Iranian disgruntled journalist Ruhulla Jam has been killed. The news was confirmed by almost all Iranian media outlets, including the state-run IRNA news agency and the semi-official Noor news agency. Jam was sentenced to death on Saturday morning, he said.

Ruhullah was forced to remain in exile outside Iran for some time. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran arrested Jam in 2019 on charges of carrying out anti-Iran propaganda with France, Israel and other Western countries. Complaining against him, he announced the fall of Iran through the messaging app ‘Telegram’ and his own ‘Amad News’.

Ruhullah was accused of ‘corruption on earth’ at that time. Such charges are usually leveled against those involved in spying or trying to overthrow the Iranian government. Ruhullah was convicted. Earlier this week, Iran’s Supreme Court announced his death sentence.

A report from the semi-official Isna news agency on Saturday said that the revolutionary prosecutor’s office in Tehran had announced the killing of Ruhullah. The international community has condemned the hanging of the 46-year-old Iranian journalist.

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