Shortly after his 60th birthday, the 1986 world champion was struggling with health problems. Walking and speaking are difficult for Maradona. The doctors make an initial diagnosis.

Argentina is again worried about their greatest football idol. Diego Maradona went to a clinic in La Plata for a check-up Monday evening on the advice of his doctors. Last Friday, on his 60th birthday, the 1986 World Champion appeared in public for a short while, already visibly weakened, with difficulty walking and talking to fans.

“Psychologically he is bad, and that affects his body. He eats badly, that puts you on the wrong track,” said his doctor Leopoldo Luque in a first statement at the door of the private clinic Ipensa. Maradona must also be better adjusted locally with medication for at least three days.

Maradona is suffering from depression and insomnia

The once ingenious playmaker has been fighting his cocaine addiction for years, according to Luque he recently often used alcohol to escape depression, therefore also takes antidepressants and suffers from insomnia. To deal with the situation, he had recently started a fitness program and had already lost significant weight.

Maradona has coached local first division team Gimnasia y Esgrima since September last year, but had to keep his distance from the squad in the seven and a half month Corona hiatus from the competition because he belongs to the risk group. On Friday he was in the stadium for the season opener, briefly received the prizes, but then watched his team’s game at home in front of television.

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