The US House of Representatives remains democratic. President-elect Biden’s party won the majority of the seats. The fight and the Senate continue. All information in the news blog.

The US presidential election has been decided and Democrat challenger Joe Biden has defeated incumbent Donald Trump. Trump does not want to recognize the election yet and has again raised paperless allegations of fraud and announced lawsuits.

American Democrats retain a majority in the House of Representatives

In the US, according to media reports, the Democrats have regained a majority in the House of Representatives. US President-elect Joe Biden’s party has won at least 218 seats, the AP news agency reported. You may be able to get a few more seats, but your current majority will likely shrink. According to the AP, Democrats have won seats for Washington, Arizona and California, respectively.

Along with the presidential election, new seats were awarded in the House of Representatives and the Senate, the two chambers of the United States Congress. The decision is still pending in the Senate. Incumbent President Donald Trump’s Republicans hold a majority of 53 of the 100 seats there so far. In the event of a stalemate, the vice-president can cast the casting vote.

Another seat shift in the Pentagon

Following the resignation of US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, the White House has held other key positions in the Pentagon with supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump. The Pentagon announced Tuesday that Kash Patel, formerly a senior counter-terrorism adviser to the National Security Council, will become Chief of Staff to Christopher Miller, who will succeed Esper. After Esper’s departure, senior political adviser Joseph D. Kernan resigned. Anthony Tata is now in his post. The former military general is considered controversial for calling former US President Barack Obama a “terrorist leader.”

American Republicans are defending an important Senate mandate in North Carolina

In the struggle for the future majority in the powerful United States Senate, Republicans have achieved significant partial success. After an exciting race for a seat in the Senate in the state of North Carolina, previous Republican mandate holder Thom Tillis was victorious. His Democratic rival Cal Cunningham admitted defeat on Tuesday: “The voters have spoken and I accept their decision.”

Tillis’ victory means that Republicans won 49 out of 100 seats in the Senate in the congressional elections held a week ago, in parallel with the presidential election. The Democrats currently have 48 seats. The future occupation of a senate seat in the state of Alaska and the two seats to which the state of Georgia is entitled are still open.

So far, President Donald Trump’s Republican Party, who lost in the election a week ago, has a majority of 53 seats in the Senate. If the Republicans maintain control in the Senate, they can block Biden’s policies in Congress. This could make it more difficult for Democrats to make a change in, say, climate policy or expand health care.

About 80 percent of Americans recognize Biden as the election winner

According to a survey, US President-designate Joe Biden is recognized by nearly 80 percent of Americans as the future US president. A Reuters / Ipsos poll on Tuesday found that 79 percent of US voters think Biden won the Nov. 3 presidential election. Another 13 percent said the election results were not yet known. About five percent of those surveyed said they did not know who won, and three percent expect the incumbent Donald Trump to get a second term.

The poll also found that 72 percent of American citizens believe the loser in the election should admit defeat. Of those polled, 60 percent believe there will be a peaceful change of power when Trump’s term ends on January 20. As for Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud, 70 percent of Americans – including 83 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of Republicans – trust local voters to “do their job.”

Biden describes Trump’s behavior as “shame”

Newly elected US President Joe Biden has called incumbent President Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his electoral defeat as “embarrassing.” “I honestly just think it’s embarrassing,” Biden said Tuesday when asked about Trump’s behavior at a news conference. It will also negatively impact the president’s “legacy”, Biden said. Read more here.

Another Republican is defending his seat in the US Senate

The likelihood that US President-elect Joe Biden will have to come to terms with a Republican-controlled senate has increased. On Tuesday it was clear that another Republican senator could defend his seat. In the state of North Carolina, Democrat Cal Cunnigham congratulated incumbent Thom Tillis on his election victory.

Republicans have 49 seats in the Senate and Democrats 48 after the election. Three races are still open. One of them, in Alaska, is Republican Senator Dan Sullivan. In Georgia, Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler face a second election against their Democratic challengers in early January.

Mathematically, the Democrats still have a chance of a majority in the Senate – but the Republicans have a good chance of holding their seats. The Senate is extremely important to a president: it confirms candidates for government and judicial posts and can block bills. Before the election, Democrats were hopeful that they would regain a majority in the Senate, paving the way for large-scale reforms for Biden if he won the election. Polls confirmed it: Several Republican senators, considered a shaky candidate, were able to defend their seats.

Republicans currently hold a majority of 53 of the 100 seats. It is foreseeable that in the next Senate they can get a maximum of 52 seats. With Joe Biden in the White House, Democrats would have 50 seats to control the Senate: in the event of a 50-50 gridlock, Vice President Kamala Harris could intervene on their side.

Biden’s lead in Arizona is getting smaller

Not all ballots have been evaluated in the US state of Arizona. With 98 percent of the votes counted so far, data provider Edison Research is shrinking from 49.5 percent to 49.4 percent, according to Joe Biden. Donald Trump is still at 49.0 percent.

Trump is filing another lawsuit in Michigan

US President Donald Trump’s campaign team announces a lawsuit for unlawful voting in the US state of Michigan. Michigan election results are unlikely to be confirmed until all votes are verified legitimately. During the census, Trump wanted to stop vote counting in the state, and a judge dismissed the lawsuit.

Member of the US Election Commission calls for cooperation with Biden

The incumbent US government’s refusal to cooperate with President-elect Joe Biden is now also met with criticism from the US Election Commission. Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub demanded that Biden – as usual for a future president – be given access to government facilities and information. Every hour of delay makes it more difficult for the future government to tackle complex problems such as the corona pandemic when it officially kicks off in January.

An elected president and his team typically have quick access to government infrastructure to prepare for the transfer of power. The General Administration Service (GSA) gives permission for this. Given Trump’s position, GSA chief Emily Murphy has so far refused to sign the necessary documents for the transition process.

Biden calls Merkel, Macron and Johnson

US President-elect Joe Biden called Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday. “The Chancellor expressed the wish for close and confidential future cooperation,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert. Merkel and Biden agreed “that transatlantic cooperation is of great importance in the face of the multitude of global challenges”. Read more here.

Biden’s legal advisers don’t give election proceedings a chance

According to his legal advisers, the entry into office of elected US President Joe Biden cannot be prevented by legal means either. Biden’s team is prepared for Donald Trump’s incumbent Republican Party to try to “create confusion,” Biden’s legal team leader Dana Remus said at a news conference on Tuesday. “But at the end of the day they have no proof and they don’t stand a chance.”

Biden’s assistant, Bob Bauer, said Georgia, Montana, and Pennsylvania had dismissed several lawsuits from Republicans against votes in last week’s presidential election due to lack of substantial evidence. The alleged electoral fraud or other irregularities could not be proven under any circumstances.

Resuming votes in individual states will not change the election victory for Biden, Bauer said. In all previous recounts since 2000, there have been changes of only a few hundred votes. The Republicans’ legal claims are hopeless maneuvers and “political theater,” said Bauer, who also served as a lawyer for former President Barack Obama. “Our proof is the many people who voted for Biden – their proof does not exist.”

The U.S. Attorney General allows prosecutors to investigate electoral fraud

US Attorney General William Barr has reported in the media that prosecutors have given permission to investigate allegations of election fraud before the final results are released. Such proceedings are likely to be initiated when there are “clear and seemingly credible allegations of irregularities” that may have affected election results in a state, the minister’s letter to prosecutors said. The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal reported this Monday evening (local time). According to Reuters news agency, he also warned not to file “fanciful or far-fetched” complaints.

Usually, prosecutors are not allowed to take any action until final results are available. This could take days or weeks after the election on November 3, depending on local law. States must report their certified final results to Washington by Dec. 8. Election defeated Donald Trump claims there was massive electoral fraud in the presidential election. He hasn’t provided any solid evidence to support his claims so far.

Trump team files more lawsuits

US President Donald Trump’s campaign team has since filed a lawsuit against vote counting for alleged electoral irregularities in federal court in Pennsylvania. Read more here.

Fox News is turning off from the Trump campaign team press conference

In light of baseless allegations of systematic fraud in the US election, conservative TV broadcaster Fox News out of a press conference with President Donald Trump’s campaign team. After spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany initially accused election winner Joe Biden’s Democrats of approving fraud, moderator Neil Cavuto interrupted, “If she doesn’t have more details to prove it, I can’t show you with a clear conscience.”

The press conference would only be further reported if evidence was provided to support the allegations. “Not so fast,” Cavuto said, and the ad followed. The moderator later reiterated his position, saying there was no evidence to support the allegations.

McConnell: Trump has “100 percent” right to legal action of his choice

Republican majority leader in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, has defended President Donald Trump’s legal action against the outcome of the presidential election. “President Trump has a 100 percent right to investigate allegations of irregularities and weigh his legal options,” McConnell said in the Washington Senate on Monday.

If there are irregularities of a magnitude that would affect the outcome of the election, “every American” should want it exposed, the influential politician said. A few “legal steps from the president would not mean” the end of the republic. ” Unlike the president, McConnell did not talk about electoral fraud. The electoral authorities have not reported any major irregularities.

Republican Senator congratulates Biden on winning the election

Influential Republican Senator Susan Collins congratulates Democrat Joe Biden on his “clear victory”. She is pushing for a transition process that will allow Biden and his deputy, Kamala Harris, to take over the government on January 20 as planned.

At the same time, however, she also admits that Trump should be allowed to challenge the results of Tuesday’s presidential election. Trump has so far refused to acknowledge his defeat. He has spoken of electoral fraud several times without providing any evidence to support his claim.

Insider: Lawyers vying for key positions in Biden’s government

When it comes to filling major resorts in the future administration of US President-elect Joe Biden, the first favorites are popping up. Read more about it here.

US authorities deny Biden team letter for work

Possible delay for the change of power in the White House: According to a media report, the management of the agency responsible for the US government buildings refuses to sign a letter granting the Biden transition team access to the US authorities and thus formally working on it week is appropriate. This is a further sign that incumbent Donald Trump does not recognize Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory and could disrupt the transfer of power, the Washington Post writes in its online edition on Monday.

Such a letter from the General Services Administration (GSA) amounts to a formal statement by the US government about the winner of the presidential election, according to the paper. Incumbent US President Trump is still trying to prevent Biden’s election victory through legal means.

The GSA, writes the Washington Post, has the role of providing access to government offices, email, government officials and computer systems to the winning team after the election of a new president by declaring the “apparent winner” of a presidential election. to free up approved funds for salaries and administration, and to create space in every US agency. According to the report, the construction of a new government this year is estimated at a cost of $ 9.9 million (about $ 8.3 million).

Biden presents Corona expert advice

Elected US President Joe Biden presented his expert council on Monday to contain the corona pandemic. “I will be informed by science and experts,” Biden said in a press release. The Expert Council should help shape the new government’s anti-corona measures. Its main goal is to control the growing number of infections, promote the development and distribution of safe and effective vaccines, and protect vulnerable populations.

The new expert council must receive a top three from Vivek Murthy, David Kessler and Marcella Nunez-Smith. Murthy was the US government’s chief health officer from 2014 to 2017, Kessler previously headed the FDA Food and Drug Administration, and Nunez-Smith is a professor at Yale University, where her research includes health promotion among marginalized populations. The panel has ten other members, many of whom have worked for previous US governments. The pandemic is one of the major challenges for the new government, Biden wrote. During the election campaign, he had repeatedly promised to follow science recommendations to combat the pandemic. He had accused incumbent US President Donald Trump of complete failure.

Chancellor Merkel congratulates Biden and Harris in a speech

Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Joe Biden on winning the US presidential election: “I fondly remember good conversations with him,” she said in a brief statement in Berlin the morning. Merkel and Biden know each other from the time when Barack Obama was president of the US. Joe Biden was his vice president at the time and came to the Chancellery in Berlin for an interview.

Angela Merkel: The Chancellor congratulated Harris and Biden on their victory. (Source: Michael Kappeler / Reuters)

Merkel further emphasized that she was looking forward to working with Biden and designated US Vice President Kamala Harris: “I look forward to getting to know you.” The election of the new vice president is an inspiration to many, “an example of America’s potential,” Merkel said.

At the same time, the Chancellor called for a close transatlantic alliance. “The US and Germany as part of the EU must work together to face the great challenges of our time,” she said. You have to face the corona crisis, global warming and international terrorism “side by side” and fight for an “open world economy and free trade”. This is the foundation of prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic. On defense and security, she turned to Germany and the EU: “We must take more responsibility.” The background to this is, among other things, the US demand for higher defense spending by Europeans, which was also raised by Biden.

No comment from Russia on the US election results.

Russia remains reluctant to comment on the US election. One will only comment if there is an official end result, says President Dmitry Peskov. President Vladimir Putin has stated several times that he is willing to cooperate with any US head of state. Russia hopes for dialogue and normalization of relations. Since Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea peninsula in 2014, relations between the leaders in Moscow and Washington have been severely strained.

Biden would throw the first pitch in Washington

New US President Joe Biden has to throw the first pitch for the Washington Nationals opener in the new season of Major League Baseball (MLB). The capital club announced on Twitter that Donald Trump’s successor had been invited to continue the tradition against the New York Mets on April 1, 2021. Trump never threw a first pitch, however. That year he had accepted the New York Yankees and then canceled it for the ceremony.

Significantly, the Nationals decided in favor of famed American virologist Anthony Fauci before the end of the season.
The last US president to throw a “Ceremonial First Pitch” to date was Barack Obama in 2010 at Nationals Park. Thereafter, only the two former incumbents George Bush and George W. Bush were deployed.

Trump posts videos that are supposed to prove election fraud

Despite his electoral defeat, US President Donald Trump still sees himself in a power struggle with his challenger Joe Biden. After Biden’s victory speech, the man in the White House was initially silent. But on Sunday evening, Monday morning in Germany, he reported back to Twitter and said he still saw himself as a victim of systematic electoral fraud. In the tweets he posted, featuring videos from Fox News, Trump appeared to be citing conservative supporters who are believed to support his claims. The 74-year-old has been guilty of solid evidence for days.

US media, meanwhile, is reporting that Trump’s environment is trying to influence the president. His family members, in particular, are said to be a major influence on Trump. According to CNN, First Lady Melania advised her husband to accept his defeat. Trump’s adviser Jason Miller dismissed the report on Twitter as “fake news.”

Trump continues to call for a recount of votes in several US states. He also said he wanted to substantiate his previously groundless allegation of electoral fraud with obituaries from the deceased, whose votes were nonetheless counted. In addition, Trump wants to call on his supporters with an event in the style of his major election campaign events to support the targeted legal disputes, Trump’s campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh announced.

Maas: A court order would confirm the legitimacy of the elections

Federal Secretary of State Heiko Maas is calm about possible legal disputes over the outcome of the US presidential election. “Maybe that is also very good if the judge confirms the election results at the end. That increases the legitimacy of the elected president,” said the SPD politician on Deutschlandfunk on Monday. “And then hopefully everyone will one day accept it.”

Biden would create “many new opportunities” for Germany, Europeans and international cooperation as a whole, Maas said at Deutschlandfunk. Biden is an avid multilateralist who knows that the “borderless” challenges of globalization, climate change, migration and digitization also require international solutions.

Ex-President Bush congratulates Biden and Harris on their victory

Former US President George W. Bush congratulated Democrat Joe Biden on winning the US presidential election. The last remaining Republican ex-president announced that he had spoken to “President-elect” Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris. “Even though we have political disagreements, I know Joe Biden is a good man.” Bush also congratulated the defeated Donald Trump and his supporters on their campaign. “He won the votes of more than 70 million Americans – an exceptional political achievement.”

Bush pointed out that Trump has the right to request recounts and take legal action. But the ex-president also wrote, “The American people can trust that this election was fundamentally fair, that its integrity will be preserved, and that the outcome will be clear.” Trump sees himself cheated from his victory in Tuesday’s election. However, he has not provided any evidence for these allegations.

Bush said that in an interview with him, Biden stressed that he was a Democrat candidate, but that he would rule for all Americans. “I offered him the same thing as President Trump and Obama: my prayers for his success and my promise to help him in any way I can.” George W. Bush served as President of the United States from 2001 to 2009. He was followed by Democrat Barack Obama in the White House.

Ex-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice congratulates Biden and Harris

Prominent Republican and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice congratulated the Democratic election winner and the American people on Twitter, who had shown with record turnout just how strong and vital American democracy is. “Now let’s stand together for the common good, with empathy and respect for each other,” Rice wrote.

Maas no longer sees an opportunity for Trump: ‘unpleasant aftermath’

Federal Secretary of State Heiko Maas sees no more opportunity for Donald Trump to reverse his election as president of the US by legal means. “What is coming now is an unpleasant aftermath. That does not change the result, the election results”, Maas said on Sunday evening in the ARD program “Anne Will”. “Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States and we look forward to working with him.” Read the entire TV review of “Anne Will” here.

Edison Research: Trump continues to catch up in Arizona

According to data provider Edison Research, Biden is in the US state of Arizona, after counting 98 percent of the vote with 49.5 percent, just ahead of Trump with 49.0 percent.

Biden continues the vaccine program

Joe Biden wants to continue the vaccine program “Operation Warp Speed” set up under Donald Trump. “As we said in September, medical advisers received briefings from vaccine manufacturing companies,” said Biden spokesman Andrew Bates.

Biden is committed to helping develop a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible. That is why he had already met with the main pharmaceutical manufacturers before the election.

