Demoted SC Paderborn – Trainer Baumgart: Corona does not change financial behavior

Paderborn (AP) – Steffen Baumgart, coach of the Bundesliga relegated SC Paderborn 07, does not believe in changes in financial behavior in football as a result of the Corona crisis.

That’s difficult because people’s thinking is unlikely to change, the 48-year-old said in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. “Corona is often used as an opportunity now, but here and there football was not well managed,” said Baumgart.

His club did well. “At SC we have paid a lot of attention to the numbers and we are one of the few clubs that have made a plus,” said Baumgart. The loss of income from viewer exclusion due to the corona pandemic would not have changed anything. The club paid close attention to the money from the start, without knowing that Corona was coming. “If you ever just get money out of it, don’t be surprised if it runs out at some point. That has nothing to do with Corona,” said the former Bundesliga player.

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