Cup – After Corona cases: Mannheim v Freiburg takes place

Mannheim (AP) – The DFB Cup match between the third division team SV Waldhof Mannheim and the Bundesliga club SC Freiburg can start next Sunday (6.30 p.m.) as planned.

Mannheim’s health department gave the green light to the game on Saturday evening after Waldhof had previously reported two corona cases. According to information from dpa, a player and a member of the support staff have tested positive.

“In the meantime, the closest contact persons could be determined, as three people – apart from the two who tested positive – were ordered to be quarantined for 14 days,” the city said. “For the other players, there is currently no increased risk of infection from a medical point of view because of the investigations by the health department.” The cup game is “from the point of view of the health department”.

Previously, the authority had quarantined the entire team, the coaching team and some employees until further notice. The decision was finally taken after close coordination between the club and the authorities and the German Football Association (DFB).

In a series of tests last Tuesday, all people in the test group had tested negative. The symptoms did not appear even after the positive tests, the club said. Following the results, the health department was asked to classify the contact persons of those affected.

On Friday, the game of the first round of FC Schalke 04, which was also scheduled for Sunday, was canceled. The Munich court I had previously decided that the third division promoted Türkgücü Munich should compete against the Bundesliga club instead of the regional division 1. FC Schweinfurt 05. At the request of the Bavarian Football Association (BFV), the DFB proposed the match of the first round until the legal dispute was finally resolved.

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