There are many urgent efforts to conquer coronovirus worldwide through vaccines and drugs. An animal from South America can especially help humans fight infection.

A lama cub born in January 2016 has been named ‘Winter’. Scientists at the University of Ghent, Belgium have collected blood from the cubs for research purposes. Antibodies were found in his blood.

“The secret of lama’s blood is antibodies,” said molecular virologist Savvy Silence. That antibody is very small, the structure is also very simple. The structure is very simple compared to humans. Although simple, this antibody is very strong. It can fight the virus very effectively. “

Savior Silence, with its team of molecular virologists, has successfully established a stable link between lamas and human antibodies. As a result of that strategy, the human body is not pushing the cells away.

Explaining the matter, Saivi stated that the llama antibody is associated with the apex of the coronovirus. Then the virus can no longer attach to human cells. As a result, no infection occurs. The virus becomes inactive.

Savvy Silence has been researching viruses infecting the airways for over 30 years. Corona has lost sleep since the onset of the epidemic. He is spending more time in the lab with a team of 15 members.

Selens feels that it is difficult to remove the cells that make up this particular antibody from the lama’s small blood. Among them, strong cells have to be selected to neutralize the virus.

This method will be applied to hamsters after several tests in the laboratory. Later this year, people will also be tested for making drugs.

“Our goal is to inject antibodies into the bodies of those infected with the Kovid-19 virus,” said Savvy Silence. This will prevent disease. I would also like to implement this as a temporary safeguard for people in risk groups.

If it is possible to produce antibodies on a large scale in the industrial sector, then it will be an initiative like indirect vaccination program in the society.

“Me and my colleagues are being motivated by pressure from all around,” Sellens said. Scientific curiosity is also at work. How can we remove this virus? Are Our Lama Antibodies Really Effective? We want to prove it. So we are working extra hard.

The study results are indeed quite promising. If all goes well, Lamar’s active ingredient will hit the market next year.

Corona will be the best star for researchers around the world – the name of this wonder lama is ‘Winter’. “The most important thing for me is to pay tribute to this creature and its creator,” said Lama owner Kuan Phanmekhelan. Nature can give us everything. Winter is showing this as the best criterion. We just have to learn this. “Source: DW

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