Chinese media: China is open to trade talks with Biden

Chinese state media are optimistic about Democrat Joe Biden’s victory. “It is in the common interest of the people of both countries and the international community that the relationship between China and the United States improves and becomes trustworthy,” wrote the state-sponsored newspaper Global Times of Biden’s election victory. Reviving trade talks is critical to restoring understanding and trust in the relationship between China and the US, reports China Daily, the country’s official English-language newspaper.

Washington Nationals invite Joe Biden to the first pitch of the season

According to the US news agency AP, outgoing US President Donald Trump is the only president since 1910 who did not throw a first pitch when there was a professional team in Washington. Biden played baseball as a child and will likely outperform American health expert Anthony Fauci early last season. The throw went way past the catcher and caused ridicule – also from Trump.

The Estonian Finance Minister speaks of election fraud in the US.

A dispute over the US election divides the Estonian government’s coalition. Finance Minister Martin Helme of the right-wing Ekre Party explains to the Delfi news portal that, in his opinion, “there is no doubt that the elections were falsified”. Interior Minister Mart Helme – his father – in turn called Biden corrupt. Prime Minister Jüri Ratas and President Kersti Kaljulaid condemned the statements, Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu called them “crazy”. Estonia is a member of NATO and the EU.

Laschet: Biden shows possible mid-term election victory

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet sees Biden’s election victory as a sign that the triumphant march of populists around the world can be halted. “He has also proven that you can win elections even in the middle bracket,” said the CDU politician of ARD. Biden has shown that an aggressive style and a “struggle against the establishment” can be countered with an objective, calm election campaign. Laschet is a candidate for the CDU presidency.

Berlusconi: Arrogance cost Trump victory in the US election

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi believes that Donald Trump lost the US presidential election, among other things, because he was too aggressive and too arrogant. “I think he suffered in these elections because of his attitude, which was often too aggressive and often too arrogant,” Berlusconi told Italian TV broadcaster Rai on Sunday. Speaking of election winner Joe Biden, the 84-year-old said that with his resolve to become president for all Americans, he could be “good for all of us.”

Merkel reacted to the victory of Biden and Harris on Monday

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to speak in Berlin on Monday morning about Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election and the defeat of the incumbent Donald Trump. Merkel warmly congratulated Biden on the weekend and offered close cooperation. Reactions in Berlin to the outcome of the US election were characterized by joy at Biden’s victory and thinly veiled relief at the foreseeable end of Trump’s presidency.

The traditionally close ties between Germany and the US had suffered badly in recent years. Trump repeatedly criticized Germany, at times aggressively. Democrat Biden was declared the winner of the November 3 election on Saturday after days of electoral thriller. He will be sworn in as the new US president on January 20.

Trump renews fraud allegations – Twitter hides tweets

For the first time since newly elected US President Joe Biden’s victory speech, incumbent Donald Trump has spoken on Twitter and renewed his allegations of election fraud. Trump appeared to be citing statements by conservative supporters in several tweets on Sunday in support of his claims. The 74-year-old had presented himself for days without any evidence as a victim of systematic electoral fraud.

US media unanimously proclaimed Democrat Biden the newly elected president on Saturday after he also secured election votes in the controversial state of Pennsylvania. There is no evidence of electoral fraud. According to the state electoral authority, there are very few complaints and no known cases of fraud.

After electoral defeat: Trump returns to golf

Donald Trump revisited his Virginia golf club the day after his election defeat. The convoy arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, near Washington, shortly before 10 a.m. (local time / 4 p.m. CET) Sunday, reporters of the president’s escort reported. Trump got the news of his election defeat to Joe Biden on Saturday while visiting his golf club. Trump has not appeared in public since.

Trump has come under repeated fire during his tenure for his numerous golf courses. Trump defended himself against the charges, falsely claiming that his predecessor, Barack Obama, played more often and for much longer. In July, Trump wrote on Twitter, “I play really fast, do a lot of work on the golf course and also get a” little “bit of exercise. Not bad!”

Influential Senator Graham Says Trump “Don’t Give Up”

Influential conservative US Senator Lindsey Graham has backed incumbent US President Donald Trump in the fight against unsubstantiated allegations of systematic fraud in the US election. “President Trump cannot give up,” Graham told Fox TV. American media unanimously proclaimed Democrat Biden as the newly elected president on Saturday. Trump had portrayed himself for days without any evidence as a victim of systematic electoral fraud.

US Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican): US Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican): “The media does not decide who will be president”. (Source: Meg Kinnard / AP / dpa)

“This is a controversial choice. The media doesn’t decide who will be president. If they did, there would never be a Republican president,” Graham said. Trump has to go to court. The senator, considered a confidant of Trump, cited the case of people who reportedly voted in the main state of Pennsylvania, even though they were already dead. Biden leads the state with 40,000 votes before the end of the count.

Trump receives news of a defeat in golf

US President Donald Trump got news of his electoral defeat while visiting his Virginia golf club – his first foray from the White House since the election. Trump drove from the White House to his golf club on Saturday morning, arriving there at 10:39 AM (local time / 4:39 PM CET). Shortly before 11:30 a.m., US media reported that Trump’s challenger Joe Biden had won the election. According to reports, a person held up a sign saying “Good Riddance” near the golf club.

At the golf club: Donald Trump waved the club when Biden was declared the winner of the pageant. (Source: AP / dpa / Patrick Semansky)At the golf club: Donald Trump waved the club when Biden was declared the winner of the pageant. (Source: Patrick Semansky / AP / dpa)

Dozens of supporters of both Bidens and Trumps had gathered in front of the golf club entrance. Signs from Trump opponents read “You’re fired” and “Get your shit and go”. Vehicles with Trump flags drove back and forth and honked. Someone called out from one of the vehicles through the speaker, “The media is lying about everything.” The escort’s reporters reported that the convoy with the president left the golf club at 2:30 p.m. Here see images of Trump on the golf course.

Trump wasn’t the only one to find out about Biden’s victory in the sport: the vice president-elect Kamala Harris was joggingwhen she heard about the election victory.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban congratulates Biden on his election victory

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has congratulated Democratic candidate Joe Biden on winning the US presidential election. A spokesperson for Orbans confirmed this to the state-run MTI news agency on Sunday. The right-wing national government leader sent Biden a letter congratulating him on the successful presidential campaign, the spokesman said. “In order to carry out your extremely responsible duties, I wish you good health and continued success,” the spokesman quoted from the letter.

Orban, who has been accused by critics of an authoritarian style of government, had repeatedly given prominence in the past to now-elected US President Donald Trump. In a radio interview last Friday, he had taken up Trump’s allegations, which have not yet been proven, that the election results in the US were based on massive electoral fraud. “If something like this happened to us, heaven and earth would collapse,” Orban had said.

Trump’s son-in-law: Trump must accept the election results

President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has tried to convince the Republican to accept the election results, “CNN” reports. Kushner, a top White House adviser, reportedly discussed this with Trump early in the morning after Biden’s victory was announced. Trump has so far refused to admit – insisting “this election is far from over” and claiming that Biden “falsely presented himself as the winner” after the Democrats won Pennsylvania.

“I will not rest until the American people have the fair number of votes they deserve and require democracy,” Trump said in a statement, promising that the campaign’s legal battle against alleged “fraud” would begin in earnest Monday. reports “CNN”.

Star Wars actor Hamill is delighted in his own way at Biden’s victory

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill insisted on celebrating Joe Biden’s election victory on Twitter – in his very special way. The 69-year-old, who has more than four million Twitter followers, has been an ardent critic for years. by Donald Trump. After the election for Biden was called up by numerous news agencies on Saturday, a tweet from Hamill caused an online furor:

Hamill posted a three-poster image with the titles of the original Star Wars trilogy. There was a picture of Barack Obama on the New Hope poster, Trump on the Empire Strikes Back poster, and Biden on the “Return of the Jedi” poster. Hamill wrote “#BestEpisode_EVER”.

In the run-up to the election, Hamill and fellow actor Harrison Ford fired spots for the Lincoln Project to scare off potential Trump voters. Hamill also officially promoted Biden. The tweet was well received by the Twitter community: approximately 438,000 users liked the post.

Ruhani: The next US administration needs to iron out Trump’s mistakes

Iranian President Hassan Ruhani demands that the new US administration make up for Trump’s mistakes. “Trump’s damaging policies have been rejected by the American people. The next US administration must take the opportunity to make up for past mistakes,” said Ruhani, as quoted by Iranian state media. Trump had ended the international nuclear deal with Iran in 2018 and reintroduced sanctions against the country, which put a huge burden on the economy. Biden has pledged to rejoin the 2015 agreement.

Gardening instead of luxury hotel: Trump tweeted the wrong place from the press conference

A press conference by US President Trump sparked laughter: The event was supposed to take place in a luxury hotel – instead, the journalists went to a daycare center. Read more here.

Biden: We need to restore America’s soul

Joe Biden is the next president – and has spoken to the nation for the first time. He presented himself to the Americans as a reconciler. And also turned to the rest of the world. Read more here.

Harris: Won’t be the last woman in office

Future Vice President Kamala Harris stressed the importance of democracy in her first speech after the election results. In Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden’s hometown, she said democracy was not guaranteed. ‘It’s only as strong as our will to fight for it. And that’s exactly what you did! ‘

Harris thanked voters for announcing “a new day for America.” American democracy was at stake, “America’s soul was at stake”. But the Americans would have opted for hope and unity, decency, science “and yes, truth”.

Kamala Harris: Vice President-elect spoke to Joe Biden in Wilmington. (Source: Image Images / MediaPunch)Kamala Harris: Vice President-elect spoke to Joe Biden in Wilmington. (Source: MediaPunch / Image Images)

Harris praised Biden’s “courage” in breaking one of the biggest barriers in the US and electing a vice president. “Although I am the first woman in this position, I will not be the last.” And Harris called Biden a “healer,” someone who could do America.

“New York Post” turns away from Trump in election dispute

The conservative newspaper “New York Post” is turning away from President Donald Trump in the dispute over the US election results. In an article on Saturday, the newspaper’s commentators wrote that Trump had done a lot for the country – but he must stop the “stolen election” conspiracy theory if he doesn’t want to “marginalize” his own vote.

At the same time, the newspaper published an unusually positive article about newly elected president Joe Biden entitled “It’s Joe Time”. Just a few weeks ago, the New York Post published one of the most damning articles about Joe Biden’s son Hunter. It was based on questionable sources and drew national criticism.

The New York Post is owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the Fox TV network. Influential news channel Fox News is considered Trump’s “home and garden” broadcaster. The incumbent president calls many of his moderators “friends.” But even Fox News showed a more determined stance on Trump, headline, “President Trump has not given up on president-elect.”

Netanyahu congratulates Biden and Harris – and thanks Trump

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris on their victory in the US presidential election – and thanked Trump for their cooperation. Read more about it here.

“Open to dialogue”: Maduro congratulates Biden and Harris

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has congratulated the American people on the presidential election and also Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their victory. “Venezuela, the homeland of liberator Simon Bolivar, will always be open to dialogue and understanding with the people and the United States government,” authoritarian Maduro wrote on Twitter on Saturday (local time). In the general debate at the UN General Assembly in September, Maduro described the US as a threat to world peace.

Venezuela is in a deep constitutional and economic crisis. The US has imposed severe sanctions on the country and its government. You are one of the main allies of the Venezuelan opposition, which, under the leadership of self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó, is seeking to push President Maduro out of office.

The President of Mexico does not want to congratulate Biden yet

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was reluctant to comment on Joe Biden’s success in the US presidential election. Lopez Obrador says he can only congratulate an election winner when all legal proceedings related to the vote have been completed. Such an approach is “politically wise”. He has a good relationship with both the incumbent Donald Trump and Biden.

Trump’s first tweet after Biden’s election victory

After Joe Biden’s election victory was announced, incumbent US President Donald Trump spoke again on Twitter – and again spoke without evidence of electoral fraud. Read more here.

Report: Biden wants to present the Corona Expert Council on Monday

According to reports in the US media, newly elected US President Joe Biden wants to present a board of experts on Monday to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The creation of the committee ahead of the announcement of hiring for the first cabinet positions underscores the importance Biden intends to place in the fight against the pandemic, the news site “Axios” reported Saturday. According to the broadcaster CNN, it should be a twelve-member advisory committee of experts.

Incumbent President Donald Trump will continue to rule until Biden’s scheduled inauguration on Jan. 20. However, Biden had said before Tuesday’s election that if he won the election, he would immediately contact governors and mayors to continue the fight against the pandemic.

Trump does not recognize Biden’s election victory

US President Donald Trump does not want to recognize a victory of his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the US election. “The simple fact is that these elections are far from over,” Trump said on Saturday. Earlier, the American media had unanimously declared Biden the winner of the presidential election.

According to reports in the US media, newly elected US President Joe Biden wants to present a board of experts on Monday to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The creation of the committee ahead of the announcement of hiring for the first cabinet positions underscores the importance Biden intends to place in the fight against the pandemic, the news site “Axios” reported Saturday. According to the broadcaster CNN, it should be a twelve-member advisory committee of experts.

How do you rate Joe Biden’s win?

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Secretary of State Heiko Maas have expressed confidence in their future partnership with newly elected US President Joe Biden. What do you think about it?

Biden supporters sing Bon Jovi Hit

The joy of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump has also drawn hundreds of people into the streets of Philadelphia. A video on Twitter shows them all singing Bon Jovi’s hit “Livin ‘on a Prayer” together.

Biden wins the US election – congratulations from Trump so far

It is actually good form in American politics for an opponent to congratulate the winner of the election. Hours after his victory in the US election, Joe Biden has still not received a call from Donald Trump. CNN reports, citing the environment of the newly elected US president. However, it was previously announced that Trump would not accept the election results.

Photo of the Bidens from the living room: “We made it”

The wife of US President-elect Joe Biden has promised Americans that her husband will work for all families in the country. Jill Biden posted a photo to Twitter with her and her husband in a living room. Biden is wearing a cap with a peak that says “We just did it” (something like, We made it). The two hold a sign in the camera that reads, “Dr. & Vice President Biden live here.” The now superfluous word “Vice” is hidden by 69-year-old Jill Biden with her hand.

TV broadcaster ABC News reported that Biden was at home with his family when he heard the news, citing a Biden employee.

Hillary Clinton: Biden’s win is “Trump’s rejection”

Former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sees Joe Biden’s election victory as a rejection of incumbent Donald Trump. “The voters have spoken and they have chosen Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our next president and vice president,” the Democrat wrote on Twitter. They are a few candidates who are making history, “a Trump rejection” and a new chapter for America. “Move forward together,” Clinton continued. She was defeated by Republican Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Read the main reactions to Joe Biden’s victory here.

Chillreport reporter shows photos of the celebration in front of the White House

Chillreport reporter Fabian Reinbold gets an impression in front of the White House. Hundreds of people gathered there after Joe Biden was declared the election winner. There are signs in photos that say something like, “Trump, you’re fired.” You can read more about this here.

Biden also received the majority of the vote in Nevada

According to media forecasts, newly elected President Joe Biden also won the US elections in the state of Nevada. This was evident on Saturday from consistent predictions from AP news agency and TV broadcaster Fox. With this, Biden collected the votes of six other voters and once again improved his position in the foreseeable legal battle against the previous incumbent Donald Trump for the election results.

Macron: “We have a lot to do”

French President Emmanuel Macron has congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on winning the US presidential election. “The Americans have elected their president,” Macron wrote on Twitter in French and English. “We have a lot to do to meet today’s challenges. Let’s work together!” Macron continued. Read the main reactions to Joe Biden’s victory here.

Boris Johnson congratulates on “historic success”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has congratulated Joe Biden on his election as President of the US and Kamala Harris on “her historic success”. “The US is our most important ally,” Johnson wrote on Twitter after the AP news agency and several US broadcasters proclaimed Biden’s victory over incumbent Republican Donald Trump. Johnson continues to look forward to working closely on shared priorities, from climate change to trade and security. Harris will be the first woman and black to serve as the US Vice President. Read the main reactions to Joe Biden’s victory here.

Chancellor Merkel: “I look forward to working with you”

Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulates Biden and emphasizes the importance of transatlantic relations. “I look forward to working with President Biden,” tweeted government spokesman Steffen Seibert in response to Merkel. “Our transatlantic friendship is irreplaceable if we are to face the great challenges of our time.” Read the main reactions to Joe Biden’s victory here.

Steinmeier: This “connects the hopes of countless people”

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier congratulated the American Democrat Joe Biden on winning the presidential election and assured him of Germany’s close partnership. “With your presidency, the hope of countless people, far beyond the borders of your country, including in Germany,” Steinmeier wrote to Biden on Saturday. “It is the hope of a new common ground. It is the hope of reliability, common sense and constant work for solutions in a troubled world.”

Former President Obama congratulates Biden on the victory

Barack Obama, the 44th US president, congratulated Joe Biden on Twitter for his election victory. In a recently published statement, he wrote, among other things, “I couldn’t be more proud to congratulate the next President Joe Biden and our next Forest Lady Jill Biden.” He also assures Biden of his help. Now everyone must do their part to “lower the temperature and find a common starting point for moving forward”.

Trump is said to have been playing golf when Biden’s election victory was announced

While the whole world eagerly awaited the announcement of the presidential election winner, the incumbent president seemed to be playing golf. As CNN correspondent John King writes on Twitter, it was Trump’s 299th visit to the golf club during his presidency.

