The US government has been the victim of hacker attacks. Of particular concern: the agency responsible for the country’s nuclear arsenal could also be affected.

The US cyber and infrastructure security agency, Cisa, classifies the recent cyber attack on US government facilities as “serious threat”. Cisa announced in a warning on Thursday that removing the attacker from affected systems would likely be “very complex”. The hacker attack has been going on since at least March. The perpetrator or perpetrators have shown “patience, operational security and complex craftsmanship”.

Cisa classified the attack as a “serious threat” to the federal government, state and local governments, critical infrastructure and private organizations. The Washington Post and the New York Times reported that the attackers were hackers with links to Russian intelligence. The Russian government has rejected this.

The United States Atmospheric Weapons Agency is apparently targeted

The US magazine “Politico”, meanwhile, reported that the attack had also hit US authorities dealing with the United States’ nuclear arsenal. The Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Safety Authority have found evidence that the hackers also had access to their networks, “Politico” reported, citing government officials.

Future US President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that such attacks would not go unanswered under his administration. Those responsible would be held accountable in consultation with allies. “Our opponents should know that as president I will not be idle in cyber attacks on our country.” What is known about the recent attack is very concerning. Biden stressed, “My government will make cybersecurity a top priority at all levels of government.”

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