Mainz (AP) – Bundesliga football team FSV Mainz 05 is missing about 16 million euros in the current season due to empty rows in their own stadium.

That’s what CFO Jan Lehmann of the “Allgemeine Zeitung” said. Due to the tightened measures in the Corona crisis, all Bundesliga matches must be played without spectators again in November. Lehmann said they were in the process of “significantly” lowering the viewership forecast for the second half of the season. “We had planned with about two-thirds of the usual stadium occupancy,” said the referee. This calculation is now reduced to approximately 20 percent stadium utilization.

In a six-week test phase, Bundesliga clubs were recently allowed to allow up to 20 percent of fans into the stadium if the number of corona infections was not too high in the past seven days. Lehmann stressed that people were “torn back and forth” in view of the hygiene concepts that ghost games are back on the program. “We are bowing to the decision of the authorities in response to the developments in the current corona pandemic. But you can already see that discontent has increased throughout the Bundesliga.”

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