At the golf club: Donald Trump waved the club when Biden was declared the winner of the pageant. (Source: AP / dpa / Patrick Semansky)At the golf club: Donald Trump waved the club when Biden was declared the winner of the pageant. (Source: Patrick Semansky / AP / dpa)

Kamala Harris posts a video of Joe Biden’s first phone call after winning the election

The new vice president, Kamala Harris, posted a video to Twitter of a phone call with Joe Biden. “We did it, Joe. You will be the next president of the United States, ”she says.

The Prime Minister of Canada congratulates Biden on his victory

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on winning the US presidential election. “Congratulations,” Trudeau wrote to both of them on Twitter. “Our two countries are great friends, partners and allies. We share a relationship that is unique on the world stage. I really look forward to working with you and building on you.”

Cheers and screams for the White House

Several US media reports on hundreds celebrated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s election to the White House. NBC News posted a live video showing the crowds.

Nancy Pelosi: The time of hope begins

Joe Biden’s election victory will begin a new era of hope in the United States, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. Biden had achieved a “historic victory,” the Democrat said Saturday, “Today begins a new day of hope for America.”

Biden is ready to face the country’s challenges from day one of his presidency. He will contain the coronavirus pandemic and commit to better healthcare, Pelosi said. With Biden, the Americans had chosen someone who would work relentlessly to unite the country and who upheld the values ​​of “faith, family, and community,” Pelosi explained.

Maas promotes a “new transatlantic beginning”

After Joe Biden’s victory, Federal Secretary of State Heiko Maas (SPD) campaigned for a restart of severely damaged relations with the US. “We look forward to working with the next US government,” he wrote on Twitter. “We want to invest in our partnership for a new transatlantic beginning, a New Deal.”

CNN reporter moved to tears during the live broadcast

A CNN reporter spoke about his feelings about Joe Biden’s election during the station’s live broadcast. Van Jones recalled the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the death of George Floyd, and how bad it is to fear for your life as a black man in the US. “It’s easier to be older this morning.” You can tell your children that the truth matters, that it is important to be a good person. Read more about it here.

New York responded with cheers and cheers to the election results

In New York, hundreds of people cheered media reports that Joe Biden was appointed president of the United States. “God save America” ​​writes a Twitter user about a video that shows the atmosphere in the metropolis. People clapped, shouted and cheered in the streets of New York. Hundreds flocked to Times Square to celebrate. Many drivers honked non-stop. Even after an hour, the constant applause had not ended.

Another Twitter user writes, “I can’t get over the New York City noise.”

Kamala Harris statement: “It’s about the soul of America”

With the election of Joe Biden as the new US president, Kamala Harris becomes the first woman and the first black vice president of the US. She wrote on Twitter: “This election is about so much more than
Joe Biden or me. It’s about the soul of America and our willingness to fight for it. We have a lot of work to do. Let’s start.”

Joe Biden’s statement: wants to be “president for all Americans”

After winning the presidential election, American Democrat Joe Biden promised to become “President for All Americans”. He was “honored” to have been selected to “lead our great country,” Biden wrote on Twitter. “The work ahead will be tough, but I promise you, I’ll be president for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not.”

Joe Biden responded “with honor and humility” to his election as president of the US. “After the election campaign is over, it is time to leave the anger and harsh rhetoric behind and come together as a nation,” said the 77-year-old.

Media call Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election

CNN and NBC declared the former vice president the winner of the hotly contested duel with incumbent Donald Trump on Saturday. He will be the 46th president in US history. Read more about it here.

Federal Election Authority: “No Evidence of Fraud”

The highest electoral authority in the United States has strongly opposed allegations of possible fraud in the presidential election. “There really is no evidence of fraud,” Ellen Weintraub, chief of the federal election commission, told CNN. There were few substantiated complaints across the country. However, there was no evidence of electoral fraud or illegal vote counting. Independent electoral experts had ensured that the elections went well everywhere.

Since Tuesday’s presidential election, Trump has repeatedly and without evidence that there was fraud to his detriment in the vote. He also spread similar claims on Twitter on Saturday. The short message service therefore again restricted access to these messages from the incumbent operator and provided them with a warning.

Trump again claims he won the election

Despite the growing lead of his challenger Joe Biden, Donald Trump continues to see himself as the clear winner. “I won this election, and by a wide margin,” Trump wrote in capital letters on Twitter on Saturday. Twitter immediately provided the message with a warning.

In fact, no winner has been determined four days after the election. But Biden is clearly ahead of the curve. Trump attributes this to “massive fraud,” but has not provided any evidence to support his claims.

Biden’s lead in Georgia is growing

In the important state of Georgia, Joe Biden’s lead in the race for the White House has increased even further. As of Saturday 9:00 a.m. CET, the Democrat had 7,248 votes for the incumbent Donald Trump, as the TV broadcaster CNN reported, citing figures from the election authority. It was a significant increase from the 4,430 votes a few hours earlier.

Given the short race, a recount is very likely in Georgia. The growing gap is a good sign to Biden that he can still lead the way after that.

In Georgia, Biden had sometimes caught up with Trump’s lead by about 300,000 votes. If the Democrat wins in the state, Trump will no longer reach the 270 voting points it takes to win.

12 noon: Iran hopes for Biden’s victory

Iran hopes that if Democrat Joe Biden wins the election, the US will return to the Vienna nuclear deal and lift the sanctions in place. “Inshallah (God willing) a new US administration will return to its international commitments,” President Hassan Ruhani said Saturday. The sanctions of the past three years should then be lifted immediately, the president said on Iranian state television.

08.00 am: The results of the senatorial elections are completely open again

Only two second elections in the state of Georgia are expected to decide the majority in the United States Senate for the next two years in early January. Republican Senator David Purdue and his Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff were unable to decide their races on the first vote, AP news agency reported Saturday night based on vote counts and voter polls.

Republicans have so far held a majority of 53 of the 100 seats in the Senate. After Tuesday’s election, Democrats and Republicans currently have 48 votes each. In addition to the two second elections in Georgia, the results for two seats in Alaska and North Carolina are still pending – but the previous Republican senators are leading the way there. If the races work in their favor, Republicans would advance to 50 seats.

The Democrats would then have to win both of Georgia run-offs to catch up. And if Joe Biden wins the presidential election – as they are currently emerging – that would also mean control over the Senate. Because in a deadlock of 50 to 50 votes, Vice President Kamala Harris was able to intervene.

6.45 am: Trump is now apparently more realistic about winning odds

The incumbent US President Donald Trump is increasingly behind his challenger Joe Biden in the US presidential elections in important states. So far, however, Trump had refused to admit defeat. That seems to be changing slowly. According to sources from Jim Acosta, CNN’s chief reporter at the White House, Trump is now developing a “more realistic” picture of the results. However, this doesn’t mean he’s already given up, Acosta said.

5:00 am: Biden: We will win the election

Democrat Joe Biden is sure of victory in a late-night speech. He will win elections in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona and is on track to gain more than 300 voters. Along with his vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, he has received more than 74 million votes to date – more than any other election team in the history of the country. Read more here.

Trump warns his challenger Biden

US President Donald Trump has warned his opponent Joe Biden not to declare himself the winner of the vote. “Joe Biden cannot falsely claim the office of president. I could also claim it. Legal proceedings have just begun!” Trump wrote on Twitter. Read more about it here.

2:45 am: Small success for Trump team at the Supreme Court

In its first ruling after the presidential election, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered that in the state of Pennsylvania, ballots received after polling stations were closed be kept separate and counted. This makes it easier not to include them in the final count if they should be invalidated.

Judge Samuel Alito made a rush on Friday at the request of the Republicans. The authorities had already collected the ballots separately. The dispute concerns ballots sent by mail that arrive within three days of election day on November 3. In Pennsylvania, it still needs to be taken into account.

2.30 am: Trump wants to pay off debts with donations for legal disputes

The emails sound downright angry: Trump’s team now wants donations. The reason is the legal disputes over the elections. But there is another reason. Read more here.

10:50 p.m .: Republicans in Pennsylvania go to Supreme Court

In the dispute over postal ballots in the US state of Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump’s Republicans again went to the US Supreme Court. Pennsylvania Republicans urged the Washington Supreme Court to urgently prohibit the counting of postal votes received after election day. These ballots must be separated from the others and may not be counted.

Pennsylvania had decided to expand postal voting due to the corona pandemic. Accordingly, all ballots are accepted that are received by the election supervisor up to three days after election day, provided they are postmarked on November 3. The deadline expires on Friday.

The Pennsylvania election authorities have already issued a precautionary measure to separate the votes received after election day from others. At the moment, their numbers seem too small to influence the election results in the state.

8 p.m .: Trump in statement: “I will not give up”

On Friday, Donald Trump blamed the fact that ‘illegal votes’ were counted after Tuesday’s US presidential election. So far there is no evidence to support this claim. From the outset, he said that only “legal votes” could be considered for the result. “But we have encountered opposition to this fundamental principle from the Democrats,” Trump said in a written statement.

It’s about the integrity of the entire electoral process. The president again announced that he wanted to use all legal means. Addressing the American people, he added, “I will never give up fighting for you and our nation.”

7:20 pm: Biden wants to address the nation

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to address the nation in a speech Friday evening (local time), at “prime time”. The German news agency heard this from a spokesman for Biden’s election campaign team. The 77-year-old is on the eve of victory three days after the US election, having recently increased his lead over incumbent Donald Trump in key states such as Pennsylvania and Nevada. Biden has turned to the American people three times since the election, calling for patience in the face of the ongoing census.

5.45 pm: Nancy Pelosi: “Have a nice day for our country”

US House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi expects Democrat Joe Biden to win. Soon, Biden will no longer be named vice president, but rather elected president, the Democrat said in her weekly press conference on Friday. “This is a happy day for our country, because Joe Biden is one who unites,” said the 80-year-old. President-elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead.

In Wednesday’s congressional election, Pelosi had convincingly defended her California seat. She had already made it clear that she wanted to reapply for the managerial position.

5:40 pm: Democrats win Senate seat in Arizona

In Arizona, Mark Kelly, a former astronaut, has won a Senate seat for the Democrats, CNN reports. Previously, Republican Martha McSally held the chair.

4:55 pm: Biden spokesman: Intruders are removed from the White House

US President Donald Trump apparently seems willing to hold on to his office with all his might, even in the event of defeat. His challenger Joe Biden’s election campaign team sees the US government but is prepared for this case. “The United States government has an excellent ability to escort White House intruders,” said Andrew Bates, spokesman Andrew Bates. He responded to fears that Trump would not be able to admit an impending election defeat. What if he doesn’t leave the Oval Office after an election defeat, read here.

4:45 PM: Georgia announces recount

In Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, similar to an interior minister, has announced that there is a good chance that votes will be counted again. “There will be a recount by such a narrow margin,” he said, as reported by Fox News. In the state, Joe Biden currently leads by only about 1,500 votes. Both candidates can request a recount once the difference is 0.5 percent of the vote or less, Election Authority Representative Gabriel Sterling said. A recount would require each vote to be rescanned, which could take until the end of November.

4:20 pm: Trump’s campaign attorney: “Elections are not over yet”

US President Donald Trump’s campaign team has warned not to declare his challenger Joe Biden as the election winner. “This election is not over yet,” campaign attorney Matt Morgan said Friday. “Joe Biden’s misrepresentation of victory is based on results from four states that are far from definitive.” However, no major American broadcaster has declared Biden the election winner.

Biden had passed Trump on Friday in the census in the main states of Pennsylvania and Georgia. The 77-year-old is also ahead of the incumbent in Arizona and Nevada. This makes a victory for the former vice president more and more likely in the hotly contested election.

4:15 pm: Biden supporters dance in the street

In west Philadelphia, countless people danced in the streets after the announcement that Biden was ahead in Pennsylvania. A video of it went viral on Twitter. More than 280,000 people have already watched the clip. Reporter Ellie Rushing wrote, “West Philly responds to the Pennsylvania lead by dancing in the streets, of course.”

4 p.m. Alleged electoral fraud: Trump’s team sets up a hotline

President Trump’s campaign lawyers have been trying to prove the president’s allegations of alleged electoral fraud since yesterday. They have now set up a hotline for this, reports “CNN”, where voters can report. A room would have been set up for this purpose at their headquarters in Arlington.

So far, there is no evidence of the electoral fraud accused by Trump of counting the ballots. He had depicted the process as stealing his votes. You can see more about the dispute over the votes in the video or above here.

3:36 pm: Arizona and Nevada are slow to get through

Voting remains slow in the states of Nevada and Arizona. Presidential candidate Joe Biden was just ahead of incumbent Donald Trump in both races, but votes were not received until Friday in small installments. New results are expected during the day. So far, no medium has declared a winner in Nevada. Arizona had already attributed Biden to the AP news agency and Fox News TV station. Other media still held back.

3:24 PM: So many voices are still missing in Philadelphia

The remaining pool of votes to be counted in Philadelphia is approximately 25,000 ballots. The reported “CNN”.

These votes take longer to count, as these are provisional ballots, but also ballots that need to be checked due to questions such as the date and signatures. “It will take a while,” one of the officials told “CNN”.

2:51 pm: Joe Biden overtakes Donald Trump at the Pennsylvania race

When the votes for the US presidential election were counted in the main state of Pennsylvania, challenger Joe Biden took over on Friday. With a count of just over 95 percent, Biden led the incumbent Donald Trump with 5,587 votes. This means that the Democrat now leads the way in four of the five still contested states. Read more about it here.

2:28 pm: This is how German politicians react to the American elections

Chancellor Angela Merkel has not yet commented on the conduct of the US elections, but other politicians, such as Renate Künast and Olaf Scholz, have. Read more about it here.

2:12 pm: What if Trump just doesn’t go?

Whoever wins the election becomes president. Up to now, American democracy has been so simple in the vast majority of cases. In the case of Donald Trump, the situation is slightly different in the worst possible scenario. The current US president has repeatedly and clearly refused to commit himself to a peaceful transfer of power. Read more about it here.

1:50 pm: Biden needs more protection from the Secret Service

According to a media report, the Secret Service is sending additional workers to the state of Delaware to protect US presidential candidate Joe Biden. Biden will stay in the city of Wilmington for at least another day and possibly give a big speech Friday, the Washington Post reported on Friday evening (local time), citing two unnamed sources. Biden’s campaign team has notified the authority.

According to the report, dozens of Secret Service employees are already on duty at the Chase Center, where Biden and his team have stayed. The additional agents are expected to strengthen security arrangements there starting Friday. The number of workers seconded to Wilmington doesn’t match the protection an elected president deserves. A secret service spokeswoman said there would be no public comment on the security measures.

1:16 pm: Trump’s ex-chief strategist blocked by Twitter

Twitter shut out former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon after fantasizing about the beheading of FBI chief Christopher Wray and corona expert Anthony Fauci. Read more about it here.

1:01 pm: Merkel remains silent about the US election

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) still declines to comment on the US presidential election. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert pointed out Friday afternoon that there was still no final result and that vote counting was still ongoing in several states. We must await these counts. “And that’s what the Chancellor is doing, the Federal Government is doing that.”

12:20 pm: Biden expands leadership in Georgia

Joe Biden was able to extend his lead in Georgia. He now leads Trump with 1,096 votes. Various American media report this unanimously. Read more about it here.

12:15 pm: Result from Philadelphia is expected in the next two hours

Philadelphia commissioner Al Schmidt told CNN there would be an update on the vote count “in the next two hours.”

“The Philadelphia count has been uninterrupted from the start. We had a brief break of about two hours during a court case yesterday, but it is vital that we start counting all eligible votes cast by voters. would continue in Philadelphia, “he said.” We received about 360,000 ballots in Philadelphia. We counted just over 306,000 … and [sind] out of 50,000, some of which have yet to be reported. “

10:34 am: Biden is now leading in Georgia

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has caught up with Donald Trump in the US state of Georgia. He now leads according to “CNN” with 917 votes.

10:27 am: Federal judge orders search for ballots

A federal judge on Thursday ordered the post to continue to search for undelivered ballots. You want to search states with longer deadlines for casting votes, such as North Carolina and Pennsylvania. “NBC” Reports.

Judge Emmet Sullivan, Washington, D.C., ordered the searches to continue through Friday through the end of the day to ensure that all ballots were counted by mail. The order is intended to address concerns that some ballots may not have been delivered.

On Wednesday it was announced that about 300,000 postal ballots had apparently not been delivered. They were scanned into the postal system, but their delivery was not registered via a barcode on the letters. The Post stated that in an effort to speed up the delivery of ballots, they bypassed the outbound delivery scan in some cases.

10.15 am: the choice has been made in these states

Biden currently has 253 of the 270 electoral votes required to win the presidential election. In Georgia, Donald Trump is leading only with 463 votes (as of 10:12, according to “CNN”). Read more about it and the full overview here here.

9:42 am: Facebook shuts down group of Trump supporters

Supporters of US President Trump came together in a group on Facebook and spread false news, among other things. The social media platform has already responded to this. Read more about it here.

9.35 am: Two men with guns arrested in Philadelphia

Philadelphia police arrested two men with guns in their vehicle near the Convention Center, where the US presidential election is being counted. The authorities initially did not comment on the background.

Reuters news agency reports that the men apparently tried to enter the polling station. Police in the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania were tipped off that a vehicle carrying armed people had left the state of Virginia to attack the convention center, a police officer said.

In Philadelphia, the rules for carrying weapons are a bit stricter than in the rest of Pennsylvania – a permit is required. The Fox News broadcaster reported that the FBI federal police had taken over the investigation.

9.29 am: It is getting scarcer in Georgia

Trump is only 665 ahead of Joe Biden in the US state. CNN reports that. A result is expected in the coming hours. However, if the difference remains so small, a recount of the votes is very likely. Donald Trump has 2,448,183 votes so far and Joe Biden 2,447,518.

