Debate on patio heaters: Altmaier proposes a compromise

Minister of Economic Affairs A.ltmaier has advocated the reintroduction of radiant heaters in the hospitality industry – at least until the autumn. In return, he proposed compensation for climate policy.

In the dispute over the return of radiant heaters in the outdoor area of ​​catering establishments, Federal Minister of Economy Peter Altmaier (CDU) has spoken out in favor of a “differentiated” approach. On Tuesday he advocated that people “can safely sit outside during the transition period in the autumn and thus contribute to the survival of the hospitality industry”. Then “it may also be possible to consider whether the very modest energy costs associated with this cannot be offset in terms of climate policy”.

Even large companies have developed business models for such carbon offsetting. In this way, people could “ultimately do something for climate protection” and still allow the hospitality industry to continue their business model even in the not so hot season, ”said Altmaier.

Municipalities must suspend the ban on patio heaters

The German association of hotels and restaurants had argued for the return of the patio heaters due to the corona distance regulations in order to be able to receive more guests in the outdoor areas even in the cooler season.

The municipalities that currently have a ban on patio heaters should suspend it, said Dehoga CEO Ingrid Hartges. Environmental protection groups immediately protested. The emitters emit a large amount of climate-damaging carbon dioxide.

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