The emails sound downright angry: Trump’s team wants donations, and now. The reason is the legal disputes over the elections. But there is another reason.

US President Donald Trump is calling on his supporters to donate money for legal disputes in the election, but also wants to use the money to pay off campaign debts – but only the fine print of his calls for donations shows.

Faced with the Republican’s impending defeat by Democratic challenger Joe Biden, his campaign team sends emails to supporters. Money is being demanded there with increasing pressure.

One of these emails from Friday said, “So far you have ignored all our emails asking you to join us in defending the election.” Please contribute and donate “immediately”. Clicking a link in the email takes the user to a website that says, “The Democrats will try to steal this election! Please donate an amount now to defend the integrity of our election.”

The site proposes donations between $ 5 and $ 2800 or any amount of your choice. If you scroll down, you will find in the fine print the information that 60 percent of the contributions flow into an account used to pay off campaign debt. First, the “Wall Street Journal” reported.

Trump criticized election fraud, for which there is no evidence so far. He has announced that he will go to court.

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