9:08 am: TV stations interrupted Trump’s speech

When he appeared in the White House press room, Trump presented no evidence of alleged electoral fraud. Several television stations quickly interrupted the live broadcast, the first being MSNBC, citing the need to correct false statements made by the president. “We find ourselves here again in the extraordinary situation of not only interrupting but also correcting the President of the United States,” said moderator Brian Williams. There is no illegal practice of which they are aware. And no Trump victory, that is known.

Trump himself left the room after just over 15 minutes without answering questions from journalists. Broadcasters CBS and ABC also decided to cancel the broadcast of the speech.

9:00 am: “Y.M.C.A” authors file charges against Trump’s use of songs

Because of playing the disco hit “Y.M.C.A.” In the event that US President Donald Trump’s election campaign comes out, the copyright owners want to file a lawsuit. Lawyer Richard Malka announced this Thursday in Paris, who represents the owners of the rights to the hit of the band Village People from 1978. The song was also used for a Trump election campaign.

The song’s use for the Trump campaign “clearly represents theft of other people’s property,” Malka said. The rights holders would “never have accepted” that the song was used for political purposes by the US president.

According to the lawyer, the lawsuit will be filed in both the United States and France in the coming days. The French music label Scorpio Music is one of the rights holders.

8.15am: Biden continues to catch up in Pennsylvania – now a draw in Georgia

In the state of Pennsylvania, which is important to the election, the lead of US President Donald Trump continues to shrink at the current count, according to Edison Research. Trump has dropped to 49.5 percent, which is below 50 percent. Biden is now 49.2 percent. 95 percent of the votes have been counted so far.

In Georgia (16 voters), Biden and Trump are now almost equal, according to data provider Edison Research: after counting 99 percent of the votes, both come to 49.4 percent. Trump last led here.

Democrats and many observers are optimistic that Biden can still catch up with Trump in the United States, as the postal votes counted so far are largely due to the Democrats. If Biden Pennsylvania wins, he will have more than 270 electoral votes and be the next president of the United States.

6.55 am: US Post registered additional votes in Pennsylvania

The US Postal Service said it received about 1,700 ballots in Pennsylvania on Thursday. Philadelphia received the most votes, followed by Pittsburgh. The ballots would now be distributed to the election officials. The deadline for incoming ballots, which is still taken into account in the disputed state, expires on Friday evening.

4.10 am: Waiting for results makes people laugh online

Counting votes in the United States took days and nights. People all over the world are excited for the report – but still no results. There is ridicule on the net. Here’s a rundown of some of the funniest memes on Twitter.

4am: Sharp criticism from Republicans after Trump’s press conference

US President Donald Trump has received strong criticism from members of his party after his White House press conference. Read more about it here.

3 am: Maas urges restraint – “America is more than a one-man show”

In view of the head-to-head race in the US presidential election between incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden, Federal Secretary of State Heiko Maas has called on both sides to exercise restraint. “America is more than a one-man show. Anyone who pours fuel on the fire in such a situation is acting irresponsibly,” said the SPD politician in the Funke media group newspapers. “Decent losers are more important to the functioning of a democracy than brilliant winners.” Democrats should never hurt confidence in fair and free elections. “Now is the time to keep a cool head until an independently determined result is available.”

2.10 am: Vice President Pence reaffirms loyalty to Trump

US Vice President Mike Pence has assured Donald Trump of his support during the ongoing vote count following the US election. He is on the side of the president, Pence wrote on Twitter Thursday evening, shortly after Trump concluded a press conference at the White House.

At the same time he wrote, “We must count every legal vote.” He wrote “Legal” in capital letters. Trump’s chances of re-election have recently plummeted in the still-open race for the White House. The Republican still sees himself as the legitimate winner of the election in which he was challenged by Democrat Joe Biden.

2am: Trump claims: I clearly won after ‘allowed votes’

US President Donald Trump continues to consider himself the legitimate winner of the US election. “If you count the legal votes, I win with ease,” Trump said Thursday night at the White House during his first public appearance since election night. “If you count illegal votes, they can try to steal our elections.” He did not provide any evidence to support his claims. Read more here.

1.40 pm: President’s niece calls Trump a “loser”

US President Donald Trump’s cousin has commented disparagingly at the Republican’s behavior after the US election. “This is what it looks like when a loser loses,” Mary Trump wrote on Twitter Thursday night (local time) as Trump gave a press conference at the White House.

Two days after election day, the race for president has not yet been decided, but Trump’s chances of re-election have recently dropped dramatically. Trump blames electoral fraud and sees himself as the legitimate winner of the election. There is no evidence of significant fraud in the elections.

Mary Trump – with a Ph.D. in psychology – had published a disclosure book before the election and warned against her uncle’s second term.

1.10 am: Climate activist Thunberg to Trump: “Relax, Donald!”

Climate activist Greta Thunberg used the possible failure of US President Donald Trump’s election for a belated revenge on his favorite medium of Twitter. Read more here.

1 a.m. Result announced in the US key state of Pennsylvania for Friday

Pennsylvania authorities expect the results of the US state’s presidential election next Friday. Then the most votes will be counted, said Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar on Thursday (local time) at a press conference in Harrisburg. She justified the long counting time with the high number of votes per post and the probably very limited outcome. Friday evening (CET) there were still more than 300,000 absent votes. The incumbent Donald Trump led with about 75,000 votes for his challenger Joe Biden.

Due to the higher proportion of Democratic Party supporters among postal voters, it is possible that Biden will catch up with Trump in the further count. With 20 voters to be awarded, this would mean that Biden would achieve the required majority of 270 voters and thus become Trump’s successor. According to the Secretary of State, most of the outstanding votes come from urban areas, particularly the Philadelphia metropolitan area and the city of Pittsburgh.

Regarding the postal votes received after the polls closed, Boockvar said she did not expect them to have a significant impact on the outcome. Their number is expected to be manageable. In Pennsylvania, absentee ballots received on Friday due to shipping delays are also valid. These are counted separately. Lawyers hired by the Trump team want to prevent these votes from being considered valid. Aside from one case a few weeks ago, she was unaware of any attempted electoral fraud, Boockvar said. Every effort is made to ensure an absolutely reliable count. “Our voting systems and databases ensure that no voter can cast more than one vote.”

0.45 am – Distance in Georgia is getting smaller

In addition to the race in the US state of Pennsylvania, the number of votes in Georgia is also tightening. US President Donald Trump’s lead over challenger Joe Biden had shrunk to about 9,500 votes or 0.2 percentage points on Thursday afternoon. In the morning it was just under 20,000. According to official figures, more than 45,000 votes had to be counted in the state at noon (local time). Trump secured the votes of 16 voters in the southeastern state in 2016 by a good five percentage points ahead of Hillary Clinton. Georgia is known as the swing state.

0.35 am – Greta Thunberg responds to Trump tweets: “Relax!”

US President Donald Trump continues to raise doubts about the legitimacy of the election with his tweets. For example, Trump demanded on Twitter that the count should be stopped. “Finished counting,” wrote in capital letters.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg used the possible failure of US President Donald Trump’s election for a belated revenge on his favorite medium of Twitter. Read more here.

12:30 am – Democrat: Trump’s White House election campaign is under investigation

According to a Democratic MP, an independent federal regulator is investigating whether Trump has broken the law through the facilities of his White House campaign office. The Office of Special Counsel has communicated this upon request, explains Bill Pascrell. Under United States law – the Hatch Act – government officials are prohibited from engaging in certain political activities.

00:00: Trump son: the president should declare “all-out war” over the election

President’s son Donald Trump Jr. his father has called on his father to start a “all-out war” over the elections. Donald Trump must “expose all fraud and deceit,” wrote his son Trump Jr. Thursday on Twitter. This included the votes of voters who were dead or no longer living in the respective state, the Trump son claimed. “It’s time to clean up this mess and stop looking like a banana republic.”

No significant cases of electoral fraud have been reported in the US so far. Trump has claimed for months without evidence that the risk of fraud is higher in postal ballots and refused to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power.

11:30 p.m .: The census in the US state of Arizona can last until the weekend

The vote count in the southwestern US state of Arizona can last until the weekend. At the moment, some 450,000 votes have yet to be counted, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is responsible for conducting the elections, said Thursday in an interview with news channel CNN.

Most votes, about 300,000, are still pending in the Maricopa district, which also includes the capital Phoenix. There, about 140,000 votes were counted on Wednesday, the next status of the count will be announced Thursday evening (3:00 p.m. CET Friday), she said. The next update will arrive on Friday evening. “Most counties” should be ready by the weekend, Hobbs said.

Fox News and the Associated Press (AP) news agency had declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner in Arizona in the hours following the election. Other media outlets, such as CNN and the New York Times, feel the race is too close to make a binding statement. According to the current census, Biden is about two percentage points ahead of President Trump.

10:38 p.m .: Facebook shuts down group of Trump supporters over calls for election protests

Due to calls for protests against a new vote count in the US presidential election, Facebook has banned a group of supporters of the incumbent Donald Trump. The group “Stop the Steal” had requested the “delegitimization of the election process”, the American internet company announced Thursday. Some of its members have made “alarming calls to violence”. In line with the extraordinary measures taken by Facebook at a time of “heightened tension,” the group, of which more than 300,000 users had joined, was removed.

Trump had accused the Democrats on election night of “stealing” his victory. The incumbent president’s campaign team, currently behind challenger Joe Biden in the bitter presidential race, has filed lawsuits in several states to force the count to end. “Stop counting,” wrote the president again on Thursday in the short message service Twitter. “Stop the scam,” he added later. Twitter hid the tweet – as with other short messages from the president – behind a warning that the content was “controversial and possibly misleading.” Facebook had also classified Trump’s statements about the election night’s letter vote as “misleading.”

10.22 pm: Biden is still confident in the win

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden continues to believe in winning the US election. “We have no doubt that when the count is over, Senator Kamala Harris and I will be declared winners,” Biden said during a brief performance in Wilmington, Delaware on Thursday. He and his number two continued to feel good about the current state of the race. Biden was convinced that the election results would be announced very soon.

10:12 pm: Trump’s campaign team files new lawsuit in Pennsylvania

Trump’s campaign team is filing another lawsuit. It’s about the ability to see the number of votes in Philadelphia. The city is located in the particularly competitive state of Pennsylvania.

9:50 p.m .: Thunberg advises Trump

Swedish environmentalist and President Donald Trump have exchanged blows a number of times on Twitter. In the midst of the ongoing election thriller, the 17-year-old couldn’t resist a swipe at Trump. Referring to a tweet Trump sent to Thunberg in December 2019 after being named Person of the Year by Time Magazine, the Swede now offered Trump advice: “So ridiculous. Donald needs to work on his anger management problem. good old movie with a friend! Calm down Donald, calm down! ”.

Thunberg copied the text of Trump’s tweet, which then placed exactly the same. However, the Republican will hardly take Thunberg’s tip to heart.

9 pm: This is what the intermediate result looks like

There is still no winner in six US states. Here are the intermediate results according to “CNN”: In hard-won Pennsylvania (20 voters), 92 percent of the vote has been counted so far. Donald Trump leads here with 50.2 percent. Joe Biden has 48.5 percent. There are currently approximately 114,000 votes between the participants.

The result is eagerly awaited in Georgia (16 voters), where 98 percent of the votes have already been counted. With a slight lead of 0.3 percentage points, the incumbent company is leading here (49.5 percent). In Arizona (11 voters), Joe Biden is leading, after counting 86 percent of the vote, while the Democrat has 50.5 percent – that’s 1,470,650 votes. Republican Trump has 48.1 percent of the vote.

The result in Nevada (6 voters) is still a long time coming. 89 percent of the votes were registered, Biden leading with 49.4 percent. Trump comes in at 48.5 percent. In North Carolina (15 voters), five percent of the vote must be counted. Trump leads here with a smooth 50 percent, while Biden has 48.6 percent. In Alaska (3 voters), incumbent Trump is likely to win: after counting 47 percent of the vote, he comes in at 62.9 percent. So far, Biden has received only 33 percent.

8 p.m. Judges in two states dismiss Trump’s lawsuits

A judge in Michigan has dismissed a lawsuit filed by President Donald Trump’s attorneys to stop vote counting in the state. The judge saw insufficient evidence to support the Republicans’ claim that the counting checks were insufficient. After counting 99 percent of the vote, the state is already attributed to Trump’s opponent Biden.

Also in Georgia, a judge dismissed a corresponding case from the Republicans. There it was alleged that the ballots of different counting steps had gotten together. So far, there has been no evidence of electoral fraud or miscounting of the votes, although the Republicans around Trump continue to argue this.

7:19 PM: Nevada vote counting could take until next week

In Nevada, electoral law allows postal votes received before November 10 to be counted. The condition for this is that they have the postmark on election day, so no later than November 3. The state election official expects this to apply to thousands more ballots, he said at a news conference. Therefore, the end of the count is not expected until next week, November 12. However, this does not mean that a winner cannot be declared in advance in the state should one of the candidates be decisive.

7 p.m .: Trump goes to court in Nevada

The Trump campaign will go to court in Nevada to stop the counting of the remaining votes there. Richard Grenell, the former US ambassador to Berlin, announced this during a press conference. The campaign is demanding permission to follow the number of votes, which has not been the case so far, according to TV broadcaster NBC. So far there is no evidence of electoral fraud or miscounts.

6:12 PM: Biden expands leadership in Nevada

New Nevada State Interim Results: Joe Biden Could Extend His Lead Over Trump. He is now in the lead with about 12,000 votes, which is equivalent to one percentage point. Nevada last updated the results yesterday morning, when Biden was only about 8,000 votes ahead of Trump. There are six voters from the state.

5:45 pm: Biden’s election campaign manager is confident of the win

Biden’s campaign manager is convinced of the victory: the election victory is imminent, says Jen O’Malley Dillon. Biden has already won 254 voters. 270 is required to win. She expects Biden to win in Nevada. And Pennsylvania looks good too.

5.15 pm: Further lawsuits in the legal thriller about the election results

In Philadelphia, in the controversial state of Pennsylvania, Trump representatives have fought to get a closer look at the counts, according to media reports. In a tweet, an adviser to the president announced that votes were paused there.

Reuters confirmed the countdown. However, according to the “New York Times” it didn’t take long, meanwhile the counting has started again.

In addition, the Trump team has announced further legal action for Pennsylvania and Nevada. So far there are no indications of irregularities in the counting of votes. On Twitter, Donald Trump stated that he wanted to appeal all states recently won by Biden. It is about electoral fraud and violations of the electoral law, he writes, without being more specific.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, where Phoenix is ​​also the state capital, several voters have filed lawsuits against those responsible, Fox News reports. Permanent markers were used in some of the polling stations, which damaged the ballots to such an extent that they could no longer be counted. Similar problems should have existed elsewhere in the US, including the metropolis of Chicago. Provincial officials said the tags did not cause any problems.

4:58 PM: Biden catches up in Georgia and Pennsylvania

US presidential candidate Joe Biden is catching up on vote counting in several highly competitive states. Especially in the key state of Pennsylvania, Biden has been able to reduce his deficit on the incumbent Donald Trump from an initial 10 percentage points to well over two percentage points since election day on Tuesday.

This is because in Pennsylvania, Election Day votes were counted first – and the majority voted Trump. The early voters, who probably voted for Biden, were not evaluated until later. With hundreds of thousands of votes still pending, former Vice President Biden has a chance to catch up with Trump in this “swing state.” When that happens, he will have 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

A similar picture emerged in the southern state of Georgia, where President Trump is in the lead with 96 percent of the votes counted with less than 18,000 votes (0.4 percentage point). Here too Biden had caught up last. Results are expected here around noon (local time).

4:35 pm: Protests in front of the White House

People gather near the White House in Washington, D.C. They are protesting for all votes counting (“Count every vote”).

Protests outside the White House: Democratic supporters in particular demand that all votes be counted. (Source: Reuters / Hannah McKay)Protests outside the White House: Democratic supporters in particular demand that all votes be counted. (Source: Hannah McKay / Reuters)

President Trump had previously called on several states to stop the counts. He also expressed that on Twitter.

4:15 pm: Preacher causes laughter with insane Trump prayer

Trump’s ultra-conservative pastor and confidante Paula White-Cain prays for Donald Trump – and goes viral on social media. Read more here.

4:08 pm: Noted Democratic Governor calls Trump’s demands “anti-American”

Well-known Democratic Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer rejects Donald Trump’s call to stop counting the remaining votes as “anti-American”. “There is no doubt that attempts to undermine election integrity and confidence in the election will have an impact much over time, by the time the results are finally out,” she told CNN. “We don’t stop because it’s difficult or because someone has an agenda, we all count the votes,” Whitmer continued.

3:52 PM: Rapper Kanye West received more than 60,000 votes

American rapper Kanye West, who ran for presidential election this year, received a total of more than 60,000 votes, “USA Today” writes. He was on the electoral roll in 12 of the 50 states. In Tennessee alone, he received more than 10,000 votes, according to the report, which accounts for 0.3 percent of the election results there.

West announced on Twitter that he would run again in 2024.

3 p.m .: Next Trump lawsuit against counting – team announces statement

According to information from Fox News broadcaster, the Trump team, especially former ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, will announce an election fraud lawsuit in Nevada during his performance in Las Vegas (5:30 p.m. CET). Nevada is one of the states that still counts. The Trump team claims that at least 10,000 people voted there without living in the state. Here too, Trump is up against his opponent Joe Biden. The state has six voters to assign. Trump again called on Twitter to stop the counts nationwide.

