Deactivating ad blockers: it’s that simple

We show you how to easily deactivate your ad blocker for Chillreport. Then you can view all our content without limitation.

The procedure is similar in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. Find the adblocker you installed in the table and follow the steps described. The ad blocker is then only deactivated for Chillreport.

Adblock Plus

  • Click the Adblock Plus icon in the top right corner of your browser toolbar
  • Move the “Block ads” slider to the left
  • Click the “Refresh” button

Adguard ad blocker

  • Click the Adguard icon in the top right corner of the browser toolbar
  • Slide the circuit breaker with the green hook to the left so that a red cross appears
  • The page will update automatically and you will see ‘Protection is disabled’

uBlock Origin

  • Click the uBlock Origin icon in the top right corner of your browser toolbar
  • Click the blue power icon
  • Refresh the website by clicking on the circular arrow symbol

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