Berlin (dpa) – Given the enormous consequences of the Corona crisis, the handball Bundesliga (HBL) has hardly any leeway, according to general manager Frank Bohmann. “We have to think in a short time. Because our reserves have been used up,” Bohmann said to the “Welt”.

Now you have to see “that we can control our costs. The problem: the players have already given up a significant part of their salary. I doubt if we can make any progress,” said the 55-year-old, warning: “The situation. is very tense and it cannot be ruled out that we will lose clubs. “

They want to try and keep the game going until Christmas. “With or without spectator. We have less income because we have almost no spectators left and the sponsorship is suffering very, very badly,” said Bohmann. For him, the partial lockdown that will apply from Monday to November, which will prevent spectators from entering the halls, is “a blow to the office”.

Bohmann asked for more help from politicians. Politicians have stated that sport has done its homework very well. “The solution that everyone is crawling back into the house cannot be the solution for the next year and a half. Because the pandemic will keep us busy for that long.

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