1:45 PM: Thrilling race in Pennsylvania

About 750,000 votes must be counted by mail in the important US state of Pennsylvania, “CNN” reports. Accordingly, 89 percent of the votes have already been registered. The gap between the opponents is narrowing here: While Donald Trump is at 50.7 percent, Joe Biden has a 48.1 percent share of the vote. So the Democrat still has a good chance of winning in Pennsylvania.

1:30 PM: This is what it looks like in Nevada and North Carolina

After counting 95 percent of the vote, Donald Trump leads North Carolina at 50.1 percent, “CNN” reports. Joe Biden currently has a 48.6 percent share. There are 15 voters in the US state.

In Nevada, however, Democrat Biden has 49.3 percent more votes. So far, 86 percent of the votes have been counted there. The incumbent Trump currently has 48.7 percent, about 8,000 fewer votes than Biden. In Nevada, six voters can be given.

1 p.m .: Biden almost catches up with Trump in Georgia

The race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump for the 2020 presidency is coming to a head in the state of Georgia: the difference in the votes counted between the two candidates is only about 18,500 votes, as reported by “CNN”.

There are 16 voters in the state. Joe Biden is still missing 17 to be elected president of the US, Trump needs 87 more. Before that, Trump’s lead over Biden in Georgia was about 100,000 votes.

12 noon: OSCE election observers have not detected any irregularities

According to their heads, OSCE election observers have not registered any irregularities in the presidential elections. “We have investigated. We have not been able to find any rule violations,” said FDP politician Michael Georg Link on the rbb information radio. This applies to both the election day itself and the pre-vote. “There was no systemic limitation or manipulation.” However, it will take some time before the final result is known. “That’s why our experts are still in the country and will continue to investigate this.”

11:53 am: For the first time, gay black American congressmen are elected

In the US, two black men who live openly as gay have been elected to Congress for the first time. According to the AP news agency, you will represent New York in the Lower House from January. Both are Democrats: 33-year-old Harvard graduate and lawyer Mondaire Jones and 32-year-old New York City Councilor Ritchie Torres.

11:30 am: Kamala Harris calls for confidence in the election process

Democrat Joe Biden’s vice-presidency candidate Kamala Harris has called on Twitter not to lose faith in the electoral system. “Americans must have confidence in the electoral process and have the constitutional right to have their lawfully cast ballots counted. That simple phrase is a cornerstone of American democracy,” she wrote.

9:48 am: Biden’s Arizona lead is narrowing

In Arizona, the race is getting closer. According to Edison Research, after counting 86 percent of the vote, Trump now comes in at 48.1 percent and Biden at 50.5 percent. Previously this was 47.9 to 50.7 percent.

New numbers released by Maricopa County after 2:30 AM show this photo on Thursday: Biden has 912,585 votes and Trump has 838,071 votes so far. Previously, Maricopa, the state’s most populous district, reported 887,457 votes for Biden and 802,160 votes for Trump.

9:10 am: Armed protests from Trump supporters in Arizona

A ballot-handling facility in Arizona had to close due to significant protests. According to a report from the British newspaper “Independent,” numerous Trump supporters with guns gathered in front of the Maricopa County election office. The election workers would continue to count the votes. An NBC News correspondent who left the building late Wednesday night reported on Twitter that the crowd “claiming the president’s voice had been stolen had gotten bigger and louder.”

The American broadcaster and the AP news agency had already attacked the state of Arizona against Biden. At first there was no sign that the entire race would run. Wednesday afternoon (local time), about 600,000 votes were pending. Trump’s team hoped for a bigger mistake in Arizona and wins in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Then the president would still get a majority. Read more about it here.

8.44 am: Arrests during protests in Portland

At least ten people were detained after election day during protests by left-wing protesters in Portland. Police warned on Twitter Wednesday evening (local time) of “widespread violence” and riots and called on people to avoid downtown. Hundreds of police officers and national guards were at work. The Governor of the US state of Oregon, Kate Brown, extended the state of emergency previously declared before election night.

Several leftist and anti-capitalist groups had previously demonstrated peacefully in a park in the city center with music and lectures. Another group of protesters along the city’s riverside said they wanted to protect the election results and waved banners saying “Every vote counts.”

According to police, protesters later threw bottles and other items at the emergency services and smashed shop windows. A man was suspected of throwing a Molotov cocktail. Police confiscated several weapons, including a loaded rifle, knife, hammer and fireworks.

8.17am: Trump’s lead is shrinking in Pennsylvania

Trump’s lead in Pennsylvania has shrunk from 600,000 votes to less than 150,000 votes. CNN analysts see a good chance that Biden will win the state. In the state census, there is still a lack of votes from Philadelphia, where Biden is in the lead with more than 78 percent.

8:00 am: 300,000 ballots are missing

300,000 ballots in the US failed to reach their destination. As the “Washington Post” reports, the US Post does not want to investigate where they have gone.

The post office defied the order of a federal judge in the U.S. District of Columbia and admitted it would not track the shipments. To ensure on-time delivery, the post office must check the location. The reason Swiss Post gave was that a follow-up would delay the processing of the ballots too much.

7:45 am: That’s the way it is in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, 71 percent of ballots have been counted by mail so far. However, as “CNN” reports, about 760,000 of the 2.6 million ballots are still missing. Major updates are expected in the next few hours from Philadelphia County, the state’s largest district, and Allegheny County, home of Pittsburgh, the agency confirmed.

Philadelphia, an important democratic stronghold, has less than 120,000 ballots counted. Seventy percent of those votes were cast by registered Democrats, while 20 percent were cast by registered Republicans.

5:00 a.m.: Trump’s lead in Georgia is diminishing

In the US, the outcome of the presidential election remains unclear. The gap between incumbent Republican Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden was too small in several states on Thursday night to predict a winner with certainty. According to data from Edison Research, Biden initially led the way in Arizona and Nevada, Trump in Pennsylvania and Georgia. There, however, the Republican’s lead diminished over the night. Trump’s campaign team announced several lawsuits against the election process. According to Edison Research, Biden leads with 227 voters, Trump with 213. It takes at least 270 to win.

Interim Result of Edison Research’s Outstanding Counts: In Arizona, Biden leads with 50.7 percent of the vote, Trump with 47.9 percent. Also in Nevada, the Democrat leads with 49.3 percent to 48.7 percent. Trump’s lead in Georgia is therefore shrinking: he is only 49.8 percent to 49.0 percent ahead of Biden. In the state, 95 percent of the votes have now been counted.

Report: Wasteful appeal to Rupert Murdoch – is Donald Trump losing his nerves?

With the possible election defeat in mind, Donald Trump appears to be increasingly sensitive. When, of all things, his home broadcaster Fox News handed out Joe Biden to the disputed state of Arizona last night, Trump would be downright furious. As the “Vanity Fair” writes, the US president answered the phone, called Fox chief Rupert Murdoch personally, and reportedly yelled and demanded the report be withdrawn. But Murdoch could not be moved. Fox News stuck to its coverage.

The conservative news channel played an astonishing role in this election, says Chillreport correspondent Fabian Reinbold. In addition to Arizona, Fox News also struck Michigan early on the Democratic challenger and now sees him closer to victory than, say, liberal competitor CNN.

North Carolina: 95 percent of the vote, Trump in the lead

According to Edison Research, Donald Trump leads North Carolina at 50.1 percent, Joe Biden at 48.7 percent. The Reuters news agency announced in the morning that 95 percent of the votes have been counted.

Another seat in the Senate remains with the Democrats

Democrat Gary Peters defends his seat in the Senate. He won in Michigan with 49.6 percent against Republican John James (48.5 percent). Democrats and Republicans now have equal seats. It’s now 48 to 48, 51 seats would mean a majority. Read more here.

Trump continues to defend leadership in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, 88 percent of the vote is counted, Edison Research said. Trump stands with 50.9 percent for Biden, who comes to 47.8 percent.

If he wins, Biden wants to participate in the climate agreement again on the first day of cabinet

In the case of his election victory, US presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to reverse the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate protection agreement on his first day of office. Biden announced this on Wednesday, whose chances of entering the White House had recently improved after winning several US states. The departure of the incumbent Donald Trump from the climate agreement went into effect on Wednesday, the day after the US presidential election.

Excitedly waiting for Georgia and Arizona

Donald Trump’s lead in Georgia has shrunk to less than 40,000 votes, according to CNN. There are still more than 122,000 votes to be counted. The tension in the race for the White House is mounting: more results are expected from Arizona and Georgia that evening.

Trump wants to stop counting in Georgia

Donald Trump is also now trying to get a court to intervene in the counting of votes in the presidential election in the state of Georgia. The president and the Republican party filed a lawsuit in Chatham County on Wednesday (local time). In it, they demanded that the court ensure strict separation of the voting documents by mail in the district that arrived Tuesday evening after the end of the vote.

Trump’s campaign team justified the move by stating that, according to an observer, 53 ballots had been illegally added to the party ballots that arrived on time. In Georgia, unlike in several other states, ballots can only be counted if they arrive before polling stations close.

The Georgia census continues late into the night

Election Director Richard Barron of Fulton County, the largest constituency in the US state of Georgia with the metropolis of Atlanta, has announced that the vote will be counted that night. Joe Biden is currently behind Trump in the state by about 47,000 votes.

Dead US parliamentary candidate wins mandate

In the US election, a candidate who died a month ago after being infected with the coronavirus won a seat in the North Dakota State Regional Assembly. Republican David Andahl received about a third posthumously, the most votes in his constituency, local officials announced Wednesday.

According to his family, Andahl – a former farmer, businessman and racing driver – died in early October “after a short battle” against the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the novel coronavirus at the age of 55. According to local authorities, Andahl’s mandate in the state congress on the border with Canada is now being taken over by another Republican.

It was not the first time in recent US history that a deceased candidate won an election. In 2018, Republican Dennis Hof, a former brothel owner, won the Nevada State Congress posthumously.

Michigan also goes to Joe Biden

After his Wisconsin win, Joe Biden won another important Midwestern state. Even Michigan with its 16 voters will go to Democratic ex-vice president and second-place Kamala Harris, according to a projection by CNN news channel. After counting 97 percent of all votes in the state, Biden is 49.8 percent ahead of incumbent Donald Trump (48.6 percent).

The Michigan win could be decisive for Biden. If he could also secure the two western states of Arizona and Nevada, in which he is ahead of the previous count, he would have the necessary 270 electoral votes.

Trump declares himself a winner in several states

US President Donald Trump has declared himself the winner on Twitter in the not yet fully counted states of Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. He also claimed this in Michigan, which according to CNN, the extrapolation falls on his challenger Joe Biden. The president claimed to be clearly at the forefront of the said countries.

In the case of Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina, this was indeed the case at the start of the census. But in the big cities, where Democrats are traditionally strong, the counting continued into the evening. So Biden has to keep scoring there. In the Michigan case, Trump again claimed massive electoral fraud. This time too he did not provide any evidence of this. As before, Twitter provided the US president’s announcements with a warning that they contained misleading information.

Biden: “We will win”

While counting continues in a few key states, challenger Joe Biden has shown himself to be confident and combative. “Now, after a long night of counting, it is clear that we are winning enough states to get the 270 votes needed to win the presidency,” said Biden in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. ). He stressed that he did not want to officially claim the victory for himself. But his team thinks he has won the vote.

Biden emphasized that the election has shown that democracy is the heartbeat of this nation. The rule of the people is vital and alive. “No one will ever take our democracy from us. No one” – a phrase that was to be understood as a clear announcement to incumbent Donald Trump, who had questioned the count’s legality in several states.

Biden promised that if he won, he would be president to all Americans regardless of their political side. After the election, a time of healing and working together must begin. “We have to listen to and respect each other again,” said Biden. “I know the rifts are deep in our country. But we shouldn’t see our adversaries as enemies.”

Trump is taking action against counts in several states

US President Donald Trump is announcing his election campaign and is taking action against counts in several states. His campaign team went to court in the controversial state of Pennsylvania to stop the vote counting. A statement spoke of a lack of “transparency” in polling stations.

Also in Michigan, the campaign team claimed to have filed a lawsuit. The Republicans were denied several polling stations to look at opening ballots and counting votes, campaigner Bill Stepien said. This violated a legal right in this US state. In the state, Biden had just taken the lead on Wednesday.

In the state of Wisconsin, the Trump team pushed for a vote recount, as campaign manager Bill Stepien said. There have been reports of irregularities in several counties of Wisconsin. There are therefore “serious doubts about the validity of the results”. Stepien has not provided any further details. No reports of irregularities have been received from the authorities.

Biden gets more votes than Obama in 2008

In terms of absolute votes in the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has surpassed the previous high Barack Obama had set in the 2008 election. According to polls from the AP news agency, the New York Times and other media, the former Obama vice president got more than 70 million votes. In his first election in 2008, about 69.5 million Americans voted for Obama.

According to AP surveys, turnout is likely to be significantly higher than four years ago. At that time, 139 million citizens took part in the elections. Significantly higher voter turnout was reported from Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas, among others. Even before Tuesday’s election, more than 100 million voters took advantage of various options to cast their votes early.

The OSCE is strongly critical of Trump

The Election Observation Mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has sharply criticized US President Donald Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud. “Unfounded allegations of systematic deficits, especially by the incumbent president,” undermined “public confidence in democratic institutions,” said the Washington observer mission. Many believe that such statements “increase the potential for politically motivated post-election violence.”

Joe Biden secures Wisconsin – Trump calls for recount

Joe Biden has secured the state of Wisconsin. The Democrat comes with 99 percent vote count to 49.4 percent, the incumbent Donald Trump to 48.8 percent. So Biden secures ten more voters and now has a total of 237. Trump is still at 213. Biden still misses 33 voters for the win.

Trump may want to request a recount of the votes in the state. This comes from one Press release from his campaign manager Bill Stepien arose. In a written statement, Stepien criticized several Wisconsin districts that there had been “irregularities” that “raised serious doubts about the validity of the results.” However, so far the local authorities have not reported any incidents.

Triumph for the Republicans in the Senate?

The Republicans’ chances of retaining control of the United States Senate have increased. Republican Senator Susan Collins defended her seat in Maine – though all polls previously found her at a disadvantage. Democratic challenger Sara Gideon admitted defeat in a video speech on Wednesday. This means that the Republicans have 48 seats in the Senate. Four votes from Tuesday are still open. Of these, three seats are occupied by Republicans and one by Democrats.

The Senate has a majority of 51 seats – or 50 if a party also wins the White House. Because then the vice president can intervene in a stalemate of 50 to 50 votes. The Senate holds a key position in American politics. In addition to his role in legislation, he confirms, among other things, candidates for high government positions and judges.

The Democrats currently have 45 votes in the Senate. The two independent candidates who did not get elected this year are counted as Democrats. They were able to take a seat from the Republican net on Tuesday and could theoretically still get a majority – but they were unable to win several Senate races in which their candidates got good chances on Tuesday.

Biden continues to run in Arizona

In the US state of Arizona, Joe Biden has 51 percent of the vote and remains in the lead. So far, 86 percent of the votes have been counted. Donald Trump has a 47.6 percent share.

Biden increases distance in Michigan

Donald Trump is further behind Joe Biden with 48.8 percent in Michigan. After counting 94 percent of the vote, Biden has 49.5 percent, 0.7 percentage points more than his Republican opponent.

Biden raises money for a lawsuit against the presidential election

Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s election campaign team is raising money online for the anticipated legal battle over the outcome of the presidential election. The “Biden Fight Fund” set up on an internet platform should protect the election results, Biden tweeted Wednesday. US President Donald Trump cannot decide the outcome of the election, but the American people must.

Trump announced on Wednesday that he would turn to the United States Supreme Court to enforce his claims to the election victory. Biden’s vice president nominee Kamala Harris also solicited donations for the legal aid fund. Harris said on Twitter that the election campaign team was ready to take action against Trump’s announced involvement of the courts. Meanwhile, vote counting continued in several US states and the outcome of the presidential election was not yet certain.

Trump is suing against further vote counting in Michigan

The incumbent Donald Trump election campaign team wants to stop vote counting in Michigan. The purpose of the lawsuit is to ensure that the count is suspended until there is “significant access,” the team said. “We also require that ballots that were opened and counted when we had no significant access be checked.”

Trump is securing another election person in Maine

US President Donald Trump secured a new vote from the electorate in the US elections in the state of Maine. The AP news agency reported on Wednesday based on voter surveys and vote numbers.

7:00 pm: Biden wins in Maine

Joe Biden won another state for himself. The Democrat won the race in Maine, securing at least three voters. Thus the number of its voters rises to 227, “CNN” reports. Biden won in Maine with 54.1 percent (360,178 votes), his challenger Donald Trump received 42.7 percent (284,274 votes).

Unlike most states, Maine does not have the motto “the winner takes all,” but the voters are divided. There are four voters in Maine. The candidate who wins the state as a whole gets two voters. The other two are distributed among the state’s congressional districts. Biden won the two voters for the state and one of the congressional districts. The fourth voter is still pending.

6.15 pm: Georgia: 250,000 votes left to count

The Georgian authorities have about a quarter of a million votes to count before they can announce the results of the state’s presidential election. State Secretary Brad Raffensperger announced on Wednesday that after a record turnout, 200,000 ballots and 40,000 to 50,000 votes were cast early. The verification of the ballot papers takes a lot of time.

