Dispute over drone escalates – pilot stabs 55 year old

As he takes off a drone, two men approach the pilot. There is a fight. He eventually stabs one of the attackers. The police are investigating.

In Hesse, there was reportedly a fatal dispute over a drone flight. A 55-year-old was killed in the weekend by the knife stab of a 69-year-old, police and public prosecutor announced in Giessen on Monday. The exact processes were therefore still unclear. The suspect is being investigated for manslaughter, but a situation of self-defense was not ruled out.

The alleged perpetrator pleads for self-defense

According to investigators, the dispute took place on Saturday in the municipality of Krofdorf-Gleiberg. The 69-year-old, who would later be suspected of stabbing, launched a drone that bothered the victim and a 62-year-old companion. Apparently they criticized the drone for raising horses in a nearby paddock. Then a violent physical argument developed.

Police say the 69-year-old stabbed the 55-year-old in the upper body with a knife. This left him so badly injured that he died on Sunday evening despite emergency surgery. The alleged perpetrator has been arrested. He was later released because the investigation could not rule out a situation of self-defense. The man said he had defended himself. Due to the events, the deceased’s 62-year-old companion is also being investigated.

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