Whether on the side of Günther Jauch or Matthias Opdenhövel: Dieter Thoma was a constant in ski jumping in the early years. Now the 50-year-old quits as an expert.

Former world-class ski jumper Dieter Thoma quits his job as a specialist for ARD. “After 15 years of top sport and 20 years as a TV expert, the time has come for me to break new ground,” Thoma said, according to a statement on Thursday.

The last time he jumped off a hill was 20 years ago. The distance to athletes and coaches is increasing from year to year. “I now have the feeling that I can no longer do 100 percent justice to the spectators, coaches and active players,” explains Thoma.

“We deeply regret the dismissal”

The 50-year-old wants to get more involved as a coach and speaker at a sports consultancy. As an active player, he won the Four Hills Tournament in 1989/90.

“We regret the dismissal of Dieter Thoma as a ski jumping expert in the first,” ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky said Thursday, according to a report from the broadcaster. On the one hand, it is a shame to let go of the sympathetic and inspiring Thoma. “On the other hand, we understand very well that Dieter wants to devote himself to other things.”

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