US President Donald Trump claimed a victory in Georgia on Wednesday evening, saying there were only 107,000 votes left. The AP news agency reported on Wednesday that the results were so close that no decision could yet be announced. In those districts where vote counting is still ongoing, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is doing well.

In the 2016 presidential election in Georgia, Trump won by five percentage points ahead of Hillary Clinton, then a candidate, securing 16 voters for the “Electoral College.” A majority of 270 votes is required for the chairmanship.

6:33 p.m .: Twitter warns Trump tweets about alleged election fraud

The online service Twitter has warned several tweets from US President Donald Trump of alleged electoral fraud on the day of the presidential election. “Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and potentially misleading about how to participate in an election or other citizen process,” the Twitter warning said on Wednesday.

In the middle of US election night, incumbent Trump accused opposition Democrats in a tweet of trying to “steal” his election victory. He wrote on Twitter: “We are way ahead, but they are trying to steal the election.” Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden had recently said he was “on track to win these elections.”

In a second tweet, he later denounced an alleged “disappearance” of Republican votes. On Tuesday night, he still had a “solid” lead over Biden in many important states, which “magically” disappeared. Instead, “surprise votes” were counted.

5:52 pm: “No, we don’t agree with the White House”

Statements by US President Donald Trump, who wants to stop vote counting in disputed states over alleged disagreements, cause a lack of understanding among party colleagues. Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan insists that all votes in his country be counted, even if it takes days. CNN quoted a senior Republican official as saying, “No, we don’t agree with the White House. We don’t see any credible reports of fraud or other irregularities.”

5:20 pm: Biden increases distance from Trump in Michigan

In Michigan, Joe Biden’s leadership is strengthening. After counting 92 percent of the vote, the Democrat has 49.5 percent. His opponent Donald Trump currently has 48.9 percent. This increases the difference from 0.2 to 0.6 percentage point. This equates to approximately 30,000 votes.

In Wisconsin, Biden also has the advantage. At 49.4 percent, he is 0.6 percentage points more than Republican Trump (48.8 percent). So far, 92 percent of the votes have been registered there. In Pennsylvania, where votes may continue until Friday, the incumbent president is currently running the race with 53.9 percent. Biden recorded 44.8 percent there after counting 79 percent of the votes.

5:10 pm: Democrat Biden is still confident in victory

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is still confident in the win. His campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon told reporters Wednesday. “Joe Biden is on his way to winning this election and he will be the next president of the United States,” she said.

The imminent results would clearly show his victory Wednesday afternoon (local time), she said. It is important that all votes are counted in peace. Biden will win in the open states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, she predicted.

5:05 pm: Trump is again raising doubts about the count

US President Donald Trump has denounced the alleged “disappearance” of Republican votes in the presidential election. On Tuesday night, he still had a “solid” lead over his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in many major states, Trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday morning (local time). From one day to the next, this lead disappeared “magically”; instead, “surprise votes” were counted. The trend in the number of votes is “extremely strange,” Trump said in capital letters.

Trump has not provided any evidence for his allegations. Election observers have so far found no irregularities in the polls on Tuesday or the number of votes. Trump had already sparked outrage on the night with a speech suggesting that there had been election fraud in favor of Biden. He announced that the further vote counting would be stopped by the court. “We have won these elections,” said the incumbent party despite the fact that the election results were still fully open. Twitter therefore provided the tweet with a warning.

5:00 pm: Pennsylvania Governor: “Democracy Stress Test”

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has described the slow vote count in the presidential election as a “stress test for democracy.” The Democratic Party politician said in Harrisburg on Wednesday that he will do everything he can to make sure every vote in his state is counted. Wolf told the citizens, “Your vote will make a difference in these elections.” He will oppose any attempt to attack the Pennsylvania election.

Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar announced that the number of votes cast by mail is 2.5 to 3 million, ten times higher than in the elections four years ago. “We are approaching a 50 percent count of absentee votes,” she said Wednesday, announcing an ongoing update of the count. Boockvar asked for patience.

In the highly competitive state between Democrats and Republicans, incumbent Donald Trump was ahead by about ten percentage points on Wednesday afternoon. However, analysts assumed that the majority of the votes that were still open, mainly by mail, should be deposited into Biden’s account.

4 p.m .: Michigan hot race: Biden catches up with Trump

In Michigan, Joe Biden caught up with Donald Trump. The Democrat currently holds 49.2 percent of the vote, 0.1 percentage point more than Donald Trump. So far, 89 percent of the votes have been counted. Accordingly, the tension in the race for victory in this important US state is mounting. There a total of 2.5 million votes must be counted per post.

3:50 pm: Biden far ahead of Trump with absolute votes

According to preliminary results, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden received more than 2.6 million votes nationwide than incumbent Donald Trump – but this absolute number of votes does not determine the race for the White House, which is determined by the majorities of individual states. According to polls by the AP news agency and other media outlets, there were at least 68.9 million votes for Biden and 66.3 million for Trump on Wednesday afternoon (CET). The counting of the votes continued.

The head of the “FiveThirtyEight” statistics portal, Nate Silver, said on Twitter that Biden will surpass the previous maximum absolute vote in US presidential elections. Barack Obama achieved this highest figure to date in his first election in 2008 with approximately 69.5 million votes.

Even before Tuesday’s election, more than 100 million voters took advantage of various options to cast their votes early. Given the rapid spread of the corona pandemic, one reason was probably the fear of contagion when voting in person. According to AP surveys, turnout is likely to be significantly higher than four years ago. At that time, 139 million citizens took part in the elections. Significantly higher voter turnout was reported from Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas, among others.

3:00 pm: Michigan State Election Chief Calls on Candidates to “Patience”

Those responsible for holding the elections in the potentially decisive US state of Michigan have asked candidates to be patient in the face of the ongoing count. “Caution” and “patience” are now required to “respect the will of voters,” Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday.

“Hundreds of thousands” votes are still out, especially from the bigger cities. She expects a lot more clarity later in the day, Benson said. US President Donald Trump, who has already declared himself the winner, did not name Benson.

Trump won the state’s 16 voters by a razor-thin majority in 2016. But in polls, Democrat Joe Biden was clearly ahead of this year’s election. Post vote processing in Michigan did not begin until shortly before the election, so a delay in results was expected. Pre-election polls showed that the majority of voters would vote for Biden by mail.

2:00 p.m .: Deceased candidate elected to local parliament in North Dakota

In North Dakota, a candidate who died in October of a corona infection was elected to the state’s local parliament. David Andahl stuck to the vote, getting more than 35 percent of the vote on Tuesday, according to information from the electoral authority.

Andahl died in early October after being hospitalized with a corona infection, his mother told the newspaper “Bismarck Tribune” at the time. At this point, the electoral authorities did not know how to deal with a possible victory of a deceased candidate.

1:20 pm: tense mood in Portland and Biden supporters in Washington

Burning American flags, calls for insurrection and nervousness among Democratic Party supporters: In the US, the mood was tense in many places on election night. While hundreds of supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden cheered in front of the White House in the capital, Washington, activists in the west coast metropolis of Portland, which had been rocked by anti-racism protests for weeks, marched in front of the courthouse.

Protesters in Portland chanted slogans against US President Donald Trump and Mayor Ted Wheeler, who won local elections on Tuesday. Rumors about the outcome of the presidential election were circulating: “I heard it was spinning for Trump now,” said protest leader Ty Ford. “There will be a riot.” Once the election results are set, it will go “crazy,” he predicted.

Unrest in United States: Activists set fire to two US flags in Oregon Federal Court. (Source: AP / dpa / Marcio Jose Sanchez)Unrest in United States: Activists set fire to two US flags in Oregon Federal Court. (Source: Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP / dpa)

A 20-year-old protester who called himself “L” said, “We don’t like both candidates – I voted, ashamed, for Biden. But if Trump were elected for another four years, people would panic”, he said. 22-year-old activist D.D .: The poll was a choice between two evils. “But we’ll agree with Biden.” Activists set fire to two US flags in Oregon federal court. The police did not intervene until the early hours on Wednesday. Earlier there had been a three-hour march through downtown Portland, involving several activists armed with firearms and stabbing weapons.

1 p.m .: Head-to-head races in Michigan and Wisconsin

Will Joe Biden still catch up with Donald Trump in Michigan? After counting 85 percent of the votes, 48.7 percent goes to his account. Donald Trump has received 49.6 percent in the state so far. Previously, after counting 79 percent of the vote, Trump owned 52 percent, Biden only 47 percent. As reported by “CNN”, no absentee ballots were counted in Michigan before polling stations closed. These votes are currently being counted. So Biden still has a realistic chance of winning in Michigan.

In Wisconsin, Biden is a hair’s breadth away. After counting 91 percent of the vote, the Democrat gets 49.3 percent. Trump is at 49 percent here. In Pennsylvania, however, the Republican can hope for a victory. So far, 75 percent of the votes have been counted there. Donald Trump is well ahead of Joe Biden (43.6 percent) with 55 percent. In this state, 1.4 million of the total of 2.5 million votes have to be counted by post. That could take until Friday, “CNN” reports. Chances are, Biden is catching up there, as Pennsylvania tends to vote Democratic.

12:55 pm: Biden threatens Trump with legal action

Biden’s team has dismissed incumbent Donald Trump as “outrageous” and “unprecedented” over a possible halt to the US election count. However, the Democratic challenger’s legal experts are primed for a legal dispute, the Biden election campaign team said Wednesday morning. Trump had previously announced that he would once again stop the country’s Supreme Court from counting votes in the presidential election.

12:25 pm: 300 lawsuits have already been filed against the US election

President Donald Trump wants to stop vote counting. Due to the corona pandemic, some US states had new rules for the election process. In Pennsylvania, for example, postal votes in some counties will not be counted for the next few days. Trump does not want to wait for this count and declare himself the winner beforehand.

Democratic and Republican campaign teams have been grappling with election disputes for weeks. This included attempts at manipulation, disinformation, or intimidation of voters. The election campaign teams set up “legal war rooms” (legal operations centers). By November 3, approximately 300 lawsuits had been filed against the US election.

In Texas, Republicans believe that drive-thru votes shouldn’t be counted. In North Carolina, they wanted to extend the deadline for receiving postal votes. In Nevada, the counting of absentee votes in the Las Vergas area should be stopped – all three Republican plans failed.

12:20 pm: Responses to the US election

Who will win the US election? How is Germany responding? Top politicians discussed this live on Chillreport. Read their first reactions to the election morning here.

11:40 am: Trump’s chances in Michigan are good

In Michigan, Donald Trump can hope for a victory. According to Edison Research, the sitting president comes in at a 52 percent share after counting 79 percent of the votes. His rival Joe Biden is therefore good for 47 percent.

11:30 am: Biden is up in Wisconsin

Joe Biden has so far received more votes in the US state of Wisconsin than Donald Trump. The reported “CNN”. Accordingly, it is 0.3 percentage point ahead. More than 90 percent of the votes were counted.

11.06 am: Slovenian Prime Minister congratulates Trump

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa has congratulated US President Donald Trump on the possible victory in the presidential election. “It is quite clear that the American people have elected Donald Trump and (Vice President) Mike Pence for another four years,” the right-wing politician wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. Delays and “factual denial” by the mainstream media would only add to the US president’s triumph, he added. Earlier, US President Donald Trump had declared himself the winner early on, although the counting of election results was not yet complete.

The EU country Slovenia has two million inhabitants. Jansa, who has ruled there since March, is a close ally of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is critical of the EU. Both politicians have always been positive about Trump and his presidency in the past.

11.04: Biden-Team: Trump statements are “outrageous”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s team called US President Donald Trump’s statements “scandalous” and “unprecedented.” Read more about it here.

10:22 am: Exclusively on Chillreport: Walter-Borjans sees Europe as an obligation

SPD leader Norbert Walter-Borjans is already looking ahead in the Chillreport election program. However the elections go, the result must be respected, Walter-Borjans said. “Now Europe is somehow challenged to draw conclusions and reflect on its own strength, always ready to work with the great partner on the other side of the Atlantic.” He shared hopes that Trump would moderate himself in a possible second term.

9.48 am: Exclusively on Chillreport: Röttgen believes in Biden

Norbert Röttgen, the CDU’s foreign policy expert and candidate for the party chairmanship, also expresses himself exclusively in the Chillreport election program. “I think there are still small benefits for Biden. Because absenteeism votes are still counted in Pennsylvania and Michigan – so he still has a little advantage. But it will be tight anyway.”

Should Trump win the elections or prevent the further counting of votes by the court, Röttgen sees major challenges for Germany and Europe. His presidency is a break with 70 years of US foreign policy. The unreliability of international treaties, the questioning of NATO, all this is a great loss of confidence that can be addressed in four years. If there are four more years to come now, it’s not just an extension. If it takes eight years, that’s an increase in everything we’ve been through and that will fundamentally challenge us when it comes down to it. ”

9:45 am: Britain joins trade deals

Regardless of the outcome of the US election, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab believes a free trade agreement with the United States is still possible. Progress has already been made in the negotiations, he tells “Sky News”. The relationship between the two countries will not suffer from the election results, which are still unclear.

9.38 am: Exclusive to Chillreport: Baerbock for the US elections

Given the results and forecasts of the US election so far, Green Chairman Annalena Baerbock reminds us that not all votes in major states have been evaluated. “Most importantly, every vote is counted,” Baerbock said on the Chillreport show about the US election. “In some countries the votes by mail are not even counted – everything will of course be very tight.”

She dealt with the first term of the Republican president sharply. “The past four years under this President Tump have been a disaster for the American people,” said Baerbock. A change of president is needed to overcome divisions in society.

9.35 am: Economist: “We hoped for a clearer result”

Economists await the first results of the US election. “Of course we had hoped for a clearer election result. The pending game of several days or weeks is creating uncertainty in the economy and in the financial markets,” said Michael Böhmer, chief economist at the Prognosis Institute, Chillreport. “It is reassuring, however, that a new or old president will be appointed on January 20. This means that at least an end to the trembling is in sight. Therefore, the situation does not worry me as much economically as it does politically.”
Capital markets are likely to remain restless for a while. “The really big fluctuations were not seen in the Asian markets,” said Böhmer. Investors and analysts had priced in some degree of uncertainty about the outcome of the election. not. Much now depends on the start of the US stock markets on Wednesday. T-online reports with regular updates on current developments in the financial markets here.

9.14am: Numbers from Philadelphia aren’t expected until around 3pm.

The votes for Joe Biden or Donald Trump in Philadelphia are not expected until around 3 p.m. German time. The reported “CNN” with reference to the body in Philadelphia responsible for the election and voter registration. The votes that were personally cast in polling stations had to be sent to the districts first. This leads to shipping delays, especially in West Philadelphia.

In Pittsburgh and throughout Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, election officials do not want to meet until 10 a.m. local time (4 p.m. CET). In Atlanta, Georgia, it shouldn’t happen until morning.

Pennsylvania Governor Democrat Tom Wolf explains on Twitter that the US state has more than a million votes per post.

9.11 am: Stock market expert: Trump has made a ‘declaration of war’

By declaring his own election victory before the vote is over, incumbent US President Donald Trump has made a “declaration of war,” said stock market expert Neil Wilson. According to the expert, the futures on the derivatives market reacted negatively. Trump had also “played the electoral fraud card” and that long, hard fight over the outcome of the presidential election that investors dislike is already on the rise. A hasty announcement of Trump’s own election victory was expected in advance.

8:58 am: Biden wins in Arizona and Maine

According to American media, Democratic challenger Joe Biden won the particularly hotly contested state of Arizona in the US presidential election. Both the television channel Fox News and the Associated Press news agency reported in the morning that Biden had won the state and with that electoral votes. In the election four years ago, incumbent Donald Trump had won the traditionally conservative state.

As reported by the AP news agency, Democratic presidential candidate Biden also received the most votes in Maine.

8.36 am: Trump wants postal vote counting to be legally stopped

Trump has spoken of “fraud” in view of the delay in the election results in the US election. Trump announced in the White House on Wednesday morning (local time) that he would be going to the U.S. Supreme Court to stop a new vote.

8.15am: All US polling places are now closed

Polling stations in the US are now closed in all states. In the Aleutian Islands, which belong to Alaska, voters could vote in person until 7 a.m. Shortly before that, restaurants in the rest of Alaska, Hawaii and on the west coast of the US closed. Because the United States spans multiple time zones, polling stations are closed for several hours.

Who would win the US presidential election was still open. The two candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden fought each other. Both were confident in the victory on Wednesday morning. Many voters had already voted by letter or early voting in the polling station before election day.

8.10am: Trump trumps in Nebraska

In the election on Tuesday in the state of Nebraska, US President Donald Trump won four out of five votes to the election meeting, while challenger Joe Biden won one vote. Nebraska, along with Maine, is one of the US states where not all voters go to the winner in full.

According to calculations by AP news agency, Trump had a majority in all of Nebraska and in two of the three districts. However, in the district with the largest city of Omaha, Biden was ahead and managed to win a vote for the election rally. Four years ago, Trump also narrowly won this district.

7:24 am: Biden wins in Rhode Island

According to a projection by Edison Research, Biden wins the state of Rhode Island (four voters). On Twitter, Biden explains that it is neither up to Donald Trump nor him to announce the winner of the election. That is only up to the voters.

7.15 am: Election prediction worries German politicians

President Donald Trump’s unexpectedly strong performance in the US elections is a concern for German politics: a re-election of Trump would do “incredible damage to the world, Germany and Europe,” said FDP defense expert Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann. of the AFP news agency. . Confirming the president in office would be “another major setback for the transatlantic partnership, which has already been badly damaged by Trump.” In this case, even NATO’s existence would be “on the brink,” the liberals warned.

