Donald Trump is increasingly losing support in his own camp

US President Donald Trump is gradually losing support from his own political ranks. Many are now speaking out for Trump’s competitor Joe Biden.

Shortly before Donald Trump’s speech to the Republican Congress, media reports indicate that the president’s support in his own political camp is increasingly crumbling. More than 160 former employees of former Republican President George W. Bush and two Republican presidential candidates are openly speaking out for Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden, as the “New York Times” and “Politico” reported.

The group wanted to publish three open letters on Thursday and Friday. The ex-presidential candidates are John McCain and Mitt Romney, who lost to Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

Biden is ahead of Trump

Just a few days ago, 27 former Republican MPs voted for Biden. Just over two months before the November 3 presidential election, former Vice President Trump is ahead of polls. The president should be especially critical of his approach to the corona pandemic. The US has more than 179,000 deaths from the virus. In addition, millions of Americans became unemployed.

At the four-day Republican party conference, prominent party friends and family members publicized Trump, among other things, saying that the former businessman would get the pandemic-weakened US economy back on track. Trump’s plan to deliver his speech to numerous supporters in the White House yard is controversial – because of the risk of infection and because of the use of the official residence for party-political self-promotion.

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