Dinosaur skeleton is up for auction in New York

The largest Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is up for auction. Paleontologist Stan Sacrison found the first bones in 1987. It is the most complete of its kind – and therefore of immense value.

The skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex will be auctioned in New York for an estimated $ 6-8 million (about $ 5 to 7 million). The approximately 67-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton nicknamed “Stan” is one of the “largest, most complete and best-researched” of its kind, auction house Christie’s announced Wednesday. Previously, the bones were exhibited at the Black Hills Institute in South Dakota for about two decades.

Amateur paleontologist Stan Sacrison discovered the first parts of the skeleton in 1987 in the north of the US. Little by little, a total of 188 bones were found. The skeleton is about four meters high and twelve meters long.

The auction is scheduled for October 6. However, many experts are critical of the sale of scientifically valuable skeletons to private collectors. Last year, a 155 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton was initially not put up for auction at a Paris auction because the minimum resale value was not met.

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