In the event of a reelection, President Trump could “stroll around the world with even more legs apart and get to work, for example with the oft-heralded US withdrawal,” said Strack-Zimmermann.

7:09 am: Trump wins in Texas

Trump won the important state of Texas in the US presidential election. With that he obtained the votes of 38 voters, the AP news agency reported Wednesday morning (local time) based on voter surveys and first ballots.

6.54 am: Trump claims Democrats want to “steal” election victory

On Twitter, Trump announced a few minutes ago that he believed the Democrats wanted to “steal” the election victory. “We’ll never let them do that.” He also advocated that votes should not be counted once polling stations are closed. However, that would contradict the legal process for the US election. He also announced that he would also make a statement.

6.42 am: Joe Biden makes a statement:

The most important statements:

“We knew it would take a long time, but we feel good where we are now.”

“We will not stop until every vote is counted.”

“We have confidence in Arizona.”

“We’re still playing in Georgia.”

“We can still win.”

“I am grateful to everyone who made the election process possible.”

“Don’t lose faith, we’ll win this.”

Read more about it here.

6:39 am: Biden wins Minnesota

The AP news agency predicts a victory for Biden in Minnesota (ten voters). According to “CNN”, the Democrat won in the US state.

6.32 am: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defends seat in the House of Representatives

In Congressional elections, left-wing Democratic MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended her seat in the United States House of Representatives. As US media reported Tuesday night (local time), the 31-year-old was clearly in the lead in her New York constituency after counting nearly 70 percent of the vote at 68.5 percent. Your Republican challenger, 60-year-old ex-cop John Cummings, only got 30.8 percent.

6:30 am: Montana goes to Trump

As expected, US President Donald Trump secured a majority of the vote and three more voters in the US state of Montana. The AP news agency reported Wednesday morning (local time) based on voter surveys and the first votes. In 2016, Trump was able to triumph by a clear margin in the state in the northwest of the US. Polls recently saw only a small lead over his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. To become president, a candidate needs the votes of at least 270 voters.

6.13 am: Hawaii goes to Biden

As expected, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won the majority in the US state of Hawaii. The AP news agency reported Tuesday evening (local time) based on voter surveys and the first votes. Hawaii is considered a safe stronghold for the Democrats. In 2016, then-candidate Hillary Clinton won the four voters by a clear majority. At the time, it was more than 30 percentage points ahead of Republican Donald Trump. To become president, a candidate needs the votes of at least 270 voters.

6:08 am: Kanye West votes for herself

Rapper Kanye West cast his vote in the US presidential election, but he did not vote for Democrat Joe Biden or Republican Donald Trump. He wrote his own name on the ballot paper, West reported.

“Today is the first time in my life that I have voted for a President of the United States and it is for someone I really trust … me,” West wrote on Twitter. He also posted several photos and videos of the process at a polling station in Park County, Wyoming. On the ballot, he had entered his name as the “enroll” candidate and Pastor Michelle Tidball’s as the vice-candidate.

5.58 am: Biden wins votes in Virginia – Trump in Texas

According to a projection by the broadcaster “CNN”, Joe Biden managed to get the most votes in Virginia. According to the TV station Fox News, Donald Trump insured most of the Texas voters.

5.52 am: Transgender candidates elected to the House of Lords for the first time

In the US election, a transgender candidate was elected to a state’s upper house for the first time: in the state of Delaware, 30-year-old Sarah McBride moved there with 86 percent to the Senate on Tuesday. Read more about it here.

Sarah McBride: She secured a seat in the House of Lords of the US state. (Source: AP / dpa)Sarah McBride: She secured a seat in the House of Lords of the US state. (Source: AP / dpa)

5:50 am: Oil prices rise – the price of gold in the crisis currency falls

The optimism of many investors is also visible in the commodity markets. Oil prices have risen noticeably. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent cost slightly less than a dollar more on Wednesday morning and was listed at $ 40.66 (+ 1.18 percent). The price of US WTI variety oil similarly rose to $ 38.60 (plus 1.25 percent). The price of gold, often seen as a currency in crisis, has since fallen. A troy ounce last cost $ 1,901.00 (minus 0.44 percent).

5:44 am: Mississippi goes to Trump

US President Trump has won the state of Mississippi. Various media report unanimously.

5:41 am: Twitter flags messages about election results

On US election night, Twitter added notes to tweets prematurely announcing election results for individual states from the network’s point of view. For example, a tweet that Donald Trump won the state of Florida was tagged with the comment, “Official sources may not have confirmed the result when this tweet was canceled.” Florida, which was considered one of the most important states in the election, has not yet determined a winner, according to the media.

One such warning was also added to a tweet from Trump’s electoral team that won President South Carolina. However, the AP news agency had already reported Trump’s victory in South Carolina at the time.

5:30 am: Investors expect a quick decision

According to market strategist Stephen Innes of the broker Axi, investors in the financial markets see the chances of a victory for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential election is diminishing. However, the race is close, especially in the highly competitive countries, and the final results could be a few days away. But many investors seem to want clarity quickly. Stock and futures market prices have recently risen and yields in bond markets have fallen.

5.28pm: Fox News: Biden wins in Arizona

The highly competitive state of Arizona (eleven electors) goes to Biden, Fox News reports.

5.12 am: Three states on the west coast move to Biden

As expected, Democratic candidate Joe Biden assured the three West Coast states in the US presidential election: California, Oregon and Washington. The AP news agency reported Tuesday evening (local time) based on voter surveys and the first votes. The west coast has traditionally been a democratic stronghold. With California densely populated, there are 55 voters on Biden’s behalf. Washington has 12 voters and Oregon has seven. To become president, a candidate needs the votes of at least 270 voters.

5.09 a.m .: Trump wins in Idaho

In the US presidential election, Republican incumbent Donald Trump won in Idaho. The AP news agency reported Tuesday evening (local time) based on voter surveys and the first votes.

The small state in the northwest of the US is considered a safe stronghold for the Republicans. In 2016, Trump secured the four Idaho voters by a clear majority. At the time, he was well over 30 percentage points ahead of Democrat Hillary Clinton. In the polls for this election, Trump was also clearly in the lead there. To become president, a candidate needs the votes of at least 270 voters.

4.52pm: Philadelphia votes probably won’t come until Wednesday (US local time)

In the important state of Pennsylvania, it is unclear whether hundreds of thousands of votes will be counted in Philadelphia until Wednesday morning (local time). According to American journalists, election officials there had stated that they only wanted to report part of the remaining votes during the night.

4:50 am: Utah probably voted for Trump

According to predictions from television stations, US President Donald Trump has secured the state of Utah in the US election. That emerged on Tuesday evening (local time) from matching forecasts from broadcasters NBC, CNN and Fox News based on voter surveys and the first ballots. The AP news agency has not yet announced a winner.

The state with six voters has been going to Republicans for decades. In 2016, Trump was nearly 20 percentage points ahead of then-candidate Hillary Clinton. In opinion polls for this election, Trump was in the lead there – albeit less clearly. To become president, a candidate needs the votes of at least 270 voters.

4:48 pm: Biden is forecast to secure four voters in New Hampshire

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has won the US elections in the state of New Hampshire, according to forecasts from television stations, and attracted four more voters. This emerged Tuesday (local time) from matching forecasts from broadcasters ABC and NBC based on voter surveys and the number of first votes. The AP news agency has not yet announced a winner.

In 2016, then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton secured the electorate’s four votes there with a razor-thin 0.3 percentage point majority for Trump. Surveys recently found that Biden was in charge of the state on the border with Canada. In the state, both major parties have a good chance of winning the election. New Hampshire is also known as the “Swing State”.

4:46 pm: Biden misses Spanish-speaking voters’ votes

Joe Biden apparently lacked the confidence of many Spanish-speaking Florida voters. According to by-election polls by the television station CNN, he received only 50 percent of the vote in this electoral class, Hillary Clinton received 62 percent. A similar picture emerges among Spanish-speaking voters in Ohio and Georgia, according to CNN. Here Clinton got 15 percentage points more each time.

4:42 am: Missouri goes to Trump

US President Donald Trump also had the expected election victory in the state of Missouri. The AP news agency reported Tuesday evening (local time) based on voter surveys and the first votes.

Missouri is considered a safe bastion for the Republicans. As early as 2016, Trump assured the ten voters with a clear majority. At the time, he was more than 18 percentage points ahead of the then candidate Hillary Clinton. In the polls, Trump was clearly in the lead again this year. To become president, a candidate needs the votes of at least 270 voters.

4:40 am: US stocks are on the rise

Before US stock markets start trading, the mood in the US stock market is good given the first election results. The prices of futures contracts, with which investors bet on the future development of the markets, have risen significantly: futures on the S&P 500 standard value index have now risen about 2 percent, futures on the Nasdaq 100 technology share index as much as 3.9 percent. According to news channel Bloomberg, the background to this development could be that investors had expected worse first results for Donald Trump.

4.34 am: Democrats get a seat in the Colorado Senate

The Democrats are one step closer to a possible majority in the Senate. In the state of Colorado, John Hickenlooper has expelled Republican Cory Gardner from the Senate seat. AP news agency reported this based on polls among voters and the number of first votes.

Each state sends two senators, so far Republicans have held a majority of 53 of the 100 seats. On Tuesday, voters had 35 seats in the Senate, 23 of them by Republicans and 12 by Democrats. According to AP calculations, seven Democratic senators and eight Republicans were able to defend their seats.

How many votes you need in the Senate for a majority depends on who is in the White House. Because if there is a deadlock of 50 to 50 votes, the vice president can intervene.

4.21 am: Trump is ahead in Kansas

As expected, US President Donald Trump won the majority in the state of Kansas, securing the votes of six other voters. The AP news agency reported Tuesday evening (local time) based on voter surveys and the first votes. To become president, a candidate needs the votes of at least 270 voters.

The state in the American Midwest is considered a safe stronghold for the Republicans. In 2016, Trump assured the six voters with a clear majority. At the time, he was more than 20 percentage points ahead of his then opponent Clinton. The polls recently saw Trump clearly in the lead there as well.

3.42 am: Biden in important condition ahead

Donald Trump’s challenger Joe Biden could do better than expected in the state of Ohio, according to the latest figures. Trump won the state four years ago. He is considered one of the most important and competitive of all. So far, no Republican has won the presidential election without a majority in Ohio.

If Biden’s trend is confirmed in Ohio, that would be a good sign for Midwestern states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. These three gave Trump his narrow election victory in 2016, and they are all characterized by a fairly white workforce.

3:30 am: Voters report threats

A national hotline in the US has registered more cases of voter harassment so far than four years ago, the New York Times reports. Among other things, armed Trump supporters would have posted in front of polling stations. For example, in North Carolina, where an armed supporter of the president was arrested by the police. Or in Louisiana, where eyewitnesses said a man waved a Trump flag while holding a large gun.

“These individual instances of voter intimidation are problematic and we cannot ignore them,” Kristen Clarke, chair of the National Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, told reporters. “They did not take place across the board, nor were they systematic. But their number is much greater than in previous votes. They are a reflection of the dark times in which our nation finds itself.”

3.22 pm: House of Representatives remains in the hands of the Democrats

According to Fox, the American Democrats defended their majority in the House of Representatives in the congressional elections that took place at the same time as the presidential election.

3.15 am: Senate seat in Colorado goes to Democrats

Partial success for Democrats in the struggle for power in the Senate: Democratic challenger John Hickenlooper beats Republican incumbent Cory Gardner in Colorado, according to Fox News. So far, Republicans have a narrow majority in the Congressional Chamber.

3:00 am: New York votes for Biden

According to the projection of the broadcaster CNN, challenger Joe Biden has won the state of New York (29 voters). New Mexico (5) also went to the Democrats, according to the AP. According to the news agency, Trump got the states of Louisiana (8), Wyoming (3), North Dakota (3), South Dakota (3) and Nebraska (5).

Fox News saw Biden in Colorado (9) lead the way, Trump in Kansas (6).

2.54 am: Biden unexpectedly performs in Texas

In Texas, Joe Biden leads unexpectedly, after counting nearly two-thirds of the votes. Biden currently has 50.5 percent of the vote in Texas, Donald Trump 48.1 percent. Especially in the larger cities of Dallas, Huston and Austin, the Democratic presidential candidate could increase significantly from 2016.

2.50 am: Arkansas votes Republican

As expected, US President Donald Trump won the most votes in Arkansas (6 voters). The AP news agency reported. Arkansas is considered a safe bastion for the Republicans. In 2016, Trump assured the six voters with a clear majority.

2.46 am: The Trump team declares itself the winner in Florida

US President Donald Trump’s election campaign team claims victory in the controversial state of Florida. The campaign agency reported this, citing the election analysis institute Decision Desk HQ. However, the final result for this state has not yet been officially established.

2.44 am: Many states voted as expected

Intermediate result: In about two dozen states, the US media quickly proclaimed the expected winners. For Democrat Joe Biden, Connecticut, Vermont and Virginia were mentioned, among others. US President Donald Trump won South Carolina, West Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky, among others.

There was good news for Trump from Florida. In densely populated Miami-Dade County, in particular, Biden got fewer votes than he would likely need to win the state. Commentators and American pundits assumed Trump has a good chance of winning over Florida. The Republican is absolutely dependent on the state, his challenger would have other paths to victory.

From the Midwestern states that decided the race four years ago, there was initially only preliminary data. Estimating the first numbers this year is more difficult than in previous elections because there are different counting methods in many places. Some provinces first count the votes in the absence, others count the votes from election day. It was predicted that Democrats would have a head start on postal voting and Republicans on election day.

2.35 am: Conspiracy theorist heads to Congress

Right-wing Republicans’ QAnon conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene is moving to the House of Representatives, according to a tweet from TV station CNN. Her rival candidate in her Georgia state constituency resigned. Read more about the conspiracy theory here.

2.31 am: result in Georgia may be delayed

A tight result is also expected in the important swing state of Georgia. The problem is, there won’t be any results in Fulton County due to a burst water pipe. A hall where ballot boxes are stored is also affected. Since the Atlanta metropolis is also in Fulton County, the election results in Georgia could remain open.

2.15 am: The following results are coming in

According to American media, challenger Joe Biden has the states of Delaware (3 voters), Maryland (10), Illinois (20), New Jersey (14), Rhode Island (4), Connecticut (7), Massachusetts (11) and the District of Columbia (3).

The incumbent Donald Trump won in Oklahoma (7), Tennessee (11), Alabama (9), South Carolina (9) and Mississippi (6).

2.01am: Trump’s Republicans want to stop counting ballots in Nevada

In Nevada, the Republican Party and Trump’s campaign team have filed for injunctions to restrict postal voting, according to an NBC report. Clark County, where the city of Las Vegas is located, would be affected.

1.55 am: Forecast – Virginia goes to Biden

As expected, Joe Biden won the state of Virginia. The AP news agency reported on the basis of voter surveys and first votes. The East Coast state has 13 voters to assign. The Democrats won there again in 2016. Polls had seen Biden before US President Donald Trump.

The state of West Virginia reportedly went to Donald Trump. West Virginia, with five voters, has been a Republican stronghold for decades. Trump scored more than 40 percentage points there in 2016 than the then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

1.52 am: Small protests in Washington

In the US capital, hundreds of people have gathered at the Black Lives Matter Plaza, not far from the White House. They are protesting against President Donald Trump and calling for votes on posters.

1.46 p.m .: Biden leads just ahead of Trump in Florida

Three-quarters of the votes have already been counted in Florida. A final result could therefore be available in the early morning hours. Joe Biden leads after counting 79 percent of the vote with 49.9 percent, Donald Trump has so far reached 49.1 percent. The most important thing here: In several counties that are close to counting, Biden is currently well above Hillary Clinton’s result four years ago.

1:22 pm: no surprises so far

Donald Trump’s victories in Indiana and Kentucky and Joe Biden’s victory in Vermont had been expected by the US media. The first two states are republican land, Vermont is a democratic stronghold. However, there are shifts at the neighborhood level. As CNN reports, several counties in, say, Kentucky or Florida have already fallen into the hands of Biden, who voted for Trump four years ago. It remains to be seen whether this shows a nationwide trend in favor of the Democratic candidate.

1.15 am: forecasts from other states

According to the AP news agency and other media outlets, US President Trump also won in the state of Kentucky. That was expected, because in 2016 Trump was also well ahead in Kentucky. This gives the US president the votes of eight voters.

According to the AP, challenger Joe Biden has won the state of Vermont. That was also expected. The small state in the Northeast with three voters has been going to the Democrats for decades. Hillary Clinton was there in 2016 with more than 25 percentage points ahead of election winner Donald Trump.

1.02 pm: Trump wins the first state by extrapolation

Donald Trump has won the state of Indiana, according to the projection of the American broadcaster CNN. The state is rural and traditionally a Republican stronghold. Also in 2016, Trump clearly won the Indiana race. The state supplies eleven voters.

CNN’s projections are based on the one hand on the initial counting results in the counties of the states and on the other hand on the vote of voters after they cast their vote.

1.00 am: the first polling stations are closed

The polls in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Indiana, Kentucky and Virginia were closed completely in the US election. Also in large parts of Florida, the possibility for voters to cast their votes ended on Wednesday at 1 a.m. German time.

Here’s what happened in the crucial hours before polling stations closed.

“From this house to the White House”

US presidential candidate Joe Biden immortalized himself on election day on the wall of his former family home in Scranton. “From this house to the White House,” was Biden’s optimistic message, as can be seen in photos of the journalists who traveled with them.

