The corona situation in Germany is again becoming more critical, and federal and state governments are likely to take new measures soon. Former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher, the rules go too far – the 45-year-old takes his rage.

Former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher has sharply criticized the recent corona measures taken by the federal government. “I sometimes feel that the financial needs of many professions are completely underestimated by our government,” Schumacher wrote in an Instagram post – adding in a video, “I have to be honest: I’m slowly wondering what you’re doing actually thinks above that. “In many places people remained too inactive:” Nurseries, schools – why was nothing done there? We had six months and everything stayed the same. No filter systems were installed anywhere. What do you say instead? ” Children, bring your hat and gloves, it will be cold. “

Schumacher’s conclusion: “Sorry, dear federal government, sit down, six!” The current corona policy is “absolutely wrong”. And further: “And what happens now? Now the restaurants are closing. Those who have kept the distances from the beginning have built walls and in many examples installed filter systems. They are now suffering.” The ex-BMW driver sees the move as “absolutely unacceptable”.

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Schumacher also brought his own point of view: “I am a restaurant owner myself and I cannot let it go. I will seek legal advice.” The 45-year-old had hoped, “We learned one thing: it was the private parties, it was the garage parties.” The ex-pilot himself runs the restaurant “Schumachers” in Cologne and ends with the words: “This measure, dear government, dear Mrs. Merkel, it cannot be, it is absolutely wrong.”

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