Daniel Proud Murder: Rochester Police Chief Resigns

The head of the New York Police Branch has resigned following the death of black Daniel Proud, who wore a “spit hood” at the time of his arrest. Rochester City Mayor Lovely Warren announced his resignation at a city council meeting. British media BBC reported this.

Daniel Proud, 41, suffered from mental health problems when police were called. Police officers found her naked on the street. At the time of his arrest, he was put on a spit tip. Police use this spit hood to avoid spitting or biting during an arrest. He later died during treatment.

It is to decide in the March case that the grand jury will decide. Seven police officers involved in the incident have been dismissed.

In a statement on Tuesday, Rochester Police Chief Lauren Singletari said: “I cannot stand as a loyal person when outsiders want to tarnish my character. The actions I have taken since Prud’s death have been attributed to him. They are misrepresented and politicized. These are not facts.

Rochester Police Deputy Chief Joseph Morabito also said he would retire.

Although the incident took place in March, a case of Prud’s death was reported on 2 September. Daniel’s family collected video of the incident from a body cam after applying to police for the right to information. This was later revealed in a press conference.

As seen in the video recorded on the police body camera, the police wore a device called ‘spite hood’ on his head to avoid spitting or biting. At that time, his face was held down for two minutes. He was later sent to the hospital in an unconscious state. Life support could not be saved.

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