Recently it was still uncertain how the American president was doing. Now Trump wants to appear in the public again – although it is not clear how contagious he is after his illness.

US President Donald Trump rallied supporters for the White House on Saturday for his first public appearance after suffering from Covid-19. Trump will speak at a “peaceful protest for law and order” on the southern meadow of his hometown, the White House announced Friday evening (local time). US media had previously reported that about 2,000 people had been invited. Trump wants to address them from the balcony of the White House.

It is still unclear whether the president is no longer contagious. Trump said in a TV interview Friday night that he had been tested but had not yet received the values. But he was virus-free or “at the bottom of the scale,” Trump claimed. He’s also not getting any medication, “probably before eight hours or something,” Trump said in the interview taped Friday. It was the first time since the illness that the president had been on TV for a long time.

Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley announced on Thursday that the president would be allowed to hold public appointments again from Saturday. According to official information, he had tested positive on Thursday last week.

This time wearing a mask is mandatory

According to media reports, participants in the White House event will have to wear strict masks. In recent weeks, Trump’s numerous campaign phrases have been noted as many of the viewers did not wear face masks and did not keep their distance.

It was a similar story at an event in the White House garden on Sept. 26, where attorney Amy Coney Barrett was proposed as Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Several participants then tested positive.

Trump and President Melania may also have become infected there. Former New Jersey state governor Chris Christie is still in the hospital. Well-known American epidemiologist Anthony Fauci spoke of a “superspreader event” at the White House.

Trump received a special blend of active ingredients

Trump was treated with an experimental antibody drug, among other things. He now calls it a “cure.” Trump said in the TV interview that he had been temporarily diagnosed with congestion in the lungs – his personal physician Conley had previously only spoken of “ expected findings ” when asked.

Trump had previously announced a Saturday night election campaign in Florida – but admitted at the same time that it was still unclear whether this could be organized at such short notice. Now the trip to Florida has been announced for Monday. Florida is one of the most important states for the presidential election on November 3. Trump lags behind challenger Joe Biden in polls – as well as national surveys.

The second game does not take place

Meanwhile, Trump and Biden’s second TV debate, scheduled for next week, has been officially canceled. As planned, the opponents should meet on October 22, organizers announced Friday. Both parties have agreed for this date.

The schedule for the October 15 debate went haywire when Trump signed Covid-19. The committee announced on Thursday that it would keep the debate online instead of bringing the candidates together in one room. Trump subsequently canceled his participation.

Biden then scheduled a question time with voters for the day, which will be televised. Trump’s campaign advisor Jason Miller said on Friday that Trump would also ask voters questions that day – on several TV channels. The committee that organized the debates pointed out that the candidates had other plans.

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