Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – DFB Chairman Fritz Keller has once again been critical of the recent restrictions on sports in the Corona crisis.

“I only partially understand the measures,” said the 63-year-old head of the German Football Association of “Bild am Sonntag”. “In football, for example, the chance of contamination on the field is low. So is it better to leave the children at home, where they may have parties because of the lack of alternatives, than to train on the field?”

Keller pointed out that schools and kindergartens would remain open “although the children are in closed rooms,” but outdoor sports are prohibited. “Our club members have been very responsible and disciplined in recent months.”

At a corona crisis summit last Wednesday, federal and state governments agreed on temporary massive restrictions on public life for November, similar to those in the spring. From Monday to the end of the month, amateur and recreational sports must be completely discontinued. In Berlin, however, children up to the age of twelve can continue to train in the fresh air in fixed groups of up to ten people. During this time, only ghost games are allowed in professional football.

“There is no alternative” to “acute danger to life and limb”, emphasizes Friedhelm Julius Beucher, president of the German Association for Disabled Sports. “Sport has to contribute to society as a whole.”

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