Christoph Daum and Uli Hoeneß have been falling apart for decades. Both attacked each other several times in public. Now they have planned a first meeting.

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For years they have received and attacked each other in public, now ex-master coach Christoph Daum and the honorary president of Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeneß, seem to have buried the hatchet. In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, Daum reports on a possible reconciliation: “We agreed to meet in person, and I called him again two months ago: ‘How are you, Uli?’ We have now postponed the meeting because of Corona. ”

Dispute in the ‘current sports studio’

Twenty years ago, Christoph Daum was about to become national coach. But after allegations against him, Daum was forced to undergo a hair analysis in October 2000. This was ultimately positive for cocaine. His dream of becoming a head coach at the German Football Association (DFB) erupted. Daum had to quit his job at Bayer Leverkusen and has since moved to the US.

Legendary was the television duel between Daum and Hoeneß in the “current sports studio” of ZDF on May 20, 1989, when the then national coach Daum attacked Bayern head coach Jupp Heynckes in the final of the championship. Hoeneß, the then head of the “Attack Department” at FC Bayern, had a fierce verbal duel with the footballer and then Cologne manager Udo Lattek in the second.

The phone call that now leads to a meeting was not the first since their fight. Already after Uli Hoeneß was convicted of tax evasion, the old Bayern manager called his former opponent, as Daum told “Bild am Sonntag”: “In 2015, when he was outside, he called me. First I put the phone on the table and thought : ‘What is going on here!?’ Is that a hidden camera? “

First phone call after Hoeneß’s conviction

Then he answered the phone and spoke to Uli Hoeneß: “He thanked me for not making any negative comments about him during his difficult phase. I then said,” Okay, Uli, you don’t need yourself for that. Thank you. There is hardly anyone in Germany who can better understand the height of your fall. Hardly anyone who can understand what your family, wife, children and grandchildren are going through now. So I wish you that too survive everything well! “

Christoph Daum is currently releasing his biography, which will be released in October. Given the relaxation in relation to Hoeneß, it was natural for Daum that he had given Hoeneß extensive passages from his biography, “because this rivalry between me, FC Bayern and Uli Hoeneß cannot be missed”. It was important to him “that he could have an overview of what had happened and that he had the opportunity to intervene. Ultimately, Uli Hoeneß said it could be written that way, and so I did it with many other companions . “

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