Police discovered a dead girl in an abandoned house. The youngster has been missing since Friday. Now the researchers are hoping for an autopsy – because the case is puzzling.

After a deceased 14-year-old was found in a destroyed house in Duisburg, an autopsy was performed on the girl’s body on Sunday. “We are still very unclear what happened,” said the investigating prosecutor Martin Mende of the German news agency. “We hope the autopsy provides information later in the day.”

According to police, the 14-year-old was found early Saturday night in the basement of the demolished house. A police spokesman said on Sunday that there is still no reliable information about the suspected accident or crime. However, so far there is no evidence of suicide.

The girl would have been in the house many times

Her 33-year-old brother reported the teenager missing on Friday. After police received information that the girl had been in the abandoned house many times, officers sought her there, a spokesman reported Sunday.

The 14-year-old is said to have been out with her boyfriend of the same age since Friday. Police picked it up in Dusseldorf on Friday evening because other passers-by noticed: They came in because of a disoriented youth, as the police spokesman said. He is also said to have given clues about the girl’s possible whereabouts.

Police asked for a helicopter and tracking dogs for the search. The searchers eventually found the dead boy without this support.

The house was dead

The dilapidated house would be in an overgrown wasteland in a dead end. It is fenced and barely visible from the outside through the bushes. “You can move there unnoticed,” said the spokesman. There are signs that despite the metal fence, people have occasionally stayed, the spokesman said.

The intensive search for clues on the spot must be continued on Sunday. The researchers also hope that a number of other interrogations will yield information about what happened, which is still largely unclear.

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