user base has grown very fast. Tiktak is very popular among people under 25 years of age.

Where is the risk of tickling?

The Trump administration says that BitTance, the Chinese company that owns TeakTalk, is a major threat to American national security. As a result, the Trump administration threatened to shut down the company in the United States. And to avoid this, the White House gave an ultimatum to tick-sell any American organization.

According to the White House, the Chinese company collects a wide variety of information from its 600 million users. 100 million of these are in the United States. The Trump administration fears that China may snatch information from these customers and use it for nefarious purposes.

However, Beijing has always denied allegations of US theft by Chinese companies. The reason for the US sanctions, they say, is not commercial; Rather it is political.

ByteDance founder Zhang Emin has also been criticized for selling his business to an American company. In a letter to the company’s Chinese employees, he said that there was no other way to keep the tick business in the United States. Source: Al Jazeera, BBC

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