Donald Trump does not want to financially support postal voting

The presidential elections on November 3 will be complicated by the corona pandemic. Now US President Trump admits in an interview that he does not want to financially support the postal vote.

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US President Donald Trump admitted on Thursday that he is against additional funding from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to make it difficult to deliver postal ballots. That reports “The Guardian”, citing an interview with the American broadcaster “Fox Business”. Critics see this statement as proof that he is deliberately trying to manipulate the November election.

$ 25 billion is needed for the election

States would need $ 3.6 billion to hold elections and $ 25 billion for postal services. He also said his Republicans had turned down the Democrats’ request for additional money for the Post. The Democrats accuse Trump of deliberately betting that the already ill-positioned company will face major problems with the expected letter vote ahead of the November election.

“You need this money to run the post office so you can evaluate all those billions and millions of ballots,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo. “If they don’t get these two items, it means there can’t be universal direct mail because they aren’t equipped for it.”

More than two months before the US presidential election, incumbent President Donald Trump again warned against massive electoral fraud because of the increasing importance of postal voting. “It will be the biggest scam in history,” Trump said. In some states, such as Virginia, ballots are sent to “the dead and dogs,” he said. Only for the state of Florida, Trump recently changed his mind – for good reason.

The pandemic is projected to lead to more votes by mail

A significant increase in postal voting is expected, mainly due to the health risk posed by the corona pandemic. Trump has therefore repeatedly warned against electoral fraud, but has so far provided no conclusive evidence. The Republican seems to see postal voting as a ruse by the Democrats to beat him with the help of a higher turnout. “You want to steal the election,” he said of last weekend in view of the Democrats.

Last week, Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine, among others, rejected Trump’s fears of electoral fraud. Postal voting works “extremely well,” he said in Ohio. The Democrats are working to ensure that states allow as many voters as possible to vote by mail because of the pandemic. The increase in postal votes could also delay the announcement of the results of the 3 November elections somewhat.

Experts have expressed concern that if the outcome is tight, Trump’s electoral fraud warnings could be used to question the integrity of the vote.

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