Trump wants to go on an election tour again on Monday – although he was hospitalized a week ago. His doctor is behind the decision. But a crucial question remains.

According to his personal doctor, US President Donald Trump is no longer contagious after his 19 Covid illness. The latest coronavirus test has shown by “currently recognized standards” that the president “no longer poses a risk of transmission to others,” said physician Sean Conley in a letter distributed to the White House on Saturday evening (local time).

He was referring to Trump’s final test on Saturday morning. Trump, who will run for a second term on November 3, has already planned major campaigns from Monday.

Trump can now, about ten days after the first symptoms appear, end his voluntary quarantine in accordance with the CDC’s health authority criteria, the doctor said. The tests during his illness had shown a steadily decreasing virus concentration, Conley continued. He will continue to watch Trump return to “his active schedule.”

The doctor keeps the test result to himself

Trump has not had a fever for “well over 24 hours” and all symptoms have improved, the doctor wrote. However, he did not provide information about which symptoms were still detectable in Trump and to what extent.

In addition, Conley never explicitly wrote that Trump’s latest corona test was negative. So it seemed possible that the most recent test was still positive due to a low virus concentration.

Trump’s latest negative Covid test remains a secret

Trump, 74, said he had tested positive for the corona virus on October 1. However, the White House never announced when Trump’s regular corona tests were last negative.

Trump fell ill with Covid-19 and was therefore treated for three days in a military hospital from October 2. There, doctors gave him the antiviral Remdesivir, anti-inflammatory drugs and an experimental antibody cocktail. According to many experts, the aggressive treatment – in contrast to the White House representation – suggested a more serious illness.

Trump: “I feel great”

Trump made a longer TV appearance for the first time on Friday, then appeared again briefly in public at the White House on Saturday. Trump spoke of a White House balcony where hundreds of supporters had gathered on the south lawn of the property. They usually wore masks, but were relatively busy.

“I feel great,” Trump said to the cheers of supporters. The Republican vigorously warned of an election victory for his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. His speech was unusually short at less than 20 minutes: Trump often speaks for more than an hour on such occasions.

Biden’s program was “socialist” or even “communist” and would plunge the country into crisis, Trump claimed. The Democrat is unable to rule the country. In polls, however, the president is behind Biden (77), a former senator and former vice president, more than three weeks before the election.

Trump tours Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa

Trump’s campaign team has announced a major campaign report for the president in the Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa electoral states for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Trump also vowed again in the White House’s action that the pandemic would soon be over. “She’s going to go away and the vaccines will help and the means used to treat it will help a lot,” Trump said. The “China virus” will “be defeated once and for all,” he promised. However, many experts find Trump’s predictions for the pandemic far too rosy and accuse him of a failure.

According to data from the University of Johns Hopkins, in the country of 330 million people, approximately 7.7 million people have been infected with the coronavirus and 214,000 people have died.

The Corona stimulus package causes problems

The dispute over another billion dollar corona stimulus package entered the next round: Democrats in the House of Representatives rejected a government compromise proposal. The offer does not provide a conclusive plan to get the corona pandemic under control. Apparently, it wants to provide Trump with as much money as he sees fit before the election, the Speaker of the Chamber of Parliament, Nancy Pelosi, criticized Saturday.

According to reports in the American media, the government’s proposal would be worth $ 1.8 trillion ($ 1.5 trillion). The Democrats had recently presented a package worth more than $ 2 trillion.

Trump’s Republicans also want employers to be largely immune to potential corona lawsuits, which Democrats vehemently reject. Since March, Congress has launched stimulus packages worth about $ 3 trillion, which equates to more than 10 percent of economic output.

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