According to Donald Trump’s will, conservative Amy Coney Barrett will be the new judge at the US Supreme Court. Democrats are shocked and fear Barack Obama’s legacy.

Despite protests from Democrats, US President Donald Trump nominated Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court vacancy just weeks before the election. Trump announced his decision in Washington on Saturday. 48-year-old Catholic Barrett is likely to succeed the recently deceased liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Conservative Supreme Court justices would in future have a majority of six to three seats. Barrett is highly respected in the Christian Conservative camp, one of Trump’s main voters.

“Today I have the honor of nominating one of the most brilliant and talented minds in our justice system to the Supreme Court,” Trump said at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden. Barrett appeared for the ceremony with her husband and seven children.

Shifting to the right in America’s highest court?

Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden reiterated his demand that the winner of the Nov. 3 presidential election determine who will succeed him in Ginsburg. According to polls, Biden has a chance of winning the election. The Democrats fear a shift to the right in the Supreme Court – and thus possibly in American society as a whole. It’s about very controversial issues such as abortion, religion, guns and gay rights.

The US Senate has the final say on the nomination. The Republicans have 53 out of 100 seats there. At least four of their senators would have to beat Democrats to block Barrett’s confirmation. So far, only two senators have stated that a nomination should not be decided until 2021. Trump said Senate Committee hearings to confirm Barrett’s should begin on Oct. 12.

The Democrats also want to prevent Barrett because they fear that the health insurance bill was passed in 2010 under Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, which the Republicans want to roll back. Shortly after the election, the Supreme Court heard Obamacare in a hearing. “Judge Ginsburg must turn in her grave in heaven when she sees that the person she chooses seems to intend to undo everything Ginsburg has done,” said influential Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

Opponent of abortion

The judges of the Supreme Court are appointed for life. So Trump could bolster a clear conservative majority there – possibly for many years to come. During his tenure he has already filled two places with candidates of choice.

Barrett was nominated by Trump in 2017 for a seat on the federal appeals court in Chicago. Opponents of a tougher abortion law fear that the outspoken Catholic, as a constitutional judge, would vote to overturn a 1973 Supreme Court ruling establishing a nationwide right to abortion.

As her role model, Barrett cited Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in 2016, who is considered one of the most powerful conservative judges in recent American history and whose assistant Barrett ever was. Scalia had “an impact that cannot be overstated” on her life, she said. “His philosophy of law is also mine: a judge must apply the written law. Judges are not politicians.” Barrett would be only the fifth woman on the Supreme Court and the second youngest member ever.

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