The top match in the Bundesliga between BVB and Bayern Munich takes place on Saturday. Beforehand, ex-Bayern pro Hamann now sees Dortmund in the best situation – even for a win.

Former Bayern professional Dietmar Hamann sees a good chance that Borussia Dortmund will win the Bundesliga top match against FC Bayern Munich on Saturday (6.30pm / Chillreport live ticker).

“Dortmund’s chances of beating Bayern are better than they have been in a long time. There is actually no better time for Dortmund to play against Bayern,” the ex-international told the Funke Mediengruppe newspapers.

“An uncanny burden, physically and mentally”

For BVB, its defensive strength and greater freshness speak to the German record champions. “They could take a few weeks of vacation in the summer, while Bayern only had a few days off,” said Hamann. “These three-day races are an enormous strain, both physically and mentally.”

At the same time, the 47-year-old renewed his criticism of the Dortmund team’s decision to keep Marco Reus as captain. Reus is an excellent player, “arguably the most talented offensive player we have in Germany”, but the national player has been injured too often and is too busy with himself at the moment – putting Reus and the team under pressure. “In the long run, it is not a condition that the captain does not play every third game on average. I have the feeling that Dortmund is weakening at the moment,” said Hamann.

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