Frankfurt / Main (AP) – The German Football Association (DFB) would like to win FC Bayern Munich’s talent Jamal Musiala for the German national team.

“Jamal Musiala is a very interesting player who we observe because of his DFB past and his current achievements,” DFB director Oliver Bierhoff told the internet portal “Sport1”. A few months ago there was already contact between him and the DFB officials at the juniors.

The 17-year-old attacking player was born in Stuttgart, but is an English national. The last time Musiala played for the England U21 team was twice this year, having previously played in the England U17 team. Before that, Musiala played twice for the U16 team of the DFB. “At this point he has decided to play for the England U21 national team, which we naturally respect,” Bierhoff said, adding: “We will keep an eye on him and of course continue to discuss whether his attitude can change.”

However, the DFB director expects Musiala to want to play for Germany. “In addition to the sporting aspects, it is especially important for us that our national players recognize and identify our country, our teams and our values,” Bierhoff emphasized. As long as Musiala has not played for the English national team, he can still choose for the German national team, according to “Sport1”.

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