Hannover (dpa) – A good week before the start of the new season in the handball Bundesliga, the dispute between TSV Hannover-Burgdorf and hall owner Günter Papenburg threatens to escalate again.

The contractor believes that after countless home games in his ZAG arena, the “warriors” still owe him about $ 400,000 in additional costs. Should the dispute not be resolved, Papenburg threatened in an interview with the newspaper “Bild” that the hall would not be available for the first Bundesliga match against GWD Minden on October 1.

“The warriors must first pay off their debts. But they cannot do it alone,” the 81-year-old told the “Bild”. His idea is that politicians in Hanover should support the club, which was battered by the loss of income from the corona crisis. “We as an arena wrote a letter to the mayor and regional president on Monday asking for an interview. This is this week or the hall will be closed on October 1.”

Papenburg and the Bundesliga handball team have already faced each other in a lawsuit in recent months. It was about whether the hall owner for the “Recken” from the Bundesliga season 2017/18 has to pay a budget deficit of 372,000 euros because the club believes that it has signed a corresponding declaration of commitment. However, the court dismissed a lawsuit from TSV Hannover-Burgdorf and agreed with the construction company.

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