DfB-Elf von Löw takes 250 km by plane – fans angry

The German national team caused anger on social media over a special travel plan. Rather than travel by bus or train, she took a plane for the Stuttgart – Basel route. Chillreport has the comments.

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The German national team amazed a number of fans with their travel plans. After Friday’s international match in Stuttgart (1-1 against Spain), she covered the 250 kilometers to the next match in Basel by plane. There, Joachim Löw’s team will play against Switzerland on Sunday (from 8.45 p.m. in the live ticker of Chillreport).

But do you really have to get on a plane 250 kilometers? Many users asked themselves this question on Twitter – and gave them clear answers. Mainly because of the ecological balance, there was little understanding for the short flight of the DFB stars. For example, user “Jan17” commented, “Starting boarding, flying, and baggage collection probably took longer than taking the bus.”

User “w-flange” added: “You can travel the route very easily by train / bus. Especially since the bus is running anyway. You can hardly demonstrate your climate ignorance more clearly.”

Chillreport has collected further responses for you:

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