DFB regrets Corona drawbacks for cup amateurs

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The German Football Association deplores the disadvantages for amateur clubs in the first round of the cup and hopes for a speedy recovery to normalcy, despite the ongoing Corona crisis.

“The DFB-Pokal thrives on the stories and emotions that have inspired fans across Germany for decades, especially in first-round matches between amateurs and professionals. But the effects of the pandemic are also being felt in this competition,” said DFB Vice President Peter Frymuth of the German news agency. “Of course, some of this special attraction is missing this season due to the partial abandonment of spectators and home base exchanges.”

Due to the Corona effects, nine lower tier teams from the regional or upper division see their home rights waived in the first round matches against professional clubs. The clubs cited financial and organizational problems as reasons. The DFB Presidium had explicitly created the ability to swap for this season to avoid charges that are difficult for the amateurs to calculate.

“We are pleased to still be able to keep the competition in this special situation and hope that we will soon be able to experience cup games again under near-normal conditions, so that the competition regains its usual appeal,” said Frymuth.

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