A private collector bought a diamond in Hong Kong. The rare piece was his for 13 million euros. He named it after his daughter to follow a tradition.

A rare diamond was auctioned in Hong Kong for 121 million Hong Kong dollars, the equivalent of 13.3 million euros. The private collector from Japan, who won the bid, named the white oval diamond with 102.39 carats after his second daughter “Maiko Star,” auction house Sotheby’s announced Tuesday.

There is an expensive family tradition behind this: last year the same collector bought another valuable diamond at Sotheby’s and named it “Manami Star” after his oldest daughter. As the auction house announced, the buyer is bidding on the phone. Other offers were also made online.

Discovered in a Canadian mine in 2018, the diamond was only the eighth of its kind to be auctioned worldwide. The previous seven also reached double-digit amounts of millions of dollars – up to the equivalent of more than 25 million euros.

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