Deadly shark attack on the famous Gold Coast – first case in years

Deadly shark attacks are extremely rare. But now, after years, there is another incident on Australia’s Gold Coast. The victim is a 60-year-old surfer.

For the first time in years, there has been a deadly shark attack on the famous Gold Coast in eastern Australia. A man around 60 years old was bitten in the leg by a predatory fish off Greenmount Beach in Queensland and died of his serious injuries, a spokesman for local rescue services confirmed to the German news agency on Tuesday. The victim would be a surfer. Lifeguards and other swimmers had brought the injured to land, broadcaster ABC reported.

Fatal attacks on the Gold Coast, popular with surfers and divers, are very rare. The last time a young surfer was attacked by a shark in the Nobby Beach area was in 2012, but he survived. In 2003, in the shallow channel waters of Burleigh Waters, a man was fatally injured by a bull whale shark. More than 60 years ago, the last deadly open water attack on the 35-mile stretch of coastline was when a 21-year-old swimmer died at Surfers Paradise.

How did the shark get into the protected area?

According to a report from broadcaster 7News, the latest attack was unexpected because Greenmount Beach had nets to protect against sharks. Security forces initially searched for the animal in vain. The beaches in the area south of Brisbane should be closed on Wednesday.

Statistics show that there have been seven fatal shark attacks across Australia this year. Another seven people were injured, some seriously. Rarely have there been so many deadly encounters between sharks and humans Down Under.

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