How long has the US president been aware of his corona infection? According to a report, Donald Trump would have given a TV interview after an initial positive test result.

According to a report in the media, the US president would have concealed a first positive corona test result. Trump allegedly took a quick test Thursday night (local time), which was positive, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing anonymous sources.

Trump already knew about the outcome at the time of a television interview with Fox News, in which he only confirmed the contamination of his closest adviser Hope Hicks. The result of the rapid test led to a new test according to White House requirements, which was also positive. It was not until Friday shortly after midnight that Trump announced on Twitter that he had tested positive for the corona virus.

Officially, it is not clear when Trump was last tested negative and when exactly he got a positive test result for the first time. His spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany did not give clear information on Sunday, according to reporters in the White House. Trump traveled extensively in the days leading up to his positive corona test and had close to dozens of people who could potentially be infected.

Complex Contact Tracking After Trump Events

Due to the president’s infection, the US state of New Jersey is now in a complex process of tracking down his contacts. The White House has given authorities more than 200 names of people who attended two presidential events last Thursday, the state’s health department wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Participants were contacted to inform them of a possible infection. They had to watch for symptoms and quarantine them if they had close contact with the president or his staff, he said. Contact tracking is performed.

Trump traveled with supporters to two events in Bedminster on Thursday afternoon after Hicks’ positive test result had already become known at the White House. According to media reports, an open-air gathering was held at Trump’s Golf Club in Bedminster, but participants said there was also a close encounter with particularly generous donors that did not take place outside.

The White House promises transparency

After contradictory statements about Trump’s health, the White House has now pledged transparency. “This is a dynamic situation, as you know. We try to be as transparent as possible to the American public,” spokeswoman Alyssa Farah told broadcaster Fox News on Sunday.

Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley and his team of doctors shot a rosy picture of the 74-year-old’s condition to journalists on Saturday. A few minutes after the press conference, reporters learned from an anonymous source that the president’s lectures over the past 24 hours had been “very worrying” and that the next 48 hours would be critical. Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was later identified as the source of these statements.

Farah said Sunday that the White House wanted to supplement the doctors’ information so that the public would know all the facts. Conley gave an “accurate update” on Trump’s condition on Saturday. Meadows’ statements indicated that the situation on Friday was “a little more worrisome,” Farah said. “We know he’s not out of the woods yet, but we’re confident his condition will improve.”

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