For more than four hours, a man drove a jet ski from the mainland to the Isle of Man. He wanted to visit his girlfriend – and is now in jail for several weeks for ignoring corona rules.

For his adventurous journey by jet ski to the British Isle of Man, a man is now serving several weeks in prison. The 28-year-old was jailed for four weeks for ignoring corona rules, the BBC reported.

The man had come to the island from Scotland over the weekend to visit his girlfriend. It had taken him about four and a half hours to drive about 25 miles. However, under current Corona rules, access to the island is only allowed in exceptional cases – this visit was not one of them.

According to the report, the unauthorized visitor had met his girlfriend in September while working as a roofer on the island for several weeks. His requests to re-enter had been denied, he told the court. The Isle of Man lies in the sea between Northern Ireland and England and has a population of about 84,000.

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