The scene was reminiscent of the 2008 election campaign, when Biden conquered the White House along with Barack Obama. At the time, Biden had left a message on another wall in the house. The 77-year-old lived in the house until he was ten. After the trip to Scranton, President Donald Trump’s challenger was still on the program in Philadelphia. Both cities are located in the controversial state of Pennsylvania.

The third candidate

Everything resembles Donald Trump’s duel against Joe Biden. But another American is running for the White House: rapper Kanye West. He gave his vote to himself on Tuesday.

“Today is the first time in my life that I have voted for a President of the United States and it is for someone I really trust … me,” West wrote on Twitter. On the ballot, he had entered his name as the “enroll” candidate and Pastor Michelle Tidball’s as the vice-candidate.

West announced in July that he would run for the highest office in the state. However, due to missed registration deadlines, he didn’t make it on the ballot in many states. The eccentric rapper had also backed Trump in the past.

Facebook blocks right-wing posts from voting

In addition to Twitter, Facebook has also blocked a number of newly created accounts with right-wing comments about the US election. The reason for the measure was “unlikely behavior,” said the world’s largest online social network.

Twitter had previously announced that the content of the accounts violated the short message service’s rules. The accounts have only recently been created.

If the weather takes longer …

Long lines formed in front of many polling stations in the United States on Tuesday. This often forced voters to wait for hours. In Reading, Pennsylvania, helpers from an immigrant organization came into action and handed out tacos to the waiting.

Does the US have the greatest turnout of all time?

In the US presidential election, more people than ever before voted before the actual election day. This may indicate a historically high turnout

The “U.S. Elections Project” had more than 100 million early voters. That corresponds to more than 73 percent of the votes cast in 2016, the organization announced. Turnout was particularly high in a number of states in the south and west. In Texas, Washington state, Oregon and Hawaii, the number of early voters exceeded the total number of votes cast in 2016.

Democratic challenger Joe Biden expects an unprecedented turnout of more than 150 million voters, he told supporters in Philadelphia. “We will see as many people vote today as never before in American history.” Young people and women in particular participated in large numbers, Biden said in view of the initial surveys.

Economy is the main topic

According to a CNN poll, economic development in the US and not the Corona crisis is the main topic in these elections – even though both topics are closely related. 34 percent said the economy was the biggest challenge at the moment and 21 percent said racism in the country. The corona crisis was the overriding topic for 18 percent.

In contrast, a study by AP news agency highlighted the corona crisis, followed by the economy, the health system, racism, the penal system, immigration and the climate crisis.

Optimism in the stock market

US stock markets are optimistic that the US presidential election will have a clear result. On Tuesday, they continued their recovery course after last week’s sell-off. The Dow Jones Industrial closed 2.06 percent higher at 27,480.03 points, after gaining 1.6 percent at the start of the week. The market-wide S&P 500 won 1.78 percent to 3,369.16 points. The Nasdaq 100 advanced 1.76 percent to 11,279.91 points.

Trump pointed the finger

What this woman shows to the US president driving by in his limousine is not exactly friendly. This scene took place in the afternoon (local time) in Arlington, Virginia, not far from Washington D.C. to. But the response is not surprising either. Never before has a US president created such a division in the population during his tenure.

Musical encouragement to waiting voters

An awful lot is happening in these American elections. Many voters often wait hours to vote in this historic poll. A little encouragement doesn’t hurt. In Los Angeles, a mariachi band creates a festive atmosphere for a polling station. And isn’t an election always a celebration of democracy?

Where are Trump and Biden spending election night?

They are central this evening: US President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden. But where will they spend the evening when the long-awaited results arrive? As the broadcaster CNN reports, Trump stays in the White House all evening.

Joe Biden will return to his home in Wilmington, Delaware after the final election dates to await the results. He will later visit a polling station, CNN reports.

Trump convinced of the win: “We have a great night”

During a visit to his campaign staff on the day of the US presidential election, incumbent Donald Trump was convinced of the victory. “I think we’ll have a great night,” Trump said Tuesday in Arlington, near Washington. The figures he sees from the states of Texas, Arizona or Florida are very good. However, in the latest polls, the Republican president is behind his Democratic challenger Joe Biden – nationally as well as in several crucial swing states.

When asked if he had already prepared speeches in case of victory or defeat, Trump said he hadn’t thought about it yet. But he hopes the result will be remedied soon. Trump continues, “Winning is easy. Losing is never easy. Not for me.” The results of the first states are expected on Wednesday evening after 1 a.m. (CET).

Donald Trump: The incumbent US president is looking forward to election night. (Source: Reuters / Carlos Barria)Donald Trump: The incumbent US president is looking forward to election night. (Source: Carlos Barria / Reuters)

A land between expectation and fear

The long-awaited election day around the world has arrived and the Americans are electing their new president. The tension for this appointment has probably never been greater – and so has fear of violent outbreaks by supporters of the defeated party. In his video commentary, Chillreport correspondent Fabian Reinbold reports on an electrified country between great energy and fear.

When things get particularly exciting tonight

The US elects its new president on Tuesday. But when will the winner be determined? Since the country spans multiple time zones and polling stations close at different times, the results gradually flow through the night. The first polling stations close at midnight in Indiana and Kentucky. Both states are strongholds of the Republicans, Donald Trump will certainly win them.

A key moment is expected on this election night at 2 a.m. Then the final polling stations in more than a dozen states will close, including the major swing states of Florida and Pennsylvania. The map shows when and where the last votes were cast. You can read more about this here.

Election fever in New York

The presidential election is burning people in the US and around the world. Traditionally, on this most important election night in the world, New York’s landmark, the Empire State Building, shines in the colors of the American flag. So also on this evening:

Trump finds his own country more difficult than North Korea

According to US President Donald Trump, dealing with his homeland is more difficult than dealing with authoritarian governments. People would ask him which country is the hardest, Trump said on the TV show “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday. “Is it Russia? Is it China? Is it North Korea? (…) No, the US is by far the most difficult country.” There are a few wrong people, Trump said on election day in the US – apparently referring to his political opponents.

The president called the senior Democrat Adam Schiff by name, calling him a “sick person.” His Democratic opponents had attacked Trump repeatedly over the past four years, including by initiating impeachment proceedings against him.

Michigan State: Unidentified people destroy Jewish cemetery

Just one day before the election, strangers desecrated a Jewish cemetery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The vandals wrote “TRUMP” and “MAGA” (“Make America Great Again”, Trump’s motto) in large letters on individual headstones, reports the “Jüdische Allgemeine”. Just hours later, the US president ran an election campaign in Michigan’s second largest city.

The Anti-Defamation League, an organization that campaigns against discrimination against Jews, condemned the act on its Facebook page: “We are shocked by the desecration of the cemetery.” It is still unclear who is responsible for the vandalism.

Dax continues the recovery on election day in the US.

The German stock index (Dax) continued its recovery on the day of the US presidential election. It is to be hoped that the choice will bring clarity and thus remove the uncertainty of recent days, according to CMC Markets analyst Jochen Stanzl. In addition, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) remains trusted.

The German leading index closed on Tuesday with a plus of 2.55 percent to 12,088.98 points, the daily high. Since the low of 11,450 points on Friday, it is already up 5.6 percent. In the past week, the sharp increase in corona infections and the subsequent partial lockdowns in European countries have placed a heavy burden on the stock exchanges in Europe and also in the US.

Polling stations open in the eastern US.

In the US, the elections are entering the hot phase. After voting in two small towns at midnight (local time), polling stations opened in the larger cities and towns in the eastern United States. For example, they opened at 6 a.m. local time (noon CET) in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Long lines formed in front of some bars.

In Ohio and North Carolina, which are part of the disputed states (“swing states”), voters have been able to vote in elections since 6:30 am (12:30 pm CET). In Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan – which are also eager to see who will win – many polling stations opened at 7 a.m. (1 p.m. CET).

Because the United States spans multiple time zones, polling stations are open for several hours. To the east, follow the states in the center of the country. In the west coast state of California, you can vote from 7:00 am local time (4:00 pm CET). Hawaii and Alaska are at the bottom of the table: voters can vote here until 6 a.m. (CET) on Wednesday and an hour longer in the Aleutian Islands.

But many voters have already voted. According to the US Elections Project, more than 100 million US citizens voted by letter or in pre-opened polling stations. This equates to about 70 percent of the votes cast in the 2016 presidential election.

Investors are hopeful on election day

On the day of the US election, Wall Street will likely begin to build on its recent gains. About 45 minutes before the start on Tuesday, trading house IG rated the Dow Jones Industrial one and a half percent higher at 27,330 points. Stockbrokers cited the hope of a clear situation after the election as a driving force.

Christian Kahler, chief investment strategist at DZ-Bank, recently told Chillreport: “Financial markets don’t like uncertainty”. If Trump doesn’t leave the White House when he has to, “stock markets will definitely go downhill in the coming weeks.” On Monday, the US benchmark index rose 1.6 percent in response to the largest weekly loss since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in March.

India: Coconuts for Harris and Biden’s win

On the day of the US election, about 200 Indians prayed for victory in the native village of the Indian grandfather of Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. At the temple in Thulasendrapuram, South India, they broke several coconuts – a common ritual that is said to bring good luck, said temple administrator S.V. Ramanan. Meanwhile, priests poured milk on the local deity Aiyanar and chanted mantras. Ramanan said, “There is much faith in the 300-year-old temple – with the belief that prayers will always be answered at this mighty shrine.”

Who will win the US election? How is Germany responding? Top politicians and experts will provide the answers to the most important questions in a live Chillreport broadcast on Wednesday morning. It starts at 7:30 am at Chillreport/live. We look forward to your interest and feedback.

Harris’ mother was from India, her father from Jamaica. The 56-year-old kept saying that her late mother had the biggest impact on her life. At the temple in Thulasendrapuram, villagers also offered flowers, garlands and fruits to God Aiyanar, Ramanan said. Then for those in attendance there was Idlis, steamed rice cakes that are very popular in South India and that Harris grew up with, as she said several times.

A temple at Thulasendrapuram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu: In a special service, worshipers pray for the victory of Indian vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. (Source: AP / dpa / Aijaz Rahi)A temple at Thulasendrapuram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu: In a special service, worshipers pray for the victory of Indian vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. (Source: Aijaz Rahi / AP / dpa)

Harris’ Indian family has frequently visited the temple for weddings and other special events, her aunt Sarala Gopalan told Indian television broadcaster NDTV. She tried to visit him every year and pray for the family. This year this wouldn’t have worked because of Corona.

Republicans fail with lawsuit against automotive votes

Republicans have failed in the state of Texas in an effort to invalidate approximately 127,000 ballots voters have cast directly from their cars. A federal judge in Houston on Monday dismissed a lawsuit against the trial. The Texas Supreme Court had previously made a similar decision.

The votes were cast in Harris County, which is considered more democratic. Texas hasn’t voted for a Democrat in a presidential election since Jimmy Carter’s 1976 victory – but this year’s polls show a relatively close race between incumbent Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. 127,000 votes can also play an important role in this regard.

A parking lot in Austin, Texas, where drivers could vote without leaving their cars. (Source: Image Images / Ricardo B. Brazziell)A parking lot in Austin, Texas, where drivers could vote without leaving their cars. (Source: Ricardo B. Brazziell / Image Images)

In view of the Corona crisis, the Harris County electoral authority has also set up tents next to polling stations where drivers could vote without leaving their vehicle. Several Republicans had argued in their lawsuit that there was no legal basis for the trial.

Trump Calls Against Postal Voting – Biden Relying On The Help Of Pop Stars

The long US election campaign ends with sharp attacks: Trump renews his attacks on postal voting with a gloomy warning. Biden hopes for help from stars. Until shortly before the opening of polling stations in the US, President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden attacked each other with hard connections. Trump called Biden a “corrupt politician” who would plunge the economy into a “deep depression.”
You can read the whole article here.

US election day begins with a vote at midnight

With votes in small towns in the state of New Hampshire, election day in the US started at midnight (6 a.m. in Germany). The first result came from the village of Dixville Notch, which has always voted at the beginning of the “witch hour” since 1960. There are less than a dozen registered voters here, so they were counted as soon as they cast their vote. Trump challenger Joe Biden received – all – five votes. In the neighboring town of Millsfield, Trump prevailed against Biden by 16 to 5 votes. In Hart’s Location, the midnight vote for this presidential election is canceled due to the corona pandemic. Here, as elsewhere, the polling stations do not open until a few hours later.

The fact that you can vote so early is thanks to a law in New Hampshire. This allows communities with fewer than 100 residents to open their polling stations at midnight, both for the primaries and presidential elections. This is to give railway personnel the opportunity to vote, to lie down on their ears and then get to work on time. The results of the small towns did not always reflect who eventually became president.

Voting starts in the village of Dixville in the US state of New Hampshire: voting has been possible here from midnight since 1960. (Source: Reuters / Ashley L. Conti)Voting starts in the village of Dixville in the US state of New Hampshire: voting has been possible here from midnight since 1960. (Source: Ashley L. Conti / Reuters)

Fact Check: Is It True That Many American Voters Are Being Disadvantaged?

Go to the polling station with your ID and vote – it’s not that easy in the US. Because there are some hurdles before you vote. Some are difficult for certain groups of voters to overcome. Whether it is true that some constituencies in the United States are disadvantaged by the franchise and the system, read here in the fact check.

Study: Trump’s election rallies are said to have caused 700 Covid deaths

Unlike his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, Donald Trump has hosted a slew of election campaign events with thousands of participants busy and mostly without masks in front of the podium. Biden accused Trump of spreading viruses across the country at such “superspreader events”.

A study by economists from renowned Stanford University now backs up Biden’s claims with numbers. The Institute for Political and Economic Research has published the paper, which has not yet been reviewed by experts, on its website. The findings of the scientists around institute director B. Douglas Bernheim are alarming: the Republican president’s 18 election campaigns, which took place between June 20 and September 22, are said to be 30,000 new infections with SARS-CoV-2 and more than 700. Caused Covid-19 deaths.

Infectious disease experts had previously suspected that the election rallies could be Trump’s “superspreader” events. Until now, however, epidemiologists have not been able to properly estimate their effects, partly because contact tracing hardly works in many American states. In some states, health officials found that individual confirmed new infections occurred in people who had previously attended a Trump rally. But they couldn’t confirm a causal relationship. According to Reuters news agency in the state of Minnesota, health officials wrote four Covid-19 outbreaks and more than 25 cases at Trump rallies in September and October.

Poll – Biden is at the forefront of Florida, a major US state

Shortly before the US election, Democratic challenger Joe Biden leads a poll in the important state of Florida. According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll published Monday, Biden is 50 percent and incumbent Republican Donald Trump is 46 percent. A week ago, the two candidates were effectively equal. According to experts, Florida is one of the states where the choice could be made. Nationally, according to Reuters / Ipsos, Biden is 52 percent ahead of Trump at 44 percent.

Fake video should cast Joe Biden in a bad light

An edited fake video of Joe Biden was supposed to give the impression that the Democratic presidential candidate had forgotten which US state he was in. The video was viewed over a million times on Twitter over the weekend.

In the video, Biden approaches a crowd and says, “Hello, Minnesota!” The event actually took place in St. Paul, Minnesota. In the unedited original video, signs in front of and behind Biden onstage said “Text MN to 30330” – which made it clear that the event was taking place in Minnesota, MN. However, in the fake video, the signs on the stage were edited to read “Tampa, Florida” and “Text FL to 30330”.

The video was classified as “manipulated media” by Twitter on Sunday night only. The user then deleted the video. President Donald Trump’s team and his supporters had repeatedly posted misleading videos claiming that Biden was mentally unfit for office.

Trump is apparently considering Fauci’s resignation

US President Donald Trump is toying with the idea of ​​firing American disease expert Anthony Fauci. Fauci has repeatedly criticized Trump for his handling of the corona pandemic, most recently on Friday. At a campaign rally at an airport in Florida on Monday, Trump defended his coronavirus policy when the crowd started chanting “Fauci Fire.” To which Trump replied, “Don’t tell anyone, but let me wait until shortly after the election.” The US presidential election will take place on Tuesday. Republican Trump is behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden in polls.

Disease expert Fauci has contradicted Trump several times in the coronavirus pandemic, notably criticizing Trump’s statement that the US had the worst behind it. The country is still suffering a lot, he said in the Washington Post on Friday. All signs pointed in the wrong direction. “You can’t be in a much worse position.” The United States is hit hardest by the pandemic worldwide, in terms of both infection and mortality. Fauci has served as a director of the National Institutes of Health since 1984, serving as an advisor to all US presidents since the Ronald Reagan administration.

Report: Election party scheduled for 400 people in the White House

According to a report in the New York Times, employees of US President Donald Trump want to invite about 400 people to a party at the White House for election night. The meeting was originally scheduled at Trump’s hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. Due to coronavirus restrictions in the capital, which mandated a 50-person limit for in-room events, the event would now take place in the east wing of the White House. The newspaper cited anonymous sources on Sunday.

On September 26, there was already a major event on the grounds of the White House. In the days that followed, countless people, including Trump and his wife Melania, tested positive for the coronavirus. The nomination event for Amy Coney Barrett, an attorney sworn in as a Supreme Court judge, had taken place in the open air. The planned election party should now be more contagious because it takes place indoors.

Trump supporters are harassing Biden’s campaign bus

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign bus ran into a dangerous incident on a highway with Trump fans. Read more here.

Older entries about the 2020 United States presidential election read here.

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