Kiev (AP) – Questions to national team coach Joachim Loew in the online press conference after the German national football team’s 2-1 victory against Ukraine in Kiev.

How do you assess the profit?

Joachim Löw: If you look at the game realistically, we didn’t succeed in everything, but we certainly did a lot. We have rightly won. After the 2-0 win, we still had two or three big chances. On the other hand, we still had the unnecessary penalty. There was no danger. If Niklas Süle stops, nothing will happen. We did not allow opportunities to play outside of the game. We have acted with great attention and focus. The team has done well.

There is no substitute for victory. How do you see the value of the 2: 1 after the last playful lead?

Löw: I told the team that wins are the glue. That you just go with a wider chest towards EM. So it is good that we won.

How do you go about the next game against Switzerland, Tuesday in Cologne?

Löw: We don’t have that many matches until the European Championship, seven more until the start of the preparation. Most importantly, the team is getting used to it now. This team was also not together for more than ten months. That’s a long time. So we won’t change much against Switzerland when everyone is fit, which I assume.

There was a lot of unrest, criticism from ex-national players. Do you feel like you can’t please anyone?

Löw: No. Anyone can criticize. You also constantly think about yourself, what could be better. You can’t always expect everything you want when the players come to the national team, like in September, without any competitive experience. Against Turkey there was also a young team with little experience on the field. We only trained together once. So that I can classify it properly. For us it is important that we as a team ask ourselves where we can apply the leverage. I see the big picture and not a single test match. I see the road to the EM, where we have come from since November 2018 after the World Cup and the Nations League. We were very far there. The young team we changed won the European Championship qualification against the Netherlands. We’ve played some very good games. Then we weren’t together for ten months and we played the games on the fly. You have to make a realistic estimate.

What priorities do you want to set with your team in your work in the near future?

Löw: Due to time constraints, it is difficult to constantly introduce new accents and new influences into the training. After the regeneration we have the last training on Monday. A lot is happening about theory and games. We have already addressed some points clearly. Not just about the games that were and are coming, but also about the path and the things we need to work on. What do we want to do? How is our identity? What is our game like? Every training session is important.

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