US President Trump firmly denies calling fallen US soldiers “losers.” But even his home broadcaster “Fox News” confirms the report. Now his challenger Joe Biden is responding.

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US presidential candidate Joe Biden has sharply criticized President Donald Trump for his allegedly derogatory comments about US soldiers killed in World War I. “This is sick, pathetic, this is so un-American, so unpatriotic,” said the former vice president in his hometown of Wilmington. If Trump really described the fallen US soldiers as “losers” and “idiots,” it would be “disgusting.” You can see Biden’s emotional statement in the video or above here.

“Soldiers Weren’t Losers”

“It confirms what most of us consider true: Donald Trump is not fit to be the president and commander in chief of the armed forces,” Biden said. He stressed that his son Beau, who died of a brain tumor in 2015, was not a “fool” when he volunteered for the Iraq war. “The soldiers who served with him – especially those who did not return – were not losers.”

The Atlantic magazine had previously reportedTrump described American soldiers who died in World War I two years ago on a trip to France as “losers” for falling and “idiots” for serving in the military. At the time, he canceled his visit to the American military cemetery because he was afraid of his haircut. The rejection had already caused a lot of criticism, as reported by Chillreport. Officially it was said that rain was the reason, that’s why you weren’t allowed to fly in the helicopter. Even this justification was considered insufficient in conservative military and veteran circles.

Trump’s bull market confirms the report

Trump, as usual in such cases, vehemently denies the allegations. To him fallen soldiers are “absolute heroes”. The “Atlantean” story is a false report. But in the meantime, even Trump’s home channel “Fox News” confirms the report with its own sources. Both media cite members of the then US delegation and former members of the Trump administration.

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Melania Trump defends her husband

First wife Melania Trump defended her husband with a rare public statement. The charges were “untrue,” said the first lady. “These are very dangerous times when anonymous sources are believed more than anything and no one knows their motivation. This is not journalism – this is activism.” This is also “a disservice to the people of our great nation,” the 50-year-old continued.

The alleged statements provoke violent public reaction. On Twitter, thousands of users shared photos of their uniformed friends and family members, some of whom had fallen, under the hashtag #WeRespectVets (“We Respect Veterans”). The excitement is also fueled by Trump’s internal party opponents who have organized as Republicans in the “Lincoln Project” and are campaigning against Trump.

Trump’s relationship with the country’s armed forces is complicated. The president repeatedly stresses that he has strengthened the military and provided it with more money. However, there were always disagreements with the military leadership and open disputes with respected ex-generals.

According to a poll released earlier this week, Trump has less support from the armed forces than Biden. According to this, only about 37 percent of the soldiers surveyed were in favor of a second term of office for the president; 43 percent were in favor of Biden’s election victory. Trump is in a tough position in the military anyway because he didn’t serve in the military and a certificate prevented him from being drafted during the Vietnam War.

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