Court overturns ban on coronademo – police files complaint

The city of Berlin wanted to ban a major anti-corona demonstration this weekend. However, the initiators went to court and were right. However, the police do not accept the decision.

The Berlin administrative court has overturned the ban on the controversial corona demonstration. The press spokesperson of the court Chillreport announced this. The demonstration may only take place under strict conditions. Opponents of the Corona measures had announced a larger demonstration on the Stra├če des 17. June in the capital on Saturday.

The Berlin police does not accept the decision of the administrative court and filed a complaint on Friday. The reason for the police will be filed until 6:30 pm, it said. Then the organizers of the demonstration will have another opportunity to make a brief statement. The OVG is expected to announce its decision on Friday evening.

Should the OVG confirm the lifting of the demonstration ban and agree with the organizers, this decision is final. The police would then no longer be able to appeal.

Initiator complains about “attack on the Basic Law”

In the original decision, the reason for the ban was that the gathering of tens of thousands of people – often without a mask or distance – would pose too great a health risk to the population. Read the full rationale here.

Demonstration initiator Michael Ballweg, on the other hand, spoke in a statement about a “hostile attack on the Basic Law”. Ballweg now responded to the verdict: “This is a great success for us,” he said in a YouTube video on Friday. “This is a success for our fundamental rights, which we have and do not require approval.”

The court’s decision is not final yet. The State of Berlin now wants to appeal to the Higher Administrative Court, police president Barbara Slowik confirmed shortly before the decision was announced in the event of a legal defeat at first instance.

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