A group of Thai activists have gathered outside the German palace of the Thai king to demand reform of the monarchy. A symbolic plaque was erected outside the palace of King Mahavijirlonkorn by protests on Friday. It said that Thailand belongs to its people. According to a report by the UK-based news agency Reuters.

Activists took part in the protest, ignoring the rain. Junia Limpertart of the organizing organization read a written letter addressed to the People’s Democracy kings to the opponents for action. It states that Thai people do not want such a person to be king; Who will live in Germany most of the year.

The letter also called for greater democracy in Thailand.

“We want the king to step down and stop harassing people,” Junia Limpersert said.

The Thai embassy in Germany has not commented on the protest. Mahal also declined to comment.

The people of Thailand have long been angry against the king. The demand for monarchy abolition or reform is also very old. Last July, when the state was celebrating the 7th birthday of King Mahavijirlonkorn, there was a strong demand for the end of the monarchy in the country.

Before the Corona crisis, King Mahabhaji Lancorn went to Germany for a holiday. As a result, he could not attend the state program for his birthday in the Southeast Asian country last July. On the same day, the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Prathuth Chan-Okhar reaffirmed its commitment to the capital bank to fulfill its state responsibilities. According to custom, the ceremony ended in the presence of 69 Buddhist monks. However, outside the formalities of the state, opponents of the monarchy gathered on the streets shouting slogans against the king. Many Rajputs demanded the end of the monarchy.

Criticism of the king is a punishable offense

How King Mahavirajalankorn’s days are spent in Germany has been reported occasionally in international media. However, the news was not released in Thailand due to adverse reactions. Any law against the monarchy in the country is a legally punishable offense. Negative remarks against the monarchy or the king can lead to imprisonment of three to 15 years.

Mental hospital due to being anti-monarchy

Activist Tiagan Viditon was introduced to a T-shirt with the words “I have lost faith in the monarchy” at a time when the government was being criticized for various things. After posting the picture on Facebook, authorities sent her to a psychiatric hospital. However, he was released two weeks later due to the protests.

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