Donald Trump scares Joe Biden

The president shoots himself at his opponent: Donald Trump extensively attacks Joe Biden in his nomination speech. The circumstances of the speech caused a stir.

Donald Trump used his nomination speech as a presidential candidate for extensive attacks on his opponent Joe Biden and urgently warned of a shift to the left. He called his opponent a “Trojan horse for socialism”.

Trump spoke in disregard of the Corona waiver rules for 2,000 White House guests. Like Biden the week before, Trump spoke of the November vote as the “most important choice of our lives.”

The three main findings in lightning analysis:

Trump focused on this message: He shot himself at Joe Biden. He called his opponent’s name 41 times within 70 minutes. He attacked the Democrat as a politician who would “destroy American jobs” and who could not guarantee security in the protest-ridden major cities. The focus was especially noticeable because Biden did not mention Trump’s name once in his speech at the party conference last week.

“No one will be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” Trump said literally the night before as his Vice President Mike Pence. The whole Congress was marked by stark warnings about the Democrats and the moderate Biden. Trump has done it. No wonder: Trump is only seven to eight percentage points behind Biden in national polls. The Democrat also leads in most of the voting states.

This is how Trump appeared: Trump set off fireworks – but only after the speech was over, when rockets rose into the sky over the National Mall in the heart of Washington. The address itself was more of a conventional speech, Trump usually read from the teleprompter. It was less energetic than other presidential campaign speeches.

Trump benefited greatly from the place of speaking. He used the White House’s South Lawn for the action, although presidents must actually separate public corporations and party affairs. Finally, an opera singer sang from the balcony of the White House. The nomination speech broke with political customs and applicable Corona regulations. Almost 2,000 guests populated the south-facing lawn, without any distance and most without a mask. Biden had spoken without an audience.

Here’s what Trump said about his second-term program: Very little concrete. After re-election, he wants to create a “big economy” again – after the corona pandemic and the economic crisis, millions of Americans are out of work. Industrial jobs are expected to come back from China and medicines to be made in the US again.

Trump promised a vaccine against the virus at the end of this year. The president has repeatedly had problems naming specific projects for a second term in recent weeks. He preferred to talk more extensively and with much self-aggrandizement about what he had done during his tenure. His speech, therefore, was more like an annual speech to the nation in Congress than an actual campaign speech.

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