Donald Trump calls Kenosha riots “domestic terrorism”

Despite warnings, Donald Trump traveled to Kenosha. There were violent protests in the city after a police officer seriously injured a black man. On the ground, the US president was again not very diplomatic.

US President Donald Trump has traveled to the city of Kenosha, which was rocked by protests after a police officer was shot in the back of a black man. The president’s convoy was met in the streets by protesters against racism and police brutality, as well as Trump supporters. Trump watched a store burned down during the protests, some of which were violent, and met representatives of security forces and some local business owners.

Support for police in Kenosha

Kenosha was hit by riots that “targeted the police and anti-Americans,” Trump said. “It was not a peaceful protest, it was domestic terrorism.” Trump also pledged $ 1 million to support local law enforcement and $ 4 million to rebuild Kenosha businesses.

Before the visit, the mayor of the city and the governor of the state of Wisconsin, both Democrats, had spoken out against the president’s visit. They warned that Trump’s presence could increase tensions.

Protests erupted after 29-year-old African American Jacob Blake was seriously injured in a police operation. A video showed a police officer following Blake around a car with a gun drawn. When Blake opens the driver’s door and leans forward, there is firing. The video caused outrage across the country. Members of the Blake family refused to meet with Trump. The president had repeatedly condemned violence by alleged left-wing radicals, but described the video of Blake’s shooting as a “bad face”.

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