Now things get serious: violent attacks are expected in the TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The president needs to catch up – and don’t let the rules of decency hold him back.

The TV duel between the US presidential candidates is said to have turned the race for the White House upside down.

It’s not always beneficial for those who argue best, and it’s often the little things that get stuck in their heads. It has been this way since the very first performance in 1960, when a heavily sweaty Richard Nixon looked bad at the telegenic John F. Kennedy.

Or when George H.W. Bush checked his watch when a voter asked about the debt crisis – as if he had better things to do.

Now the TV debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden takes on particular importance. In fact, it should be a particularly violent exchange of blows. The first public gathering of the two participants in this bitterly guided election campaign will take place Wednesday evening. The two men will duel for 90 minutes in Cleveland, Ohio.

Trump is running out of time

And much is at stake: the incumbent Trump has tried many times over the past twelve months to harm Biden – for example, he has forced the Ukrainian government to investigate the Democrats, ridiculed him as a senile old man or as the fifth column of rioters. . The metropolitan streets of America depicted. None of this had a lasting impact on political sentiment – Biden remains at the forefront of all polls.

Trump is running out of time, especially as elections in many states have already started with ‘early voting’, in person or by letter. He has to compete against Biden in a TV duel.

Observers expect a correspondingly heated evening, exactly five weeks before the election date on November 3. It is the meeting of two very different communicators. In one corner, the incumbent Trump, who prefers to attack personally rather than substantively, interrupts his counterpart, uses falsehoods in high doses and does not shy away from insults. He acts spontaneously and communicates in simple messages.

On site during the election campaign: Chillreport correspondent Fabian Reinbold shows in the video how Donald Trump can make a big impact with simple staging. (Source: Chillreport)

In the other corner, Joe Biden, who appeared a bit bumpy in internal party debates last year. At times he seemed overwhelmed and got caught up in his answers. Trump accuses him of a lack of mental fitness and ridicules him as “Sleepy Joe” (sleepy Joe). That should not happen to Biden on Tuesday in the first of a total of three debates.

Personal attacks on the son

Over 90 minutes, host Chris Wallace, the most respected and critical journalist on Trump-friendly Fox News, planned six topics:

But the New York Times revelation about Trump’s tax avoidance and high debt burden will certainly be on the agenda as well. Due to the corona, only a few spectators will be on site.

Trump’s team has already indicated that the president wants to approach 77-year-old Biden personally. He is expected to confront him about the affairs of his son Hunter: he was paid, among other things, princely for an alliance with a gas company in Ukraine, while the father was vice president in Washington. Neither him nor his father could be proven legal wrongdoing.

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As a taster, Trump has already publicly asked Biden to take a doping test – he claims his opponent is being injected before the encounter.

During his long career in American politics, Biden has often reacted faintly to campaign flare-ups when faced with accusations about his son or criticism of his behavior.

The Democrat has been preparing for the debate for several days and is likely to have answers to the sensitive issue. He must prove that he can communicate quickly and clearly and thus refute the nickname “Sleepy Joe”.

Because of Corona, unlike Trump, Biden is leading a cautious election campaign with few short appointments for supporters. For him, the debate is therefore important to present himself and his plans to a wider audience.

With Trump, he has an opponent who will not be held back by rules of decency or truth. The experience of how difficult it is to be on the stage of the debate with him was already made by opponents of the internal party in the 2016 primaries – and then in Hillary Clinton’s main election campaign. In one of the three debates, Trump built up around Clinton’s back while Clinton spoke. A macho gesture that overwhelmed the Democrat.

She didn’t know what to do at this point, she later admitted in her memoir. “It was incredibly uncomfortable.”

Joe Biden also needs to be prepared for psychological tricks. For him, who fought his first election campaign 48 years ago and countless TV debates since then, the duel with Trump is likely to be a unique challenge in his long career.

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