Durga Puja has started. Even a few days before the puja, shopkeepers used to come to the shopping malls of the capital to shop for the festival.

On Wednesday (October 21), shopkeepers visited the capital’s New Market, Chandni Chowk, Gauchiya and Bashundhara City shopping malls. There is no place to store sesame in the New Market area. The shops along the road in front of the New Market were crowded. However, the market was not as crowded as it was outside.

Some children’s clothing stores sold out, but adult clothing stores were not overcrowded. Sellers are very disappointed. The elite shopping mall was not overcrowded. However, the sellers said that sales are quite good.

Shoe seller under foot overbridge of New Market. Ibrahim said, अच्छे Good people have come for worship. It can be said that it has been sold well. This is the first time since Corona that it has sold well. ‘

Jewelry seller Tushar Ahmed said, ona Corona has sold more this time during Eid. You can see for yourself how the crowd is overflowing. Sales are poor, it cannot be said in any way. ‘

Selim, who sells children’s clothes in Gauchiya Market, said, “Sales are very good. Last year at this time I used to sell 30 to 35 thousand rupees per day, now I have to sell 10 to 12 thousand rupees. that is not good. “

Extreme crowds can be seen in the full moon sari shop of Noor Haveli. Saree seller Musharraf said, “Our demand for sarees is there all year round.” During the festive season, there is little pressure. It has also sold well on the occasion of Pooja. ‘

Farooq, a pants seller in New Market, said, “There is no person in the market, there is no sale. The time of coronation, so there is probably a rush at the children’s clothing store. Children do not understand the advantages and disadvantages of theirs.” Liye festival means happiness. ‘

The shirt seller, Apu, said, prior to Corona, it used to sell between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 per day during various festivals. But now it is sold for 2/3 thousand rupees. Corona no longer has the same occupation as before. I do not know when this suffering will be fixed. ‘

While visiting New Market, Gauchiya, Chandni Chowk Market, merchants said that the opposite picture has been seen in branded fashion outlets. He said that the sale was fine on the occasion of worship. But the expectations were not met because of Corona.

Ashfaq Ahmed, in-charge of Desal in Basundhara City, said, the biggest crowd on the occasion of Pu Puja was last Friday and Saturday. It sold well at that time. However, it has sold well in a few days. Many new designs were brought on the occasion of worship. Overall, there is no chance of saying bad. ‘

“A total of 16 to 18 new designs have been brought for this puja, including Sari Punjabi,” said Bishwarang manager Shaheen Ahmed. Pooja sales have been better than Eid sacrifice. The buyer’s anagona was also quite good. Buyers are likely to call all those who see reasonable, if only a few.

Fashion outlet Sara’s manager Rumana said, “We are doing well all the time.” The last Friday and Saturday were the best for worship. Also, the remaining five days went well. This time the sale of this outlet in Pooja has been better than the last time. ‘

Although there is disagreement among vendors about the cold of the puja market, most of them say that the general market has been disrupted due to corona. In many families, only children’s clothing has been purchased. Other members are worshiping without shopping due to financial constraints.

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