Shortly before the US elections, President Trump is behind his challenger Joe Biden in polls. A report that Trump is making extremely delicate plans for election night is a sensation.

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With a show of strength at the end of the election campaign, US President Donald Trump wants to make up for his backlog in the polls and secure the necessary votes for a second term. After five appearances on Sunday, the Republican set out to campaign for votes in three particularly competitive states on Monday. His Democratic challenger Joe Biden scheduled appearances in the important state of Pennsylvania on the last day of election, one of them with Lady Gaga. Biden can also count on further support from former President Barack Obama ahead of Tuesday’s historic election.

Trump calls for election night results

The news site “Axios” reported on Sunday, citing three unnamed sources, that Trump had discussed plans with confidants that, in the event of an election night ahead, he could declare himself the winner before the vote ends. Trump called the report “wrong.” But he again demanded that an election result should be available on Wednesday evening. “I don’t think it’s fair that we have to wait long after the election,” the 74-year-old told journalists in North Carolina. “As soon as the election is over, we’ll go in with our lawyers.”

During an election campaign in Rome, Georgia, Trump said his lead might be so great that he could be declared the winner on election night. “I think we will do better than we did four years ago.”

The result can change

Due to the pandemic, a record number of voters are expected by mail. According to surveys, the majority of Biden’s supporters want to use the option to vote by mail. In hotly contested states like Pennsylvania, postal votes can be counted days after the election. That could mean Trump is ahead on Wednesday night, but his lead turns into a deficit in the days after. Then the electorate in the states with the results would not be awarded to Trump, but to Biden. Trump has been claiming for months, without any evidence, that voting by mail promotes electoral fraud.

Battle for the swing states

In the final sprint, the election campaign is aimed at “swing states” such as Pennsylvania, where it is not clear whether the Republican or Democratic candidate will traditionally win. Trump lagged Biden in polls over the weekend, both nationally and in several swing states. However, his re-election is not out of the question, mainly because the electoral system ensures that the candidate with the most votes can also lose. Both sides have stated that this year’s vote is a fateful election.

Obama a “grossly overrated” person?

In their performances on Sunday, the two opponents attacked each other sharply. In Dubuque, Iowa, Trump accused Biden of being corrupt. Without any evidence, he again claimed that the Biden family had received millions of dollars from China. “If Biden wins, China wins. If we win, America wins.” Trump, 74, played videos of his 77-year-old challenger’s slip and verbal slip during his performances and again questioned Biden’s qualification for the presidency.

Trump warned of an economic depression if defeated. He was confident in the victory and scoffed at Obama’s support for Biden. He called his predecessor “a highly overrated person”. Biden was Obama’s vice president.

Donald Trump: The election campaign is in the final sprint. (Source: Chris Carlson / AP / dpa)

“We are tired of tweets”

Biden said in Philadelphia on Sunday, “It’s time for Donald Trump to pack his bags and go home. It’s time to bring some life back to this country. We’re done, we’re tired of it.” Tweets, the anger, the hatred, the failure and the irresponsibility. Biden criticized Trump’s crisis management during the pandemic as “almost criminal.”

Trump rules out lockdown

Despite the sharply increasing number of infections, Trump assured on Sunday that the US would soon be over the mountain in the corona crisis. The president ruled out a lockdown, as in several European countries. “I’m delivering the great American comeback and we have no lockdowns,” he said on Sunday during a campaign performance in Washington, Michigan. If Biden wins the election, there is a risk of years of lockdown.

“You would be living in a prison state under a Biden lockdown,” Trump told his supporters. “The Biden lockdown would mean no school, no degrees, no weddings, no Thanksgiving, no Easter, no Christmas, no 4th of July (Independence Day) and no future.” Trump announced that it would be “a matter of weeks” before a vaccination against the coronavirus would come.

Fauci’s dire warnings in the corona crisis

Earlier, leading American health expert Anthony Fauci had prepared Americans for a significant worsening of the pandemic situation. “We are facing a lot of suffering. It’s not a good situation,” Fauci told the Washington Post. The US “may not be worse positioned” for fall and winter.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the United States crossed the 99,000 new infection mark for the first time on Friday. With its 330 million inhabitants, the US is about four times the size of Germany, but had about five times as many new infections last Friday. According to JHU statistics, the pandemic in the US has claimed more than 230,000 lives so far – more than 20 times as many as in Germany.

Millions have already voted

More than 93 million Americans have taken the opportunity to vote by letter or in pre-opened polling stations before the official election date on Tuesday. According to the US Elections Project, this equates to more than two-thirds of all voters in 2016.

The American president is not directly elected by the citizens, but by the electorate. Their votes go to the winner almost everywhere in the state that sends these voters – no matter how close the result is. 270 electoral votes are required to enter the White House. In 2016, Trump won fewer votes nationwide than Hillary Clinton, but more voters.

Who else is elected

Voters in the US will decide not only on the race for the White House on Tuesday, but also on Congress. All 435 seats in the House and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate are available for election. Polls give Democrats a good chance of retaining a majority in the House of Representatives after six years and regaining control of the Senate. The Senate confirms candidates for government positions or the Supreme Court, which makes it extra important for a president.

New “Superspreader Event” at the White House?

Trump announced that he would spend election night in Washington. The New York Times reported that the discussion was about an election party in the East Hall of the White House with up to 400 guests. After a Trump event in the rose garden in late September, numerous visitors became infected with the corona virus, including the president and First Lady Melania Trump. Fauci later spoke of a “superspreader event”. Biden wants to address the nation on election night from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, as his campaign team announced.

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